13 Nov

12 Plus Size Makers You Need To Know

In recent years several plus size brands on the market, and several of them make delicious and modern clothes that appeal to us Scandinavian women. View the full list of the largest plus size-brands on the market right now.


# Zizzi (up to size 56)

Zizzi is the largest plus size store in the Nordic region and has with clothes that are both affordable and of good quality, managed to settle on a large share of the market.

# Carmakoma (up to size 54)

Carmakoma is one of the most popular Danish brands and has really managed to find an expression that appeals to Danish women. The design is sleek and modern and attaches great importance to fit.

# Studio (up to size 54)

Studios make nice clothes, ranging from the everyday to the finer reasons.

# DeLuca (up to size 56)

DeLuca doing simple basic commodities in the season’s delicious colors.

# Veto (up to size 54)

Danish Veto has since its launch in 2006 have a nice success, and is now launching new collections six times a year, containing everything from jeans, knitwear, dresses, skirts, trousers, tops, t-shirts, shirts and jackets to accessories.

# H&M + (up to size 56-58)

H&M + make fine garments to plus size-sizes. Do you need a nice t-shirt, a lovely skirt or a nice top, it instead.

# Asos curve (up to size 56-58)

English Asos Curve has a huge selection of plus size clothing – and especially beautiful dresses that can make even women in small sizes envious.

# Gozzip (up to size 56)

Gozzip-made clothes in muted colors and with small details like her brother calling and intersections given vehicle the perfect Bohemian look.

# Justin rose (up to size 54)

Justin rose is the bestselling Group’s bid on a plus size-brand, and it has rapidly gained a foothold at home with its beautiful dresses and gorgeous tops, who follows trends.

# Marina Rinaldi (up to size 58)

As a brand for Italian Max Mara and Marina Rinaldi offers a sophisticated exclusive plus size-look. The prices are a little higher than most other brands.

# The X collection (up to size 52)

Delicious selection of tunics, dresses and coats held in a single Scandinavian look.

# Many Curve
Spanish Mango have their own plus size line called Violeta-available up to size 52. Just like so many other high street brands are Mangoes good to take the season’s big trends and translate into budget-friendly clothing.