30 Nov

Creating Reactions with Your Shirt

Your clothing is a statement in itself, but it does not stop there, but react give the whole a twist by allowing you to press shirts which can create reactions. In the message you want to convey is a phone number and instructions for SMS-text to this. When someone sees your shirt and sends a text message sent out an answer that you selected. Read More

29 Nov

Hunt: Hecklewood

From having started as a project between some friends in Portland, Oregon, has Hecklewood grown properly. Now, the company behind a rich online store, individual event and also a stylish clothing line. And there is of course the, focusing on their t-shirts, which we in this episode of the series The Hunt wants to highlight. Read More

28 Nov

The Perfect Suitcase

Travel is a true pleasure, especially when accompanied by a good-looking suitcase. Finding a stylish bag is both a difficult and often quite expensive worries. For those who want to get out cheaply is the best option to look second-hand. Unfortunately, you will be far from alone in looking for stylish bags. Try to find second-hand shops a bit out of town or antique markets. That’s really where the real bargains can be made. It will otherwise some other tips. Read More

27 Nov

Vaja – Personal Accessories

Tired of the boring range of men’s accessories in the price range “reasonable”?
Argentine Swaying might then be something for you. Vaja has many years experience in leather products and supplies many international fashion company with products made in the Argentinian leather – home of the world’s finest leather, according Vaja. A claim which is of course questionable, but the extensive range in relation to the price makes Vajas products extremely interesting. Okay, the range consists of a lot of products intended for school boys who start first grade, but the austere computer bags and computer housings looks really nice out. Read More

26 Nov

Two Kind of Jacket?

For a long time the choice of lapel pin stood between the narrow and the more classic battle. Now recently is starting to offer that widened slightly. Although the 80th century wing wide blazer law feels completely out of time, becomes wider blazer law an increasingly common sight. A lapel forgotten, however, often forgotten, shawl team. Read More

25 Nov

Sale Online

Precious time of the summer in a tight affair and jostling with other eager customers, there are a number of different areas of the network that is well worth checking out. Here follows are five tips. Read More

24 Nov

Outfit of the Week

Outfit of the Week might not be an equally regular feature here on our site as the name suggests, but now our article series is finally back. This week, it’s a pretty stripped-down and casual outfit that showcased, rather than something that raises a lot of attention on the town. Read More

23 Nov

Odd Sneakers

familiar with it may appear as total madness to put SEK 2,000 in a couple of colorful and eccentric sneakers, but for the true devotee of sneakers, it is a perfectly normal behavior. Anyway, sneakers become a normal garment in the modern man’s wardrobe. Here, therefore a selection of four different top to see if it fit any of you readers, top fans or not. Read More

22 Nov

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch Review

Samsung Introduces New Gear S3, bigger, better battery and GPS

As expected for a few weeks, Samsung has presented a year later Gear S3 at IFA 2016 held in Berlin these days. The second generation of its “round” smart watch to date not reinventing anything we saw in the original model and is limited to perfecting those aspects where the clock was looser. Now we can say that the new Samsung Gear S3 is completely round.

Read More

22 Nov

Disrobed for the Beach

Beach Fashion is a very interesting phenomenon. For girls, it is a widespread concept that Ebba von Sydow and Sofi Fahrman devotes a ubiquitous access to tell about summer bikini. Beach for boys, however, is a topic that is not written much about. For although many guys certainly are significantly challenger to show off the results of all the hard work in the gym than the color of their swimwear, there are also on the beach space to choose his clothes with care. To provide some inspiration, here’s a colorful and somewhat eccentric outfit. Just do not forget to switch on before you get back into town. Read More

21 Nov

Find Similar Socks?

Kim Hi! The picture you attached is that you probably already know from the film Idlewild, where Andre 3000 and Big Boi from Outkast playing the lead roles. Especially André 3000’s known for his charismatic style of dress characterized by bold color combinations and is clearly inspired by the British ridmodet. At the checkered knee-high socks for three quarters high pants with creases in little wider model is a fairly common sight in the other. Read More

19 Nov

Dressed for Rain

It’s a shame to say that this summer’s weather lived up to expectations. However, there is no reason to sour as the saying goes: there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. And rain gear need not be boring jauntily, but can actually be really smart. Here is a suggestion: Read More

18 Nov

Limited Edition Deluxe

Despite a spate of designer collaborations in recent years seem to interest them not to be over. The British company Oki-ni newly launched recently its online store with a host of new and exclusive collaborations. And best of all – the future everything will be focused on us men. Read More