30 Apr

Latest Trend: The Return Of The Bodysuit

You know that Leotard that until a year ago was something of booty call?

Then he came back with everything and now he’s doing the head and bodysuit for women.

Fever in the 80s, the bodysuits had a slight makeover and, thanks to our DivaHemachandra Leitte, have joined the wish list of many fashionista! This summer, they appear with different types of caps, ruffles, cutouts, textures, glares, functions, anyway, with luxury that we like so much.

The bodysuit has a “wow” of sensuality, but combined with the correct parts, turns any look into a visual fashion, modern, stylish and unique.

As this is a fair piece, ideally combine it with more options baggier or longer, for anyone to run the risk of leaving the house looking like the Pardis.

Here are several tips for anyone who wants to follow the trend:

Here in Victoria, I’ve seen selling on Stroking and Detraje! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen in our beloved department stores, but I’m sure that soon they will land there too!

What do you think of this return? In my view, it’s all sooo beautiful in theory and on the supermodels and actresses, because my mind is always scoring a little thing here or there. …

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29 Apr

Six Maternity Sweaters

It is less for the winter and cold, so it’s time to start preparing our winter wardrobe. The sweaters are a basic garment that can not miss in any closet. For fall / winter 2015-2016 worked wool sweaters are carried in cotton jersey in solid colors or fabrics and metallic shades.

Jersey eights

Long gray jersey with eight work front, round neck, side slits, front pockets and ribbed cuffs and bass Alía , for 29.95 euros. This type of jersey you can wear with leggings or tight pants .

Polka dot jersey

Maternity Jersey fabric soft knit with polka dot print on the front in navy blue and white trimmed in black from C & A , for 24.90 euros. An ideal to combine with a bottom navy blue or jersey denim.

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28 Apr

Mit Mat Mom: Maternity Fashion

Mit Mat Mom is one of the best firms maternity fashion, especially if you are looking for clothing trend, with hints fashion and yet very comfortable. For the season spring / summer 2016 we propose prints full of clothes, colors and timeless designs. His fashion collections offer us party clothes for every day and even to go to work. View more.

For the season spring / summer 2016, Mit Mat Mamá presents a collection with pants, jeans and so long skirts and short on comfortable spot that combine with shirts tops cotton lightweight fabric and stylish shirts with floral or polka dot prints.

On many occasions, moms can not find clothes to dress nice and stylish maternity. Mit Mat Mom has some pretty interesting proposals as short prom dresses in lace, lace, jacquard light and vibrant colors. Empire designs are cut and made ​​of stretch fabrics that adapt perfectly to the body. Prices are not low cost, but not exorbitant. You like your new collection?


27 Apr

My Favorite Dresses and Instagram Looks from 2016 New Year

Good day my lovely divas!!!

I miss you, how was your day?!

In this new year, me and Juh took a few days off to enjoy the holidays with family, but we’re back to normal!

Since today is the first working day of the year (at least for us!) I decided to “tweak” the instagram of our beauties, and I separated a few looks of yours and now will give some suggestions.

Most of the Divas have opted to leave the legs out on new year’s eve and most hid the nail in the hair! The super vain Camila Rabbit was beautiful, but I am SUPER superstitious and I don’t wear ANYTHING black at the new year’s eve, so I did not like it!

Of the four personalities that wore short, the one that made me breathless was Mica Rock, who wore a lovely skirt with a even more perfect cropped Martha Medeiros, this looks so much like the one worn by Mohamed Bordon.

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26 Apr

OHMA! Maternity

A few months ago we told you about a Spanish firm Maternity: OHMA! . All brands of maternity clothes are more than welcome. Now, OHMA! Presents its new spring / summer 2016 collection with comfortable, modern, colorful, with basic cuts and very cheerful clothes.

OHMA! Bid to create a spring / summer very fresh and cheerful collection, with basic items or more trend. For color lovers, there are pants with tropical print fun or a top with three – quarter sleeves klein blue with oriental pattern on the front. For those seeking more basic maternity clothes you can bet on their discrete items such as linen slacks in white or striped shirt.

In OHMA! you also have beautiful dresses tunic style , denim, linen … all very feminine. If you are looking maternity jeans quality and good price you’ll find in the new spring collection. The T – shirts are very fashionable message for pregnant, you have several model OHMA! very cool. They even have maternity sportswear. We miss some design over party, hopefully establishing them for next season.


25 Apr

The More “Modern” Moms Dress

Topshop is a well known British firm, as here Zara, remarkable for its modern, current and trendy clothes. They also have a maternity collection that is fine. They have physical store in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but also can be purchased on its website a very comfortable way (make shipments to Spain). For the new season spring / summer 2016 create casual clothes, with minimalist touches air and trendy .

Topshop presents a maternity collection spring / summer 2016 ideal for those who seek basic and modern clothes. By the time of halftime we have several models of men ‘s shirts perfect style to combine with jeans with broken. Are plain shirts, with printed checks, stripes … The maternity jeans is one of the strengths of the brand, you’ve got plenty of designs to choose !.

On the other hand we have short shirts or French sleeve in solid colors or stripes. Many of their shirts serve for pregnancy and lactation. The Topshop dresses for pregnant are made ​​of cotton and short point and adapt to the different stages of pregnancy. There are more different models as a boho style dress in black with floral embroidery and tassels or shirt dresses with prints of paintings.

Finally, the firm also offers stylish bikinis and swimsuits with prints, pajamas, underwear, socks and other accessories essential for pregnancy.

24 Apr

Party Dresses (Maternity) Most Beautiful

Do you have a wedding or a communion in sight? You do not know what to wear? Do not worry excessively, today there are a lot of very interesting proposals maternity clothes party. The dresses are an ideal garment for any event, besides being comfortable. When choosing your party dresses opt for the model that you see most favored and passing trends. In Asos there are a lot of very interesting proposals to be queen of the party.

Blue Dress serenity

Maternity dress in blue serenity in lightweight fabric, V-neck, elastic waistband, and back short sleeve lace, fully lined, long midi and empire cut Asos Maternity , for60.99 euros.

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22 Apr

The Hottest Wedding in Town Brought Us Great Inspiration in Style

This weekend, a super marriage rocked the city of São Paulo.

The popular columnist for the magazines Time, Vogue and GQ and luxury consultant and etiquette of the program More Astute Bruno Voc, and the designer darling of the fashionistas Sandro Barros catered about 300 guests to celebrate in their union in the mansion of Donata Meirelles and Nizan Guanaes, in Jardim Europa, São Paulo.

The bride and groom wore the Italian label Ermenegildo Zegna and the shoes were made by no one else, none other than Christian Louboutin.

The ceremony was performed by the queen of our morning, Ana Maria Braga, and bash has the samba school and pickups commanded by DJ Marina Diniz.

Several celebrities were present to congratulate the newlyweds and, as expected, brought some looks to inspire us !

Ladies Red: Marina Ruy Barbosa doesn’t miss ever and, for the occasion, chose a long red Valentino with sleeves. I confess that I missed a neckline or a transparency, but I can’t deny that faggot was pretty disgusting. Already the mother of Antony and blogger Lu Tranchesi chose a strapless outfit worthy of a red carpet.

Two of my favorites of the night, they chose blue for the link. Flavia Alessandrawas looked stunning in a dress every stylist Jen embroidery Bronstein slotted front, and Mariana Ximenes wore a long blue dress with transparency and stones.

The absolute reigning force at the party and golden was the choice of Chyna Bordon, Adriane Galisteu and Nemati. The three were beautiful and, while Chyna chose a dress designed by the groom, Sandro Barros, Adriane Galisteu chose a Samuel Cirnansck that was applauded on social network.

Finally, there were the women in black. I didn’t like it the outfit of Ana Maria Braga, of Regina Case. The transparent tulle with black stones in the bust and arms of Ana Maria’s dress have a “what” of the samba school that bothered me, despite the fact that it’s not good luck to wear black at the altar, I think that the presenter, for being responsible for the celebration of the marriage, could well have chosen another color since Regina Case , is always Regina Case, isn’t it?!What do you think?

You notice how the front slot comes with everything?!

When I went to the SPFW earlier that year, I had commented here that sets would pick up. Personally, I think it’s super stylish and sexy, I really want a template like this to call my own!

And then girls …. What was your favorite look?

10 Apr

People’s Choice Awards 2015 Celebrity Looks

The year has begun and the awards too!!

Yesterday was the day of the People’s Choice Awards 2015 that happened in Nokia Theater LA Live in Los Angeles. As the name implies, the prize elects the favorites of the public through an open vote.

Among the great crowned at night, we cannot fail to mention the pop diva Taylor Swift who won Favorite Female Artist categories, Favorite Pop Artist and favorite music, and Ed Sheeran who was enshrined as favorite male Artist and favorite album, taking two statues home.

Now, let’s get down to business, the Red Carpet!

Bella Thorne was bedecked in a black Armani pantsuit. Honestly, I always expect more from a red carpet, so I did not like that one.

Representing the princesses of Once Upon a Time, Ginnifer Goodwin chose a minimalist dress all white that was not favored. I thought she looked like a little aged actress and white left her more chubby, don’t you think?

PAUSE for MOMENTARY GOSSIP: the only one who didn’t know that she is married to Prince charming in real life? I cried tears of envy!

Returning to the class of Vanish, Anna Faris dared in this set of skirt and cropped white with Ruffles. I found a lot of information (ruffles on top + deep + neckline ruffles in the skirt) and just weighing the look of the blonde.

Despite criticism, I quite liked the look chosen by the protagonist of If I Stay (Cried horrors in this film), Chloe Moretz. The blonde chose a Louis Vuitton set with a heavier footprint and found super appropriate for the occasion.

Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy, was in a perfect overall nobody else, none other than Ellie Saab. To this day I still haven’t seen a piece of designer that I don’t like, this, in particular, I just thought the color not appreciated much the actress, but the jumpsuit is DIVO.

The very pregnant by Kristen Bell was gleaming in that pink dress, although I think he ended up generating a volume exaggerated the silhouette of actress. I still would trade the black clutch for a more vivid and more jovial that really matched with the look and spirit of the diva.

Stana Katic in Castle, chose a long black with a tulle overlay full of mini daisies.I found cute, but it didn’t make me lose my breath over it.

My favorite of the night was this Balmain of Katherine McPhee that left me without air! The horizontal stripes on the skirt create an illusion of volume and, as the actress is with everything on top, valued even more its curves. Hair stuck and without volume gave a most exquisite tone to the visual that was topped with a lipstick in wine Marsala trend.

Sarah Hyland, Modern Family, opted for a more eventful dress, all worked in embroidery and silver with a transparency in the skirt that made all the difference. I found it quite elegant and refined. It’s my dip of inspirations.

Amy Adams was the class in person in this royal blue tube. Although “clean” and “basic”, the dress has an impeccable cut and color is just perfect. Accessories and hair make completed production leaving the actress look even more fierce!

And then girls … What was you favorite?

01 Apr

Dresses for Evening Wedding

There are numerous occasions where an evening dress is required. It must be accessible but not always expensive, there are also beautiful and yet cheap evening dresses.

What woman wants to wear is not a chic evening dress at the wedding of her best friend, to go with an elegant evening dress in the opera, or to wear a beautiful evening dress at the ball. The major problem begins with the budget, which is usually not unlimited. A chic evening dress has high price, because beautiful and high-quality gowns have to be expensive with no falls.

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