31 Jan

Contrast Pants

Today byxmode can easily be described in one word, jeans. Although chinos according to the overall fashion small is a “must have” this summer jeans a firm grasp on street fashion. A type of trousers, however, been overlooked is contrasted pants. If quintessential Swede moderate and somewhat reclusive, it is perhaps not surprising. Contrast trousers stand out and requires little of its eccentric carrier. Read More

31 Jan

Fashion Week NYC – Spring / t 2017

Between stylistic bias, gossips and trends emerging, an overview of what to take away from New York fashion week…

In the context of its collaboration with Adidas, Alexander Wang decides to change the logo of the transporters turning

(see here). Simple but effective, this graphic bias and espi rule is likely to make the honey of both parties… Read More

30 Jan

The Dress Code at Work

Thanks for a great website. I hope that you would take time to solve one of my little troubles. It is so that I will start a new service on my work. The dress code is jeans, shirt and v-neck sweater. To the question then, what do you have for the collar of the shirt to the V-neck sweaters? What are a couple of stylish jeans that do not cost a fortune? Read More

30 Jan

Debrief Fashion #13

Between tweets printed, d wire pol economic, fashion politics, advice pre-fashion weeks, perfume Louis Vuitton, d democratization of the “see now buy now” and “it” virtual girl, review of the mode of these last days news…

Generally appreciate this s for their delicious d cynicism, spicy tweets from Lo c Paul leave the virtual pages of the social network to print on those of the book “I love fashion, but that’s all that I hate” (Grasset), a book combining the fashion/worldly protrusions of the journalist and his entourage. Personally, if d cover each day of new tweets of Lo c Paul me r enjoys, the idea of getting this book don’t tempt me gu re: I’d be too scared to make an indigestion… Read More

29 Jan

Skoguiden Part 3: Skofrossa

Skoguiden have in their previous two sections dealt with different types of shoe models and concept brogue. Sometimes it can be nice to avoid ple’s technical terms to exclusively revel in stylish shoes. Therefore, we have tried to compile some of the world’s most reputed shoemakers to show the craftsmanship behind the shoes. Read More

28 Jan

Outfit of the Week

If last week’s outfit was relaxed and casual, this week’s combined bit more dressed up. For although in several years talked about the courage to go there dressed liver suit is still a hidden existence in street fashion. Many see a uniform suit that too dressed up and old-fashioned. However, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a suit in a stylish and at the same time relaxed manner. Read More

28 Jan

Succeed with Fly

The fly is associated with both artistic eccentrics as intellectual thinkers. An accessory that undoubtedly inspires respect. Likewise begins fly become an increasingly common feature on the fashion scene and GQ wrote in its February issue on the fly return. For those who want to try, we have five simple tips. Read More

27 Jan

Match Seersuckerkavajen

We have previously written about cotton seersucker material, a material almost synonymous with summer. Seersuckerkavajen be nice to hang in the closet during the autumn and winter months and then come out just in time for spring and to dispel the myth that it is difficult to be well-dressed when it’s hot outside. Seersuckerkavajen is quite a versatile garment that works for many different occasions, from weddings to summer day at the beach. To provide some inspiration how seersuckerkavajen can be used, we have put together four different outfits in very different styles. Read More

27 Jan

Outfit of the Week: Irish Setter

There are great similarities between dog owners and fashion fanatics. They are both misguided and devotes all his life exclusively to the dinners at terrorizing the society with unnecessary facts on the subject. Dog owners will be away more easily. For some it is much more sympathetic to dedicate his life to a four-legged charmer in front of Marc Jacobs’s latest collection? Read More

26 Jan

Skoguiden Part 2: Brogue

Already after the first part of skoguiden did you readers figure out that part two will deal with the topic brogue. For simple and completely clean shoes in all honor, brogue is a wonderful way to give your shoes a little character and is equally suited to the jeans that suit. The only question is what is really brogue Read More

26 Jan

Tips on Accessories III

Accessories are undeniably a very wide area. It is doubtful whether even an essay on the subject had been enough. We therefore intend to continue our quest for traditional as well as something for men less obvious details. Read More

25 Jan

Sunday Chronicle – is a Good Fit?

They talk often about the apparel fit and its importance. Fit is described as central to the success of her dress and it talks constantly about the tailor-made and made-to-measure. It reflected, however, very little of what actually are a good fit means. Who really decides how the clothes should sit and why are the clothes that they do? Read More

25 Jan

Question: Pink Shirt?

Hi. My name is Oliver and I have a question that I have received from so many others and I begin to wonder a little self. I just bought my first pink shirt and I wonder what color of the tank top can fit into it, and what color of tie can fit into this bright shirt? thanks in advance MvH Oliver P Read More

24 Jan

Background: Cutler & Gross

Many perceive certainly his visual impairment as a major obstacle and problems. Glasses need not be a nuisance, quite the contrary. In fact, few fashion accessories, if anyone, has such a big impact as a pair of glasses. Glasses have the ability to enhance a person’s character and the previously perceived as beige can with the right pair of frames to be eccentric from both sides of the glass. Some who contributed heavily to transform glasses into a fashion accessory are British Cutler & Gross. Read More