31 Mar

Best Bathing Suits for Overweight

Summer is the sunny and warm weather of the year. This is the season of marine passions, beaches and of course the biggest nude. The choice of swimsuit can be a mission impossible, if for one reason or another have uploaded one another Kielce or just more rounded. Of course, there is little tricks that can be applied in selecting appropriate swimsuit. Read More

31 Mar

How to Make Woolen Hats

How to make woolen hats – Looking for tutorials and diagrams to make the creative sewing and start making small creations with the approach of Winter?If you want to wear warm hats, during the winter season, why not create them yourself? If you have sewing experience and you love yourself, you are already well under way in order to successfully create the woolen hats, bearing in mind that there are viable alternatives to this material that do not involve animal suffering. Here are some valuable and simple tips to create hats, following the tutorials and diagrams. Read More

31 Mar

How to Have Clubber Style

Clubber style and learn how to bet
The clubber style was a big hit in the years 90 with the burst of Techno music. Groups of people gathered to spend hours at parties haves that just played electronic music. With these new habits, new styles of dress. The style of the clubbers turned into trend at the time, with their colorful clothes, vinyl with lots of glitter, glitter, metallic, makeup and colored hair, piercings and much more. Recently, at the New York Fashion Week, style took over the catwalks, indicating the summer will have a touch of 90 years of fun. Read More

31 Mar

Our Site’ S Summer Essentials – Our Favorites

I can not help me, but I feel in a Our site download just not comfortable. In the visited stores in Stockholm, Copenhagen and New York – creeps upon entering the store an unpleasant smell in the nose and the eye is at the same time overwhelmed: hang on the wall to the ceiling or squeeze onto overloaded together garments in all different colors. The accessories inhabit all corners and no earring, a necklace and also no bracelet want to stand out from the tangled mass. Only the corner of the shoe seems to offer recreation and with the one or other model to catch my attention. Read More

30 Mar

How to Dress Vintage Style

For several seasons the retro style is on every podium, and this year again! But what is really the style of vintage fashion? It is in fact to pay tribute to past decades, whether it’s from the 20, 30, 70 or 80. But dress retro does not necessarily mean to peepz just look at some stars like Zooey Deschanel and Kirsten Dunst, who come to celebrate the essence of this style while remaining faithful to them same. Read More

30 Mar

Swimsuit Summer Asos

With this Sun, you would think that spring has already given way to summer! The terraces fill and discussions revolve around trips to the Sun. As if they encouraged you to escape, the windows are biased to a selection swimsuit summer 2012. As the fashionista that you never takes vacation, we chose the nicest jerseys of Princess Tam Tam at BrandAlley and ASOS. Read More

30 Mar

Women’s Fashion Trends Summer 2014

Summer is still far away, but as fashion is always ahead, are the trends for the hottest season of the year that begin to emerge in araras and store Windows across the country. Not tobe left out of the news, see what are the main stakes of fashion for the season of heat this year:
Candy colors one of the strongest bets for the season of spring and summer of 2014 are the candy colors, the famous colors inspired by ballads and candy. This type of color have been doing very successfully for a few seasons, even they were pretty used last summer. Now, in 2014, the delicate colours of pastel chart remain high, in particular, shades of pink, yellow, green water, blue sky, coral and lilac.

Read More

30 Mar

Tips for Wearing All Black

Tips for completing the look all black
The little black dress is essential, so all women should have their pieces in color for use in various occasions, from day to day, until the most special occasions. All black productions, i.e. Black total, are already part of many people, but even in this combination so simple you can make a mistake. So let’s check out some tips to improve the your all black look:
Many people believe that to use an all-black production is only required to mix all the pieces of the same color that look ready, but not quite. Even with pieces of one color you need a warning, since there may be mix of materials, fabrics and patterns that match at all. Even simple need tips to ensure success in the all black look. Read More

30 Mar

Green Fashion Wave Part 4: Eco Chic for Our Purses

Ago exactly three weeks started our series “The green fashion wave”, in which we have reported on the origin of green fashion, projects at the fashion colleges and young designers with visions. Now we come to the fourth part of our round up’s, before we even want to familiarize end this week you with the whole terminology: just where are ’ s fair and affordable for our tiny purses? -Our lovely Assistant has dealt this week. Yea, where for now, love Jessica?

Et Voila: it has find out!

Who’s made? People tree reveals’s

often we buy sweaters and pants and have no idea where they were actually produced. Even if the “seal of approval” it sticks, is insanely much faith on our part. Read More

29 Mar

Bridal Dresses with Various Colors

Formerly on the day of the wedding the bride wore only white dress, as well as traditional had a very strong meaning of purity. Women who get married for the second time and the wildest risked marry other colors. But that has changed and the colorful dress not restricted more to these two groups of women. Over the years, the colorful dresses began to gain more space, both in stores and brands, and the choice of brides. But when we talk about in colored dress, I haven’t talked to you in a dress of one color. There are models that mix colors, white with colorful details, as two other colors. See photos and tips of this trend that can inspire you. Read More

29 Mar

How to Wear the Transparency without Missing

You want to be daring with a look see and can’t wait? Here’s How to wear the transparency without failing outfit and be impeccable and very sensual. We find the right combinations and points to explore to leave room for the imagination without being vulgar or overly provocative. The heads of high fashion to star look with transparencies, a gallery with many proposals from which to be inspired.

From fashion runways the woman seems to disregard of the cold winter to make room for the great charm of slides, which seems to prevail in an elegant and sophisticated. This is not simple nude look reminiscent of exclusively feminine sensuality, but real works of art of lace and embroidery, a tangle of shapes and patterns that reveal the skin going to decorate it better than a tattoo. Read More

29 Mar

Alice Dellal for Chanel Handbags Boy – and How the Luxury House Is Slowly Changing.

When the French fashion house Chanel was born in 1914, nobody suspected that founder Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel would called be Coco, the dress world soon. Its goal was the liberation of women, its independence from a masculine-dominated society. To realize their dream of the self-certain ladies of the 20th century, it required little more than a clever mind, a little skill and a pinch of courage.

Instead of but to put extreme rebellion, La initiated Mademoiselle triumphant extremely gallant: sat while fully on elegant chic, served but to the wardrobe of the man. Uniform buttons, Tweed and collarless jackets – Chanel look played subtly with the gender roles, was comfortable and above all one: robust. The woman dressed in Cocos designs was while highly attractive (and it should also be, finally the Couturier loved even loose connections with various men), had her body but not under a bushel of contemplation of the meat making. Read More