28 Feb

Second Hand: Jacket

It was better before. In any case, if you ask second-hand nerds. Unfortunately, we have been pretty bad at writing about second-hand fashion. In a new series of articles, we will therefore treat the subject and provide shopping tips and advice for specific garments. First is the blazer. Read More

26 Feb

Now Occupies Beckman Mall

Beckmans College of Design is Sweden’s most powerful, and by far the most prestigious. This year searched over 200 students to the three-year design education. An education that every year brings in a dozen of them. The pace of work at the school has in recent weeks been steadily rose for the students in their final year, to these days reach their climax. There is now a mall on Hamngatan, in collaboration with Beckmans, for the fifth time hosting the mall Fashion Award, with a first prize of SEK 75 000. Our site got an exclusive backstage tour at Nybrogatan 8 yesterday, the day before the great seriousness, to see what Stockholmers have to wait for fashion shows to the public on Harbour Street at the weekend. Read More

25 Feb


To have a suit on the job can really make life a little easier. Looking only to have washed and ironed in the closet so you never need to feel that you do not know what to put on. Moreover, it is easy to vary her outfits in the small. You really only need three suits, a collection of ties and some breast tissues so you have all the variations you need. The most visible is obviously tie and it’s time to get a new time to time to stay on top. The tie is fortunately the simplest imaginable to shop over the Internet because they do not have to worry about the size. And in addition to that you will find some really nice ties on the net so the price is often only half of what you can give in the deal. Read More

24 Feb

The Power of the Double-Breasted

Get garment is as loaded with power and status as the double-breasted jacket. A garment that has become synonymous with both the 20-century gangsters 80s yuppies, however, requires a lot of its carriers. Some would probably pull it as far and say that a person with a certain dignity to even be able to wear it, but there are some tips for those who want to succeed, double up. Read More

23 Feb

Weekly Outfit

This week’s contribution to our article series can hardly be classed as one of the most colorful creations. Rather, three and a half shades of brown. A sober base however leaves more space for the color, click that actually exist. Inspiration comes mainly from the French style. Classic, but with a little attitude and rock ‘n roll. Read More

22 Feb

The Construction Behind Borrelli

Among sports geeks are Luigi Borrelli an almost holy name. Along with Brioni and Kiton has Neapolitan Borrelli family business since its inception in 1957 formed the vanguard of Italian menswear. Mention any well-dressed man and the chance that he ever considered buying a shirt from Borrelli is imminent. What is it that makes their clothes, especially shirts so unique? Read More

21 Feb

Tie Wool

The general förhållningen to suit fashion is often quite strict and formal. Many people choose safe bets over personal combinations. Therefore, it is almost always a silk tie that goes on when the tie is required. Anyone who has ever tried to wear a woolen tie knows, however, that there is an equally successful combination. Read More

20 Feb

Jeans Jacket To?

Jeans and jacket is for many an obvious dress well for the office at the pub. Not even morality solid fossils seem longer oppose the combination. However, there are several important things to consider, which can minimize the risk of being mistaken for conference participants in true Percy Nilegård style. Read More

19 Feb

Colorful and White Sneakers for Autumn

We asked contrasts against each other, colorful neon against the sparse white, when we were looking for this season’s hottest sneakers. While we insist that the most interesting in the area has not yet reached its shops and that there is more to wait. What sneakertyp are you? We wonder. Colourful A fastidious and neat suit can, on the right guy or a man, be boosted by a pair of sneakers in effect colors. Here, like signed Adidas ZX series of little special. Mainly when the model ZX 600 in pastel and more neon stressed ZX 800. It is certainly not very tasteful and certainly too much for many of you, but it does not cost the shirt and the models have been a splash of color on the streets of Stockholm for several months. Otherwise, Nike is always a safe bet. Well, almost always, anyway. Read More

18 Feb

Traditional Autumn Fashion From the US

We have previously drawn attention to the fall collections of both several classic British and Italian manufacturers. Therefore, we thought now take a look at what the Americans have to offer. American fashion previously often been associated with comfort fit and a rather pale design seems to have undergone a complete change. Or what do you think? Read More

17 Feb

Oscar Jacobson Renews

2003 celebrated Oscar Jacobson’s 100th anniversary. Soon after it began working to design people a new brand strategy to broaden its focus to a younger audience. The result is today, more modern imagery, a new slimmer silhouette and a newly opened store in the big betting department store PUB, which includes clear trend oriented stores like Le shop and Awesome Rags found. Read More

16 Feb

Traditional Autumn Fashion From Italy

The interest in classic menswear is great is beyond doubt. Although there is a certain charm in the dressing based on seasonal fashion, garments usually aged slowly become the favorites in the closet. Earlier we wrote about the British men’s fashion this fall. Therefore, we thought now draw attention to a little warmer and pick out some goodies from the autumn collections of the Italian fashion houses. Read More

15 Feb

Autumn Extrakoll Stockholm Part 1

Autumn has literally taken the people of Stockholm by storm. High time to strengthen the closet, that is. And you do not want to do it with a raid on the nearest H & M store, the idea that our guide to some of the best autumn-Stockholm will help you find the right. Read More

14 Feb

Which Boot are You?

Finding the right shoes for the fall is not altogether easy task. The weight of the shoes of good quality becomes particularly evident which often means a slightly higher price tag. In addition, the shoe meet all the requirements for design and form. To give some inspiration because we continue today to acquire further training us in a number of different boot – and bed models. What is your favorite model? Read More