31 Jan

Bras Plus Size Online

Having the right BRA can make a huge difference on the outfit you have on. If you are a little bit fat, then you can choose plus size bra on this webpage. For example, at the Gala, and it says you are skipped in the elegant straps loose party dress from Goya, a strapless bra would be the obvious choice. You must walk in fitness, it can’t be done without a sports bra, and it is essential in all women’s sports bags. The typically have a tighter fit, since it must provide optimal support and at the same time it is created in a breathable material, making it ideal for the sport. Stand it on cocktails with girlfriends, at a trendy café. So will a push-up BRA be ideal to wear under a tight pouch dress, with a large necklace and a pair of high plateau pumps. Wherever you are looking for a seductive BRA on for the weekend’s festivities, or a sporty for fitness and running, you will find a great selection on this page.

Bras Plus Size OnlineBras Plus Size Online

29 Jan

How to Choose Plus Size Clothing

You should check out our fine selection out, containing beautiful blouses in a lot of different styles. Are you most for the classic and simple look with a simple basic blouse or are you looking for a more modern and colourful blouse with e.g. a fine pattern, you can find it here. We have over parts that can spice up any outfit and that both can be used in the busy schedules or for festive events at the weekend. Among other things, you can spice up your blouse up with an elegant scarf or find the fine jewelry.

Women's Pink Cotton Pregnancy Panties Lace Stripe Elastic High Waist

We’ve got blouses in any fit

What do you feel would best fit in? Do you prefer a blouse that has a tight-fitting shape or præfererer you a more loose-fitting. You can find an appropriate blouse in our great selection below, we have compiled a selection with a focus on comfort and good design. Therefore, you can go comfortably and smartly dressed at the same time. Berries e.g. a figurnær blouse with a skirt to create an ultra feminine look, or put on a loose-fitting uppers and style with a pair of hot jeans. Whatever fit you feel best fit in, you can find your new blouse right here on Bridgat.com.

Women's Pink Cotton Pregnancy Panties Lace Stripe Elastic High Waist

29 Jan

Ladies’ Sweaters & Cardigans

A cardigan meets a myriad of functions, since it is hot and delicious for a cold day during the long winter months. Do you have a fine short-sleeved blouse, a cardigan can also be perfect, so you can use all your beautiful peaks throughout the year.

There are no rules for what a cardigan can be used for. Use your cardigan over a fine dress, so it acts as a little jacket to the party. You can also use your cardigan closed, so it serves as a fine and simple blouse. If you’d like to have a more sophisticated look so take a fine shirt underneath, so the collar just sticks out. In short, a fashionable cardigan can be a beautiful addition to a trendy outfit. That is why a new cardigan is always a popular addition to the wardrobe – whether it is summer, winter, autumn or spring.

V-neck Casual Cardigan for Women Multicolor Print Long Sleeves Button-up

Find lots of delicious cardigans

It is not in vain – whatever the season – when you are in search of a cardigan as it abounds with fashionable cardigans in a multitude of colors and designs. Are you a casual look, then choose one of the many oversize cardigans in knits or select a fat chunky model. Do you enjoy a more feminine and stylish expression then goes for a nifty little cardigan in wool or cashmere. You can always find a cardigan that matches your personal style. It has a myriad of different brands that offer cardigans in various colors, designs, patterns and pasforme. This means that you both can find a cardigan that fits your style and your budget.

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29 Jan

Sweaters & Knits Buying Guide

On Bridgat.com covers the term Basic Sweaters over a wide range of fashion clothing, which includes knitwear, tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, long sleeved t-shirts and tees. In other words – Bridgat.com abounds with delicious sweaters in various colors and designs, and the product range includes knitting sweaters, tops, hoodies and tees from some of the leading brands in Denmark as well as abroad.


Fluffy Balls Accented Pullover Sweater Crew Neck Sleeves Cropped Length

Therefore, you can always find delicious basic sweaters, which is designed by leading brands such as Forrest & Bob, Ilse Jacobsen, Hawaleschka, Urban Classics, Belle rose, Samsøe Samsøe &, Saint Tropez, Odd Molly and Designers Remix. In addition, the Committee of basic sweaters marked by great diversity, and the unique range of Womenswear abounds with trendy design that is perfect for the season and matching the latest trends in the fashion industry – whether you’re hunting for a new top, sweatshirt, t-shirt, knit sweater or hoodie.

Fluffy Balls Accented Pullover Sweater Crew Neck Sleeves Cropped Length

29 Jan

Sexy Women’s Swimsuits

You can find just the swimsuit you go and dream about

Blue Bikini Set Halter Neck Top Low Rise Briefs Solid Color Pattern Swimsuit

Is the summer holidays booked, and missing you a nice bathing suit for the long hours at the beach or pool? Do you have long wanted a new delicious bathing suit with lots of style and a feminine cut? Or should the old bathing suits are replaced with something new and more modern? Then you have come to the right fashion portal at bridgat. You have here the opportunity to find a new and smart bathing suit that falls in your taste and matches your needs. Whether you have a soft spot for wild colors, beautiful details, chic patterns or something completely fourth. A bathing suit can be used for various holidays, but many uses and also bathing suit as a sports suit fx swimmers. We have therefore tried to put together a Committee that can satisfy both sportsmen and us who just love to hop a ride in the pool at our beach holiday.

Blue Bikini Set Halter Neck Top Low Rise Briefs Solid Color Pattern Swimsuit

28 Jan

Women’s Trekking Jackets for Winter

Sarek Winter Jacket has a roomy fit that provides ample space for layer-on-layer clothing underneath, while having plenty of room to move. Jacket is designed so that it is slightly longer in the back, so we do not divide and will be cold across the buttocks and lower back. In order to provide additional protection against cold and cold winds, jacket can be adjusted by the wrists, waist and bottom.

Women's Sleeveless Faux Mink Fur Jacket Solid Color Open Front 3 Color Options

The jacket is only lightly lined, so if it gets really cold, it is important to have something properly underneath. Around the body, however, there is an extra layer waistband that gives a little extra warmth. The hood is crafted and designed so that it can be adapted to 100% to one’s head, and in this way give the best protection against cold winds. Faux fur edge, provides extra protection in the rain-and snowfall, but can be taken off when there is no need for it.

Sarek Winter Jacket is made in Fjällrävens original G-1000 fabric that is amazingly durable. In order to give additional abrasion resistance is reinforced with G-1000 jacket Heavy Duty on shoulders and bottom of the back, where a backpack otherwise slider very on the jacket. Both G-1000 materials are wax treated, so they are strongly water repellent.

Women's Sleeveless Faux Mink Fur Jacket Solid Color Open Front 3 Color Options

Over time, wash and use get the effect of the wax treatment to slow down, and so can the jacket with advantage be impregnated with Fjällrävens Greenlans Wax.

On our site, there are many great jackets with low price.

27 Jan

Buying Guide for Men’s Fashion Ties

It makes the office meeting more formally, the restaurant visit ceremonial, and the glamorous evening event. But just because the tie has this property, it is important to find the right model for you from their e-commerce website.

Find now:

-What tie types are there?

-What effect can the selected pattern have?

-How stylishly can a tie be combined?

-Which occasions the tie fits?

– No kidding when choosing a tie

-Which nodes are popular?

-How can the tie be combined with handkerchief and needle?

-How to clean a tie properly?

-What trends are there in 2015?

What tie types are there?

High-quality materials facilitate the binding, are comfortable to wear and make a tie elegant. The finest variant is the silk tie. However, knit ties are a special eye-catcher for the casual appearance. Made of wool, they fit great for rustic jackets, and represent an interesting change in the winter, for example. Neckties made of cotton and polyester are often easiest to care and particularly robust.


Men's Casual Neck Tie Polyester Fabric Shaped Ends Multiple Options


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26 Jan

Bodysuit Shapewear Plus Size

Some of the latest in lingerie is shapewear. Shapewear reminds most of all on a modern version of the corseted. It is used to shape and smooth out the body, and helps to give the illusion of a narrower waist. Shapewear is available in different models such as slips, panties, shorts, tops and bodystocking. Shapewear is manufactured in a lightweight, elastic material, most often spandex, and are not intended to improve the body’s shape, like a push-up BRA, instead, the created to smooth and control the body’s Forms. Many women use shapewear every day, but it is also often used for special occasions to look extra good in party dress. They have put together a great selection of shapewear in plus size, so you have the opportunity to feel good about yourself at any time.

Bodysuit Shapewear Plus SizeBodysuit Shapewear Plus Size



26 Jan

Womens Hot Pants Plus Size

Do you need a new pair of panties, though you are a bit overweight? Then there are plenty of types to choose from. One of them is hotpants. Hotpants is a new type of panties, which most of all resemble shorts of the same name. They are being used as briefs and is made of a soft material often cotton to make them comfortable to wear. Hotpants, to the contrary of regular panties, covers the whole bale and differs from the hipsters: they have “legs”. You could say that hotpants came first time became popular in the late 1800 ‘s, where they went by the name “bloomers”. It was some loose fitting pants that covered far down on the legs. “Bloomers” in connection with the increased popularity of women used it while the cultivated sports, such as cycling and gymnastics. Today used hotpants of women of all ages and is good in both dresses and pants. At Hoticle.com, we have gathered a wealth of hotpants, then take a look at the page, and find the ones that suit you. On this shopping site, find your ideal panties for plus size.

Womens Hot Pants Plus Size Womens Hot Pants Plus Size


26 Jan

Plus Size Maternity Underpants

All men and boys need panties, so do maternity. Panties come in slightly different models. There are the loose Boxer shorts, the more tightly seated tights and the small trunks. You can get the briefs to different needs, and some more fashionable than others. Stand your skiing holiday for the door, or is it just really cold outside, so are the long underpants is just the thing. You can have them under your favorite jeans or chinos and they get into some pretty cool colors and designs, such as those from Björn Borg or Resteröds. Usually you can get them in all colors and designs, depending on your temperament and style. Do you have a very classic style, with suits, plastered business shoes and tie, then the black recommendable Armarni. Do you more intend baggy jeans, t-shirts with print and solve sneakers, then it would be like Björn Borg Vodoo Tribe in the closet. No matter which style, so you will find with Bestaah, just the panties you are looking for.

Plus Size Maternity UnderpantsPlus Size Maternity Underpants