19 May

Summer Tops for Ladies

Summer is here, the heat settled permanently … Choose from 50 small senior, who will accompany you in this summer.

Shirts, tops, blouses, T-shirts, tank tops, cropped tops or polo: proposals are multiple twister for your summer pants , skirts or shorts. This season, our favorite brands ingenuity rusent us to offer original and creative designs while adapting to the main trends of the summer. Result: a profusion of styles and models be content fashionistas like most classic of us. But be careful, be sure to choose your top to suit your morphological criteria and the time your fashion aspirations and if you choose vintage style tops, you can find it on http://www.internetages.com/category/vintage-tops/.


One thing is certain girls, we look at the navel with the flagship model of summer 2016: the must cropped top. You can not escape it everywhere, so how to wear it? The more discreet prefer accommodate a skirt or a high waist pants to hide the navel that we can not see … Dare also overlays on a dress long near the body to respect the proportions. Finally assume most junior to unveil a well tanned belly by mixing cropped top and shorter clothing and bass sizes. You will be on top of the trend and as the summer everything is allowed, it starts! The T-shirt or tank top are obviously indispensable companions of summer dressing, they are suitable for all body types, but we choose loose if we want to hide any small curves. The polo accompany summer sports chic with a nice bermuda: you will be the most beautiful to go to brunch at the beach. The blouses and sleeveless shirts more dressy be allied your summer evenings, thanks to the accessories a little more sophisticated: a bag or pretty sandals and you’ll be perfect! What’s new on the side of contents? Cotton and fluid and light materials are favored once again, but also the sails and nets: so sexy! To be transparent is not hesitate to offer a top cut, we love the structured, modern look that gives the garment. Regarding the colors is chosen white with lace trend, but also very dark now, graphic prints, marine, floral, tropical and all the vibrant colors faithful to the sunny months … You’ll be spoiled for choice, so have fun! And you what you are already crop tops eye? Immerse yourself without delay in our selection of 50 tops for a summer bohemian, glam, pop, sporty or fashion … Your turn!



17 May

Wool Jackets in Plus Size

There are wool jackets in modern times in various designs. The most important side effect of this is that there is to buy them even in plus size without further problems. Who imagines a wool jacket, usually thinking about a sad and gray cloth, which usually only home or is worn in everyday life. But this is not the case at the present time more. Wool jackets in plus size can be found in the shops of all sorts of different colors and patterns. It does at all no matter what taste you have, because the selection is huge. Even wool jackets can look quite some party with a very playful patterns and bright colors.

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09 May

Clean out Your Closet Tips

How many things you have in the wardrobe and no longer wear?

Clothes that don’t fit, the style does not suit more, bought on impulse and never used that tired …

Unnecessary accumulation takes up space, which is not good for the soul and often contradicts with the style of dress.

Are a few pieces of affective attachment even. The rest is just a conglomeration of clothing forgotten and crowded. No forecast charts and parts without desire to use. Clothes should be donated.

Did you ever think that clothes and shoes that do not have more use can turn into fashion for someone? Can be part of the style of someone? Can help! Read More

06 May

Winter Fashion Color Trends 2016

Raise your hand if you ever thought that black is the winter fashion color ever. There are reasons. The fashionistas invest a lot in color because it gets hot, so ideal for cooler cities, is neutral and combing with different looks, is basic to all kinds of colors and dresses and cold days, there is nothing better. Black is really fashionable in winter 2016 again and a few decades ago is the surest bet purchases you can make, but not only it. For those who are already preparing her closet for the next cold season, we have some color following tips and styles.

It seems that the famous male pattern in the female closet still has a lot to offer ais. The first wave with boyfriend pants was not as successful as well but you can insist a little more modeling as prints letter-of-chalk and Prince-of-Wales came with everything in coats and slacks. The pinstriped is famous for men’s suits and enters female social models with style. The male cut is even more lightweight with less marked waist. Read More

04 May

How to Wear Leggings Appropriately

The academy of legging pants is very popular. In fact, the true origin of legging pants was in the gym and after that they became a hit there, then the legging pants invaded the daily life of women.

They are very comfortable for the body and are great for working out. There are several options of fitness leggings available because the gym is not synonymous with sweatpants and shirt, gym is synonymous with health and beautiful clothing and contributes to health and self-esteem of every woman.

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