31 Dec

Barbara Hulanicki for Our Site

While H & M has just delivered his last masstige collection, our site will propose next week a capsule wardrobe designed by the creator of the legendary Biba label. It will include air volumes, vibrant hues and spotted prints, proving that Barbara Hulanicki sensitivity mode is more than ever on the alert …

When Barbara Hulanicki is approached by our site following the London exhibition is dedicated to him – The Art of Barbara Hulanicki – it is with great pleasure that meets present. Admittedly, to whom we owe the legendary seventies silhouettes smokees gowns, fuzzy, blue blueberry, plum and brown rust still has much to say in terms of style. Read More

30 Dec

Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dresses

May 2008, the hardcore fans of the series Sex and the City discover with delight the big screen adaptation. It must be said that the movie keeps its promises, with its designer rooms, its desirable looks and addictive accessories. At the heart of this crucible must have a holding particularly noteworthy: the wedding dress sported by Carrie signed Vivienne Westwood. Since, the creator seems to surf the buzz generated by the film, developing a mini line dedicated to the toilet for a day …

Season after season, Carrie Bradshaw looks have always enjoyed great popularity among the fashionistas. Patricia Field – the costume of the series – is indeed managed to gradually transform the frail Sarah Jessica Parker in true fashion icon.  Read More

29 Dec

All Chloe

The recent inauguration of the Chlo4boutique in Los Angeles allowed the elite of VBP (Very Beautiful People) to test the new DA creations of Chloe. The outfits designed by Hannah MacGibbon – former collaborator of Phoebe Philo – were able to get off the podium, showing us that if the debut of the young woman made no unanimity, his latest fall / winter collection is indeed the most promising …

As the habits and customs worldly advocate, it is common, during the festivities celebrating the opening of a shop, wearing a toilet from the claw in the spotlight. Fully aware of the modus operandi of the fashion world, many stars were thus presented at Milk Studio (instead of the party) dressed in Chloe’s foot. Read More

28 Dec

Nina Ricci Bags

Decidedly, the winds of change blowing at Nina Ricci. In fact, after losing its artistic director Olivier Theyskens – in favor of Peter Copping – the Parisian house decided, after 77 years of existence, to invest the accessory market. From the month of May, a capsule collection dedicated to leather goods and will hatch in the shops of the brand …

More famous for its fragrances for her fashion, Nina Ricci tried for several seasons to reverse the trend. To do this, she hires in 2006 the promising Belgian designer Olivier Theyskens, who brings to the brand a nice spotlight. then one has more Hollywood stars sublimated by Nina Ricci toilets … Read More

27 Dec

Mary-Kate Olsen: Dress Code Spring

It was some time as the Olsen sisters had not hit the fashion headlines. Became true business woman – first by launching their clothing line The Row and then by offering the luxury of interviewing Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano for their book Influence – the twins seemed to have put aside their grungy attire in favor a more respectable wardrobe. Until recently…

Since the month of February (which saw Mary-Kate Olsen attend the Santa Monica Independent Film Festival coquette dress Balmain), no more toilet worthy of the name seems to be out of its dressing. Yet the young woman – who has never hidden his fondness for a hippie style pronounced – had hitherto never neglected his public appearances. By dint of Louboutins and designer outfits, her red carpet looks were also deemed to launch regular micro trends. Read More

26 Dec

When Fashion Takes over Twitter

Rachel Zoe us there expressed fears before the evening of MET, while Diane Von Furstenberg is revealed that the harem is the real must of the moment. For his part, Henry Holland – Live Russia – Alice Dellal notes there is now a real star in the country of Putin. Clearly, Twitter has indeed become the plaything of the fashion sphere …

In the era of the BlackBerry and microsize computers to be continually connected to the internet, new forms of communication explode. The latest addition in this area is called Twitter: Designed in 2006, it has recently become the website that the community believes the fastest. Read More

25 Dec

Lily Allen for Chanel

Accustomed to the front row of fashion shows for Chanel, addict 2.55 bag of the brand and close to Karl Lagerfeld, the singer Lily Allen is about to enter the heart of the harem of beautiful ladies who have lent their image to promote the mythical products rue Cambon …

The romance between the young English girl to the laughing banter with Chanel and dandy commands do not start yesterday. Indeed, since 2006, rumors of a possible collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and Lily Allen were already underway. If they were previously denied all, this did not stop the unusual duo forge a real relationship based on mutual respect. Read More

24 Dec

Costume Institute Gala – 2009 Edition

The Metropolitan Museum recently hosted the elite of fashion under the blessing of Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss, who officiated as master of ceremonies. Under the theme “Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion”, the gala swarmed with sublimated tops, actresses and beauty creators on their 31. This did not prevent some shine by their lack of taste …

The conspicuous absence of the biggest tops (Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington …) and Carine Roitfeld, Karl Lagerfeld, Azzedine Alaïa, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana boded no good a priori for the highly anticipated Gala Met. However, after the appearance of Kate Moss in Marc Jacobs arms, doubt gave way to the excitement fashion great night … Read More

23 Dec

Mario Testino for V Magazine

When the top German Claudia Schiffer out of its reserves, the facts are already sufficiently rare to devote their full attention. But when it is seen together with 10 other top models daring the wildest poses under the lens of Mario Testino, it remains for us to classify the magazine that houses in the section collector …

On the occasion of his first summer edition, the magazine V has offered a cast of more glamorous, offering us no less than 6 different covers for its feminine number. mannequins cream one can admire (Carmen Kass, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Daria Werbowy …) which, in addition to displaying their plastic sublime, play the game of unusual shooting assuming the most incredible situations. Read More

22 Dec

Kate Moss: the Dress of the Year

As every year for 46 years, the Bath Fashion Museum has chosen the dress of the year. However, between the arrival of Peter Copping at Nina Ricci and lack of Naomi Campbell at the gala at the Met, this nomination could very well go unnoticed. Yes but now, propelling the front of the stage a creation of the mass market, the unusual choice of the jury was quick to overshadow the other news …

Coming from an institution such as the Bath Fashion Museum, the honorary title of “dress of the year” has real value. In previous years, winners had also never lent to controversy. Born from the imagination of a prolix Giles Deacon or John Galliano, they had managed to shine both in their originality by their quality workmanship. Read More

21 Dec

Mathias Lauridsen

It was in 2003 that Mathias Lauridsen was noticed by a talent scout in the streets of his hometown, Copenhagen. He began his career in the Ford agency in New York, but certainly do not expect to become as quickly supermodel …

Little known to the general public, however Mathias Lauridsen is a great success in the fashion world. He was even elected to second place in the Forbes ranking of mannequins with the most success in the world, just after Taylor Fuchs. Moreover, in the world of male modeling, few can boast of having had beginnings as promising as those of the Danish dandy … Read More

20 Dec

Ann-Sofie Back at Cheap Monday

After successfully established itself on the denim market with skinny jeans at affordable prices, the Swedish label Cheap Monday continues to earn brownie points by poaching the Ann-Sofie Back stylist. The rising star of the London stage will aim to bring a strong identity to the ready-to-wear brand …

Recently acquired by H & M, what began as an adventure among friends is constantly developing. While since 2003 Orjan Andersson and his label Cheap Monday are revolutionizing the world of denim undermining the trend “luxury jeans” practiced by Diesel, Miss Sixty and others, was bought in 2008 will allow it to continue its policy of low prices and boost its distribution channel (the group making available all its logistics), while remaining independent in terms of creation. Read More

19 Dec

Rihanna Fashion Victim?

In recent weeks, the R & B star Rihanna likes to cover his tracks in style. The pretty young woman of 21 years is infatuated effect of the most significant creations of the moment, swapping his usual bling draws to upscale attire. That said, it is not certain that they are able to confer grace and elegance …

It could be the clone of Victoria Beckham, Rihanna diva Version … is indeed quite close to the former muse of Marc Jacobs , considering their ability to adopt different total designer looks, preferring scratched and the trend to develop a style for long periods. One like the other likes to slip into attractive clothing attention, even if it means that they totally eclipse. So, if the singer does not hesitate to buy from the big names in fashion, it still borders on caricature in each of his appearances on red carpets … Read More

18 Dec

Nina Ricci

First line of leather goods, new artistic director Nina Ricci … The house seems determined to continue to sustainably print the times. After returning to the romantic flamboyance early hours thanks to Olivier Theyskens, the empire of Madame Ricci now aims to take part in the 21st century mode. Nothing is more natural for a brand that, from its inception in 1932, managed to reach women in the heart …

Like Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, Nina Ricci is one of the creators who knew inscribe his name in golden letters in the middle of the female wardrobe. However, while Coco unpicking hems and Elsa breathed fashionable a dadaist twist, Nina meanwhile proposed refined collections, elegant and timeless, to make women their femininity forgotten on the altar of “boyish attitude “20s .
Read More

17 Dec

Chanel – Cruise Collection 2010

In recent weeks, the lagoon city seems to be the most popular place of the highest levels of luxury. Indeed, after François-Henri Pinault there officially celebrated his marriage to great reinforcement of prestigious guests, it is now the turn of Karl Lagerfeld to invest Venice, in order to present the cruise 2010 collection of Chanel …

With a little over two hours late – so the parade can take place at sunset – Sailing presentation of Chanel was held on the beach at the Westin Excelsior, which was arranged a ride wood strongly recalling the boards of Deauville. Read More