30 Oct

Pants Fall Down

that one is not entitled to the approach of the suit pants. I understand that it is difficult to sew without showing it on the outside, but why can not think of a way that does not go up. But when it happens, and it always happens, the easiest way to fix this thing called “fast band structure.” This is one of the things that you should always have at home. Quick Setup The band is a very thin strip with an adhesive on that melts when it gets hot, and that’s all you need to fix a failed plan together with an iron, an ironing board and a moist Kitchen towel. Read More

30 Oct

How to Style Plus Size Leggings

When buying leggings size in addition, it is important to consider cutting, quality, and opacity of matter. Leggings are a staple in many women cabinets, and because of special considerations that are unique to plus size women, the focus is on the construction of particular interest is to find a good pair.It is also important to find a foundation that is both affordable and sustainable, especially if you often wear leggings.

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29 Oct

Fashion Tips on Leggings

Legging tights commonly called “sticky” by fans, are in fashion since 2014. Whether Western or African, there are many women who always offend men healthy leggings, because of false fashions not, and the wrong choice of leggings. Those round pile up in leggings, those shapes V wrinkle in leggings, those forms H, blend leggings with prints horrible, and it all becomes salads. By cons there are others that are perfect when they bear. For this reason today I’d like all women are sexy and fashion leggings without offending people. So I researched, compiled information to teach you how to choose leggings, how to wear and how to be sexy and fashion. It’s long but you should read to the end, as full of men complain of these leggings, and probably your guy is one of those men but did not dare tell you. Then surprise them, by following these tips…

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28 Oct

Outfit of the Week: Age Madness

Many argue that the most important thing in fashion is to dress according to age. Sure, the preponderance may be an equally treacherous driver for style pubertalt traditionally else needs. The classic and sophisticated menswear suits However, both high school students like 80-year-old men. Read More

28 Oct

Leggings for Plus Size Ladies

Curvy women can afford to wear leggings, but they must however choose the model that best fits their morphology.

Why leggings they lengthen the silhouette?

Halfway between the pants and tights, leggings have a particular shape that highlights the legs. They sculpt the silhouette and guarantee an undeniable lifting effect.
For this reason, curvy women have every reason to choose this type of clothing that instantly lose is their centimeters of waists, thighs, hips and even buttocks.
The women with curves are quite wear leggings. You just wear them with a wider top to contrast with the effect “around the body” from the bottom and create a well-shaped silhouette.

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25 Oct

Must Have Leggings

The legging is undoubtedly already a part of your wardrobe. It is a basic room very easy to juxtapose to others. It can make casual or dressy depending associations, texture or hue you choose it. You understand that everything is balanced story  when you wear leggings: because it is a piece close to the body. feel free to counterbalance with ups a little wide and vaporous  There are three types of leggings to be absolutely in her wardrobe: the basic, the treggings and fantasy. Follow my tips to take full advantage of all the styles you can create with leggings!

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24 Oct

Reafynda Online

In anticipation of spring collections are winter sales often our last resort. Favorite garments from last fall, whose price tag then it felt a little too high suddenly become quite affordable. Many clothing stores choose to wait with its sale to after the New Year. So although many online stores. Here a small sample what is available online: Read More