30 Jun

What is Tourmaline Belt

Often when choosing and fitting clothing creates a feeling of some incompleteness. To fill this gap and appearance of the original shades used protective tourmaline belt, you can buy in our online store belt – see its meanings. Tourmaline belts are an essential accessory that fulfills its function and is used to customize the appearance, in particular, to emphasize the waist. It is important to decide on which seat to buy, because if you have daily accessory to maintain the pants or skirt, the choice can be made ​​in favor of discreet comfortable straps. However, if the belt has a special role in shaping the image, fashion designers recommend to buy strips of high quality materials with stylish lock and spectacular. If you decide to update your wardrobe, do not forget about tourmaline belt, buy you always in our online store. If it is difficult to decide which seat to buy, to purchase, our consultants will help you choose the belts are best suited for your style of dress and mind fashion trends at work in the industry of accessories. Women Tourmaline belts to date, belts are an integral part of not only men but also women’s clothing, as belts are very fit perfectly into the image of the modern woman. 

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29 Jun

How to Wear Women’s Belt?

The main thing in accessories – the right to vote and to know how to wear them. Some seek women fashion belts to wear them a certain article of clothing. Some see in a store stylish ladies belts stunning beauty and can not give them up without thinking as to what they wear.

How to Wear Women’s Belt?

On thin belt women, then they indicated that it is limited. They can be worn with almost all products – shorts, skirts, pants, dresses and blouses, with it stretching into the slot or wear on top. There is no need to tighten these bands at the waist with a belt blouse can be raised a little higher, and belts and belt women to dress down to the hip. Good and true image will appear in military style that is complemented by classic thin strap. You can also wear several areas simultaneously.

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28 Jun

How to Choose Belt for Dress

Belt – very versatile accessory is suitable for almost all things in her wardrobe, be it jeans, skirt, dress or coat. And thanks to the fact that a large strap dresses are not only bright and original, but rather a practical element in the wardrobe of every fashion, today’s review we want to coincide with women belts with stones to dresses.

The first and perhaps the most urgent issue that we must respond – how to lift the belt of her dress? To begin to understand that the belt should be chosen, taking into account not only the style and the color of the clothes, but also type figure.

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27 Jun

Where to Buy Pregnancy Jeans

Sometimes, for pregnant women, can quickly become tedious search and buy maternity clothing because it is not always easy to find pieces that are comfortable, cute and above all they are to suit all budgets, in fact very often maternity lines are sold at prohibitive prices.

The jeans are undoubtedly a master key, the most comfortable and versatile there is and I know you definitely don’t want to give it up during the nine months of pregnancy and you don’t have to.

You probably use your usual jeans you may be uncomfortable with the bump that grows and you’ll certainly need more comfortable fabrics and garments adaptable to your changing body. If you can’t get enough of pregnancy jeans, this article is for you.

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26 Jun

Women’s Winter Coat XXL

Coats presented a variety of shapes and styles. Take a good model for all figure is not difficult if you look at fashion trends. A real boon to those whose dimensions are far from the model parameters is the trend that this year has evolved significantly. Say the designers and models are very loose cut almost all styles. One of the most successful solutions – it reduces the spirit of the 60s of last century, when free cutting lines combined with sophisticated XXL silhouette. Learn what does XXL mean here.

It complements the full figure they look through the free armhole, lowered shoulder line and wide sleeves.

An important point of elegance models – minimal decor: no volume lapels and pockets – so cleanliness is achieved and lines of the silhouette of laconic grace.

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25 Jun

Fancy Dress with Corset

Fancy dress with Corset. They were designed to make women look a lot slimmer image, doing to reduce your waistline and emphasizing the bust, thus showing a more defined figure.

Casual dresses. This fashion was taken from antiquity, where was a female decorated quite uncomfortable and dangerous, which even put at stake the health of those who wore it, causing them respiratory problems and fractures of ribs.

Now fortunately already evolved the design of this garment and it is comfortable, easy to use and quite attractive as well as dresses with feathers.

If you want to know more about this fashion, here are some examples of evening dresses with corset.

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24 Jun

Swimwear Tommy Hilfiger Reviews

Tommy Hilfiger offers us a collection of swimsuits in the name of the navy style where, in addition to red and blue, the traditional color of this marine style, there are proposals in fluorescent colors to hang up to another trend spring summer 2012, one that sees the bright colors protagonists of our coolest look. The summer of 2012 is upon us, but we are sure that most of you will have already purchased some swimsuit. If you have not yet discovered what Tommy Hilfiger offers us in her beachwear collection we are here to show you all the news.

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24 Jun

Different Types of Jeans

Bootcut, flared, mom jeans or straight jeans girlfriend. Buying jeans is much easier when you know straight away which type of pants you’re dealing with. If you do not have perfectly mastered the terminology, do not worry. We have a cheat sheet!

Just look at the tag and you will know what to expect those jeans. We have prepared a survey that will greatly facilitate the purchase.

Super skinny

Meet the narrowest type of jeans as typed by the blog. Double “eska” tightly surround the leg, and because they have a higher elasticity, suitable mainly for slim women. We recommend that you stick with the more modern passport, which beautifully crafted and extended character. + Decreased waist slim fit sits towering perhaps only to models.

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23 Jun

Coats and Cardigans from Fornarina

We look today with some of the models coats and cardigans that Fornarina has included in his collection autumn-winter 2011-2012 of clothing, a collection that we already loved in Advaita images, but it is not new, Fornarina is one of the brands loved by Italian fashion victim for his very special ability to combine original forms with the reasons and coolest fantasies of the moment and i would say that even flipping through these images confirm is around the corner, right?

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22 Jun

Vintage 1950’s Wedding Dresses

50’s wedding dresses for the bride who dreams of a perfect vintage style wedding. A return to the past and to women’s fashion and incredibly romantic in those days who discovers as soon as my legs and tighten the waistline.

For the big day a throwback, the women’s fashion and romantic of the years’ 50, midi skirt and legs who discovers just strictly raises the waist in order to avoid the risk that the figure is shorten. Complete the perfect outfit of bride anni’ 50 classic bustier with bare shoulders just covered by thin rubber hoses of shrugs off the shoulder boat neck and typical of those years. Read More

21 Jun

Casual Shorts Dresses for Plus size

If we are one of the people who has a few pounds of others, this will not prevent us that we wear very elegant and precious, for this reason, it is very important that we use dressed in designs that help conceal the other and at the same time kilos to Stylize our figure.

Being a fat person is not synonymous with lack of style, but rather spread elegance and personality. Short casual dresses for fat, are very popular, because these dresses will make you parties more sexy in your body.

Finding clothes large size no longer problem nowadays there are designers that have been proposed to design large size dresses and show it on the major catwalks of the fashion world.

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20 Jun

Swimwear Accessorize

Accessorize presents us with its beautiful collection of swimwear for the summer 2012, a line that completes the collection of accessories brand specialized in young fashion, ranging easily between classical forms and more consolidated and the inevitable liveliest versions and cheeky that well suited to the idea of summer. The new collection offers us a wide range of two-piece costumes, bikinis and especially bands, but like so many other lines proposed by the major brands, do not give up even the swimsuits that in this 2012 summer season are back into fashion. We find out the news of the Accessorize collection of swimwear.

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19 Jun

Zooey Deschanel With a Zara Blazer

Let’s go back to talk about the sweet Zooey Deschanel, actress emerging that I love and which has already been shown to handle it with fashion and looks. Zooey Deschanel was photographed a few days ago with a blazer Zara in blue fabric, a comfortable and versatile garment that the Spanish brand has proposed in the autumn winter collection 2011 2012, a really cute and eye-catching jacket that could be perfect for our look .

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18 Jun

How to Choose a Summer Dress

Looking for summer dresses that you can dress to the sea? Check it out here in this e-shop, which includes a wide range of summer dresses. There you will find both short and long dresses made ​​of quality materials, great cuts, and especially at a good price.

Choose a nice summer dress

Look for the best selection of dresses that you can wear to the sea. We chose interesting tips that you might enjoy. Some are loose, long, short or clamped. Every woman including maternity women is guaranteed to suit your taste selects the best summer dress.

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18 Jun

Lingerie Is the Pearl of Your Outfit

Underwear is not visible at first sight, but even so it can be considered the pearl of your outfit – an important foundation on which you throughout the day, you feel comfortable and pleasant. It can not therefore be subject to the impression that his choice does not matter when you apart from your eye no one else see. Choose your lingerie is definitely not just so, and certainly up to the task can not be accessed style: I saw, I bought . If you are selecting underwear you stumped a little bit more than TAPE varied menu, and then seek advice of our today’s article. Hides some useful tips, thanks to which even you can choose the right underwear.

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