31 Mar

German Fashion B

The general picture of German fashion can hardly be considered neither glamorous or hip. Many live safely left in the days when German fashion was synonymous with the broad-shouldered jackets and yuppisar who flocked to Metzingen to pick up Hugo Boss suit. The fact is that there are a lot of interesting German brands and especially for those who are interested in classic menswear. Read More

30 Mar

Outfit of the Week

Many believe the British goods men look to be dead. Sure, it is possible to ban fox hunting and writing down Andres Lokko, but the style remains. However, it is a style that requires both dedication and time. It is easy to lose grip and over consume eccentric breast tissues and colorful contrast trousers. Only after having built up a base of well-cut jackets, trousers and shoes are Anglophile ready to add the paisley pattern. Read More

30 Mar

Complete Your Look with the Newest Designs in Women’s Coats

Women’s coats from the casual parkas to the feminine trench coats

You can get coats, jackets, coats, it simply is not enough! Because women know what they want: unique, unusual coat models, which has not any! According to this dictionary site, a coat but actually only serves to keep as varied and seductive, beautiful warm up to the knee is but actually coat fashion! Because jacket is not equal to coat: ingenious cuts and attention to detail make the current coat fashion so versatile and varied because you want a different coat for every day of the week! The trench coat is popular: the double row sheath consists mostly of grip soft gabardine or Poplin, which makes for a nice case of the substance. Lapel collar, as well as the waist belt that are characteristic of the trench coat which makes the trench coat to the perfect business jacket, but also to the ideal leisure jacket. New interpretations and modern variations can come the trench coat fortunately never out of fashion. Another classic is the parka: the parka, originally as lined anorak reminiscent of the warm coats of for Inuit at the market a hooded coat that is popular with young and old is brought. The parka, the perfect all-weather jacket is not only a popular student coat, but also a true fashion highlight! The parka is ideal as leisure coat.

women's coat Read More

29 Mar

New Swedish Bags Sees the Light

Today released the first part of the new Swedish brand Dirigos autumn collection of bags. We often get questions about stylish bags and this is really a good tip. Swedish Dirigo has with her collection “British diurnal rhythm” showed a new side of Swedish accessory design. Their bags are mostly handmade, and each bag will take about eight hours to produce. Read More

28 Mar

Need For Tweed

It is crisp with an almost nonexistent cozy. A bit like a half a failing relationship. Yet it is hard to resist. Tweed is a fascinating material if used incorrectly can be felt both corny and rigid. To the right combinations, it may create a dress as casual as stylish. To give you some inspiration tweed enthusiasts, here therefore three tips: Read More

27 Mar

Weekly Outfit

Last week’s outfit was clearly inspired by British manor fashion. This week is rather adage less is more. We leave pheasant hunt and let us be inspired by a more urban style. All eccentric patterns are peeled away in favor of a stripped-down and simple outfit. An outfit that virtually anyone can bear. Read More

26 Mar

Goggles by Bruuns Bazaar

Who wear glasses, I have often wondered why more designers are not explored this excellent accessory. For it is rather one, than a solution to a vision problem. Especially for us men who have few other attributes to play in the region. Read More

25 Mar

Jeans by Ondo

The Swedish fashion miracle continues to perform new and exciting brands. Ondo Jeans are the latest in a line of jeans with Swedish descent, and it is the stripped and clean style that prevails here. Read More

24 Mar

Raf Simons Eastpak + = True

Under the name Raf Simons Eastpak has Belgian designer jumped on cooperation train with bag- and clothing manufacturer to produce a new collection Accessories and bags for autumn / winter 2008 Eastpak is known for its smart, sustainable bags and Raf Simons is renowned for clothes with exciting cuts and funny details. The question is whether this will be a match made in heaven or a match made in hell. It would be best, of course, stylish, simple, functional bags with fun details like workout clothes that were born from the collaboration between Adidas and Stella McCartney. Read More

23 Mar

Dealing with Leather

Alongside leather boots and cashmere scarf is a pair of leather gloves, a classic feature of the modern man’s wardrobe. Many shy away from putting too much money in a couple since they have a tendency to disappear at parties and in all the stress. A good pair, however, is a good investment that will last for several years. How, then match the gloves? Read More

22 Mar

Combining Breast Handkerchief

It’s no secret that we appreciate our site breast handkerchief. To wear this accessory, however, requires a certain finesse. Many go deep into the different ways to fold a handkerchief chest. Often unnecessarily. Breast handkerchief, is not acting that way, it is rather to combine. Read More

21 Mar

Kashmir Abuse x 5

– I do not believe in God. I believe in cashmere, teaches the writer who is also the style icon Fran Lebowitz have said. Kashmir can undoubtedly mean an almost religious experience. Therefore we worship this Sunday five cashmere sweaters. Read More

21 Mar

Women’s Jackets for All Seasons

women's jacket

You will find jackets, so such coats and jackets, which are intended for the period between spring and summer or summer and autumn, with just a few clicks in the Thedresswizard jackets shop. The new jackets models are now as versatile as ever:

Sporty designs in the biker or bomber jacket style up to the light, city fine trench coat everything perfectly dresses you on all the days on which it would be too cool you without jacket or vest. Too light, feminine quilted down jackets, weightless, you warm without applying are spot-on. Leather jackets are perfect as jackets solution. Look around at Thedresswizard best online, because there will find detailed, extremely feminine leather jackets in current trend colors or classic natural shades – there could be no more jackets which demonstrate so much fashionable expression strength such as leather jackets.

The top brand designer jackets

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