29 Jun

To Stop The New Year’s Eve I Me under in These Street Looks

That already stop wheel that rotates and revolves, and leads us towards the Christmas. Well not, but when one comes forward both giving advice, (and designing non I say unto you, I am now designing collections for winter 2013), when it reaches the date is fed up with sequins, Tuxedo and dress. I love Christmas but some looks of the bloggers for every day also. Between champagne and sparkles not over the? best fashion street? Read More

28 Jun

There Are Bloggers That Seem to Be Made of Iron. Will Their Defenses Have Cold-Proof?

I have come to the conclusion that many of the bloggers that there are today they are not of this planet. I have not yet discovered where they come from, but the Planet Earth I assure you that not. And see how a girl posing calmly with minidress, wooden sandals, no trace of stockings covering his legs and surrounded by snow It is not very normal. And no, the image inspires me not for nothing, except to pick up a couple of Mammoth hair blankets and throw me on top of her. Read More

24 Jun

Skirts for Use to Daily I Sign Up These Looks!

I really like the skirts, and I like how you left me, my silhouette type guitar thanks as they conceal hips and thighs. But I refuse to copy looks with towering heels, which are discarded in my day to day. I know that the skirts are good with heels, but I’m looking for looks more normal and more comfortable, that you can copy me daily. Read More

22 Jun

Fashion on The Street: The Huntress of Leather Choose Your Trend Which Is La Tuya?

It may not be the warmest garment, it is true that it has nothing to do with the coats this season that are uploaded to the catwalk and fill the street, broad but that over time the genuine leather jacket they remain one of the garments that are more cool in any closet and now winter receive the days of wearing them. What are the most viewed models these days in fashion on the street? Read More

21 Jun

Practical Looks for The Coldest Days of Winter

How is it This cold that stalks our streets? How is it? Overwhelming, but nevertheless people out on the street with layers and layers clothing which onion. No, people understand fashion and is becoming more common to see to girls warm with practical looks, comfortable and great for those days where the thermometer an low temperature. Read More

20 Jun

Why They Are So Successful? by Looks like These

Why? What do they have? They are some of the questions that I with my friends to talk about them: the big bloggers. And sometimes we solimos to tell us: they were in the right place, at the right time and known to the key people. But when you see this type of outfit you realize that have succeeded because they have taste and style (or in other cases because their stylists are great). Either way, they make that fashion is a children’s game where the dress is part of a fun task. Read More

18 Jun

Not Wanting to Complicate Days? “Light” with a Few Skinny Street

There are days that we are not to break our head with the look that epatara, there are “red” days that we do not like cute skirts, frioleras blusitas or abriguitos vintage. For many years when a woman had a day that did not want complications are enfundaba a few Levi’s and… Now the celebrities they light up the street with their women coogi. Charlotte Casiraghi, Blake Lively y Miranda Kerr they teach us how do them them in their last public appearances. Read More

17 Jun

Boyfriend Jeans and Flat Shoes to Relax This Weekend

If we spent the entire week arregandonos to go to work, with high heels, skirts, etc., the weekend What we desire is to relax, put us comfortable clothes, wide, flat shoes, but keeping our innate style (nothing of jerseys, please). And within the streetstyle, the worn jeans boyfriend type and flat shoes continues triumphing for the more casual looks. Read More