30 Sep

Michelle Williams Red Carpet Dress

Michelle Williams is very pretty American actress but that stands out from most of his colleagues and for her to be shy and reserved it for its looks, always original and absolutely perfect. Michelle Williams has espoused the cause bon ton and is breathed in everything from clothes to choose the hairstyle, his golden blond, short, is really cute and has a great taste in look, the red carpet is always one of the most beautiful. Read More

30 Sep

Louis Vuitton: D Wire Cruise 2017

Between d cor fabulously photog Mo’Nique, n opr no pr-t – e porter, forward-looking bias, beautiful people, leather revisit and references the joy of live Brazilian, small passage in the wire Louis Vuitton cruise 2017 d review…

The flying saucer of Oscar Niemeyer

Crazy architecture, Nicolas Ghesqui re doesn’t like nothing better than to present its collections cruise within places designed by talented architects. After will be invited at Bob Hope Palm Springs, it is this year e at the foot of the fascinating Museum of contemporary art of Niter i (straight out of the imagination of the legendary Oscar Niemeyer) the dashing designer settled for a few hours (see here and l). And if these choices flatter his passion for architecture, these allow also to educate the look of the fashion sphere, feeding its culture and offer the largest number the opportunity to become familiar with a discipline generating the creations more p reindeer than those produced by fashion.

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29 Sep

Lea Michele Red Dress Glee

Lea Michele returns to be talked about for one of its most beautiful and romantic look. Born televised as the ugly duckling of serious Glee, the young actress has become in few years a reference point for fashion and trends especially in the last period, a nice change for her retro look has already worn during the filming of the series so beloved in America, but the retro-grandmother type to speak. One step away from bidding farewell to the series that gave success and highlighted his singing talent making her loved by many, the young actress gives us more and more examples of very particular look, as in this case. Read More

29 Sep

Modesty, New Fashion Gimmick?

Between Islamic mode and “modest” looks, time air is currently more ultra covering to micro lengths. Simple effect mode or r it changing company tale?

March 2016. While signs such as Uniqlo and Marks & Spencer are offering the specially women s fate mod Muslim (via the hijabs and the “burkinis”), economic pol not long fuser. Pierre Berg the Minister of women’s rights, many are those who protest against what is seen as a commercial opportunism going against freedom of women.

However, at the same time the of hijabs and abayas about s by Dolce & Gabbana, it is clear that the body of the woman tends inexorably cover in some clutches in vogue. Lately, so they could see Maria Grazia Chiuri and Piccioli Pierpaolorobe make the cornerstone of collections Valentino, the collective clothing imagine too long-sleeved dresses (and sex appeal in Bern) or even Clare Waight Keller (Chlo) dare to all maxi skirt/sweater. Read More

28 Sep

How to Choose the Graduation Dress


Now is the time of your graduation, one of the most important days of your life! Are you struggling with a multitude of preparations: the thesis, the banquet, the confetti And the dress? Already! Had you forgotten that your image plays a fundamental role? Choose the right dress, suitable for this very important occasion, it is one thing to do that requires a lot of attention; is an event that will always remember. You would like to be flawless, perfect and care of every detail. If you do not know where to start here is some advice to decide how to choose your outfit. Read More

28 Sep

Cannes 2016: First Fashion Missteps

The 69th Cannes abuts d and with him the traditional set of markets o members of the jury and the film pr team feels in opening themselves on their 31. And if some r ussirent the exercise successfully, it is crispy to make a point about those who, despite having available the most beautiful dresses of the world, are all m I received go astray…

Sublime usually of natural denim sneakers and hair n still s record, the actress Alice Taglioni was unable convert the try in this Wednesday, May 11. Slipping in a long dress brod of foliage and ultra covering (between sleeves to the wrists and lack of d collet), the pretty young woman has indeed increased its silhouette and lost in fra display espi gle. Damage that she did not follow the example of Kirsten Dunst who, if she opted for a dress in the m me mind, managed to take power by choosing a mod l ger, translucent, color flattering and perfectly shot (Gucci). Read More

28 Sep

Debrief Fashion #11

Between collaboration H & M/Kenzo, prince George t-shirt, mesmerizing campaign Valentino, h ro do Disney and creations Magda Butrym, review of the mode of these last days news…

In an interview given recently Nicole Phelps for Vogue.com, Susie Lau delivers to interesting r squats on the evolution of the fashion system, on the inmediate of novelty as well as its fashion report and digital. I appreciate any particularly his way to consider its own m dia: “I don’t think it can be larger than me, it’s as wide as I am”. A d market, which fits against the tide, time o blogging success have trends turn into genuine drafting rooms.
Between tigr Nicki Minaj and Pink Socks z br boots are, opus H & M/Kenzo appears even less desirable than the previous d. Rest esp rer that this khaki parka is r v lera good e blow…
Karlie Kloss has apparently chosen the side of blondes.I’m sorry d j Hazel reflections… Read More

27 Sep

Jennifer Lopez Lanvin Snakeskin Dress

Still Jennifer Lopez, still a red carpet look. Today I show you an outfit sported by Jennifer Lopez at the premierre of his latest film “The Back-Up Plan” that this time has come to stop in London the long campaign.Jennifer Lopez is beautiful already behest of Mother Nature, but this one-shoulder Lanvin dress seems made ​​for her, it is beautiful, glitzy and glamorous, extols her and her femininity and hairstyle and accessories are really matched very well, even a success for this singer – actress from Latin flair, with all these looks, one is the best, shown off in recent weeks just wants to forget the disastrous dress worn to the academy Awards 2010. Read More

27 Sep

Debrief Fashion #8

Between “Viva Coco”, Mexican ranch t-shirt, portraits trans-avant-gardistes, Raf Simons to the cin my and Kanye West plagio, review of the mode of these last days news…

For his collection cruise 2017, Karl Lagerfeld d locates all the fashion sphere Cuba and succumbs to the nes of the funky retro t-shirt sir by imagining a mod “Viva Coco” girly. There is no doubt that the many influenceuses invited to the show will soon wear it…
Far from declining, the “mutant mule” trend takes of the stripe, inviting in the locker room Chanel in the form of n o salsa shoes (see here).
In the first campaign Louis Vuitton/L Seydoux (Pre Fall 2016), the fabulous pink walls of the Mexican ranch Cuadra San Cristóbal steal the show the actress (see here).
Zara d decides to lower its prices in India, but not 10 12% account not reach this new trade policy to the rest of the world (see here).
The Neapolitan painter garde Francesco Clemente book a s striking series of portraits immortalizing a handle of models tops (see here). Read More

26 Sep

Alessandra Marchi Dress

Begins the countdown to White, the fair dedicated to contemporary collections that start on February 25 to end the 27. They will be 325 exhibitors who will present their proposals within the spaces of Superstudio and most of the former Ansaldo in via Tortona, for a twenty-first edition that promises to be full of novelties. The highlight of the event will be the first show on the subway that will see the debut of designer Alessandra Marchi inside the calendar Milan Fashion Week and an exhibition space dedicated to the Ukrainian designers. Read More

26 Sep

Hedi Slimane, Soon at Chanel?

All it took for Karl Lagerfeld to come greet Saint Laurent the end of the last wire cruise Chanel d in blazer so that rumors panic: it should be seen as the choice of clothing of the Kaiser a monitory pr gesture, or a tacit accolade? Is that the same to see Hedi Slimane promoted the t you a new section Chanel man appears today of the most plausible…

If Chanel has recently lied d rumors invoke a possible d from Karl Lagerfeld, this does not mean that the arrival of ex – DA of Saint Laurent in the fief of the Wertheimer brothers is compromised. PL biscit forever by one who didn’t: sita not barter his fries well-aim are against liters of diet Coke so to succeed to slip into his close costumes Dior, Hedi Slimane indeed seems all set to share the tr not Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld.

Catapulted the t to a new man, Slimane section would have the standard advantage to start from zero and have white card to draw the contours of the Chanel man, as did Marc Jacobs with Louis Vuitton women. We can also imagine that like the adoptive father of Choupette, it would have a right to look at all the layers of the universe man – what should flatter its dreams of omnipotence – and that means almost unlimited s to r achieve any of his whims.

Its c t, Chanel would certainly win it all Hedi Slimane make one of their own, so the ability of the stylist create the silhouettes ultra bankable is no longer prove. Under his fingers, Chanel man would emerge from the n ant and quickly must become.

And if the creations of Hedi Slimane’s androgynous dimension could give back to women to wear Chanel, there is no doubt that in case of success of the new line, it will take if expect to see someday Hedi Slimane take the succession of the Karl Lagerfeld stainless…

What I think

If the prospect of Hedi Slimane become the new master of the fashion sphere delights me gu re, force is to recognize that his mortgage tick arrival the t you Chanel man would make sense. Also special is the character on the human level, we can indeed remove his incredible facult turn into bestseller everything it touches. A priceless quality that should not leave indiff rents the Wertheimer brothers who, 30 years after having recruit their current hen with the golden eggs, would certainly ensure the p durability of their leadership for the next 30 years are…

25 Sep

Kate Middleton Alexander McQueen Coat Dress

Kate Middleton, or should we say Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, at the charity dinner” 100 Women in Hedge Funds” at St James’ Palace in London walked the red carpet on the arm Prince William in a beautiful dress red to leave without breath! This time the choice of Kate Middleton did not fall back on Alexander McQueen, the label that has also designed her beautiful wedding dress, but on an emerging brand, Beulah London. In addition to sound like a real diva, Kate confirmed his love of designer labels as well as on the British fashion not too expensive … Read More

25 Sep

The 2016 Met Ball

Event mundane fashion if it is, the Met 2016 r ball unit in this Monday, may 2 a meeting e sort on the pane, from the starlet to become actress g series through the supermodel and singer the world e Knoxville. Rest know how illustrious guests are compounds with th rent me the evening: “Fashion the re of technology”…

Which sublimated the exercise

l elegant – or even re – but also infinitely fresh main and paradoxically very simple, Claire Danes threw th me the evening with her prom dress Zac Posen fiber optic merging brilliantly spirit couture and technological prowess (seehere and l).

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24 Sep

Blumarine Behind Sheer Lines Dress

Can not miss it! I am referring to Rose McGowan, Paige of the cult TV series Charmed as well as partner of the bizarre director Robert Rodriguez, who enchanted the premeriere the LA of the new film that sees her as the female lead, “Conan The Barbarian”. The actress walked the red carpet with a very special dress Blumarine descending sinuously ending with a small tail. The gown shape, which faded from blue to green, made ​​it look charming and elegant mermaid. It will be a case that the character he plays in the film is only half human? Read More

24 Sep

Molly Bair

With his unusual physique, his strange face and ears d coll, Molly Bair fascinated by the world of fashion. E qualified of “E.T. of beauty” by Karl Lagerfeld and Mantis by his comrades shooting, the young American model truste podiums and stirs up the economic pol…

Who is she?

E N in 1997 Philadelphia, Molly Bair lives an ordinary childhood. His physique of Grasshopper earned him nevertheless to still feel a little hand among his classmates.A difference that she’ll learn tame in throwing himself lost in the sport body. She will be Awar e champion of tennis of his e lyc.

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