29 Apr

The Tracksuit May Be (Far) (Less The The Selection!)

The tracksuit or sport clothes have always been comfortable garments but which were not linked with fashion … or Yes? The case is that after watching with dismay how our Spanish team athletes paraded by the London Stadium at its opening last Friday I ask, is that Nobody can take advantage? And it seems that my questions have response & #8230; Read More

28 Apr

The Ideal Holiday Suitcase

Ready, ready, already for the operation in August. You enter or leave the question is always?should take and what I leave? This question to more than one cause you headaches may respond in six images. We have the ideal low-cost prom dresses for evening, day & #8230; Read More

25 Apr

Perfection Is Possible, Tea Demonstrated How

“ Perfectionism, in psychology, is the belief that perfection can and should be achieved “. Have us believe all life to the perfection does not exist, and now, nothing these girls show us how wrong we have been during this time. You don’t have to be psychologists to know that they are perfect. No matter your daily style, nor tastes you have. Nor does it mean follow trends to imply, importantly look like and the perfect, will come to you. Read More

23 Apr

Looks with Sport Shoes: Do You Give a Chance?

Because there are times that or crazy you put high heels and not want to opt for the classical dancers, for that are the sneakers. Must be borne in mind that is not worth any model and Depending on whether you are or not a 100 percent with this trend or not, There are different models, more eye-catching as the girls who prowl the outskirts of parades, or slippers more sober as the triumph among some bloggers style. Read More

22 Apr

The Sweeter The Moment Bloggers, with Which of Them You Stay?

Good weather (although today in Barcelona is an exception) I It has caught unawares and still I have not been able to change wardrobe, but well insurance that he will not leave me any garment in pastel colors. The tone of the season is non-existent in my clothes, I do not understand yet why, but whenever I give a tour of the international bloggesfera, I realize account you feel fear. And it is that all the bloggers point to look total looks, or just small details, these so flattering tones. Do you have fallen already in the? World cake? Read More

21 Apr

Fashion on The Street: The Desired Tropical Beach

Lady Addict.

Last Wednesday we had a fashion on the street without excesses betting for a minimalist and restrained style, but today is Monday and plays a little joy. The tropical fashion It has entered with force in the face of this spring and Zara jeans being a real success among many bloggers. We went from Africa to the Palms in a blink. Read More

20 Apr

Cheap + Caro = Chic. Bloggers Add and Triumph in The Street

Be chic is a pose, an attitude, it is or learn? I think that a little bit of everything. You can be born in the most elite wedges bathed in gold and mirras and end up loving it trash or starting from very low and climb very high over the years on the scale of elegance. Bloggers have a lot that we can learn. Now we look at how to estilazo when your size is a far cry from the 38, today we are dealing with how be adding expensive and cheap chic. Read More

19 Apr

Prepared to Teach Leg? Them If It Is

Days pass and … already smells like summer! The days are warmer and people, timidly, out on the street teaching leg. Discreetly or deliberately, no matter how, but this part of the body is no longer seen covered by layers and layers of fabric. And how it could be otherwise, we know that this time of the year arrives thanks to the fashion blogs and their outfits. And it is all going short, short! Read More

18 Apr

A Style for Every Day of The Week

It is very well have a default style, but it is better to change a little and try a little of everything, isn’t it? Because in the variety is the spice, Today we propose seven different looks that you put into practice every day of the week. Will you help? I hope that, at least in divine inspiration for those adorned where ideas disappear and the wardrobe makes you a world apart. Read More

17 Apr

Fashion on The Street: a Day without Excess

You know what I I like the excesses, see them those stylish, clear, not any voucher. That Africa is in fashion for a long time because we will have to come with something, that flowers are never going, maybe also a little bit of risk. Of course, you then tell me to do the other day with the best dressed of the MET a full as Zara88 and time to give one lime and one of minimalism, that it happens to be my favorite style, but I am not going to spend all day recommending the same. So that no more, talk fashion on the street is the protagonist. Today I get seriously and promise not pass me lie. Read More

16 Apr

Beautiful Girls Dress Pink, Do You Expect?

Do you know who the? pastel colors they are a must …? Yes, it is a joke, I’ve said it a million times. But it is the truth! And although some shades that doesn’t go with my way of being, I see on other girls and I like the result. And the tone that most surprises me is Pink bat: I always saw it corny and cakes, but these girls show me how wrong that was. Nothing is further from reality, the pink cake is the most cool to dress up this season. You’ve already succumbed to the temptation? Read More