31 Jul

Naomi Campbell Gives Sit-In Selmark

One more time Naomi Campbell He is protagonist by another bravura. A few weeks ago it was news to his arrest after an alleged assault to his assistant, returns to be, now by Let planted the signing of lingerie Selmark. The model had signed by the Galician firm for 180,000 euros for a single show in Madrid, there is nothing. Forty-eight hours prior to the date provided for in the contract to do the job, he sent a statement that asserted developing otitis and said that your doctor recommended him not to fly. Maybe few seemed the eurytus who was going to Pocket $. Read More

30 Jul

Pirelli Is Birthday

The most prestigious calendar world is birthday. The Pirelli Calendar, is forty years old and held an exhibition of the best 120 images which will stage the Berlinische Galerie in the German capital. Entitled 1964-2006. Pirelli Calendar, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Laetitia Casta, Cindy Crawford and many other models are museum pieces. The exhibition will be open to the public until June 18 and runs through the different stages that went through the calendar, named The Cal, famous for the beautiful women who posed for their pages, and especially by the sensuality of his photographs. Read More

29 Jul

Adicolor Advertising

Adidas us becoming crazy lately: too much information, we do not stop.

What you see is the advertising of Adicolor. Is it that you have anything special? Adicolor format, as I have already told previously, is magnificent: a white shoe, colors, and to deface it whole, to your taste, as you want. Read More

28 Jul

Puff Diddy, Enfant Terrible Also in Fashion

The relationship between the entertainment industry and the fashion is narrow, and is increasingly more. For some actors and singers it is not enough to be the image of a fashion or a perfume House, like to get involved in the business, and therefore, they design their own collections and their own perfumes. One of the last jump on the bandwagon has been the musician, producer and American benefactor Sean Combs. Read More

27 Jul

Actresses Models

Although it is not a recent phenomenon, contracts between firms of fashion and cosmetics with actresses of world fame, as the image of their advertising campaigns, always raise expectations. Christmas of 2004, they were those of Nicole Kidman with Chanel and star Charlize Theron with Christian Dior, the contracts of the season. This year there are several actresses who, replacing another or replacing to the tops of the moment in his work, starring or van star in ads in magazines and television. Their mission: bring glamour to the signing, and get bags, pencils, lipstick, dresses, shoes, perfumes, glasses, and all that which carried post become object of desire, and, if possible, in one of the must of the season. Read More

26 Jul

Selena Gomez Conquers Vogue US and Starred in His Home for The First Time

The new cover of the April’s Vogue US It has generated much interest. Selena Gomez stars in, for the first time, the cover and appears again in the public eye After leaving his tour that was taking her across the country. Dressed in a two-piece stamped from Michael Kors, the singer/actress speaks Instagram for her which meant and the moment that is living life after declaring that suffers from anxiety and depression. Read More

24 Jul

23 Covers Mythical That Tell The Story of The United States with The Silver-Tongued in First Ladies

The cover of Melania Trump in the Mexican edition of Vanity Fair magazine This month has brought tail. Firstly, because it is one of the countries that have been in the crosshairs of the policies of the new President of the United States, with all the controversy surrounding the wall. But, above all, for its aesthetics. After an election campaign that has one of the largest sources of Trump votes come from identification with the common people and his criticism the establishment, the image of the new first lady, pretending to eat a plate full of spaghetti made of diamonds, it has created controversy. Read More

23 Jul

Kendall Jenner for Vogue Spain… and Ole

Kendall Jenner is already a top model, and not making his surname as well rule it. The girl of the endless legs – and the klan Kardashian – hermanisima has conquered the world of fashion with his self-confidence and its feline look. And after getting the September Issue most desired of all (aka Vogue USA), now landed in our country with a new cover. Vogue He chooses it as image… And ole. Read More

22 Jul

How Figuring out How to Make a Cover of Fashion without a Budget? Elle (Australia) as Well Known

We need a cover of fashion and have no budget. Ingeniatelas to the already.

What do you do in a situation so? From now on will be a Elle Asutralia, and is that the version of the magazine has decided to draw attention with their cover with mirror effect. In this way models are not required in it, becomes the cover in the magic mirror and it displays every time the prettiest of the firmament. Read More

21 Jul

The Most Original September Issue of All: #InterviewGang and The Famous Selfies

Is well known by all the more special for a journal number is called September Issue. The firms invest money by having the best pages, and people approaching the kiosk to buy your copy and see what trends are going to take the next few months. This entails to compete with others for having the cover most striking and original. And this time Interview the Palm is carried with its ME Issue under the hashtag #InterviewGang. Read More

20 Jul

Speaking of LOVE Magazine Is Speaking of Kim, Kendall, and Face

It seems that you between Katie Eleanor (editor of LOVE Magazine) and face Delevingne, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner was born a good friendship. And so, suddenly, all the covers of the publication are reserved for one of those three names that they end up sharing limelight. And if the last number we talked about Kim Kardashian and unrecognizable image dressed in Prada, today women of Kanye West repeated cover but with a face. What else can we expect? Read More

19 Jul

Kim (Kardashian) Still Going Strong, Now for Love Magazine

What there is between Kim Kardashian and her younger sister Kendall Jenner is no longer only a brotherly friendship. Theirs is a competition to see who accomplished more cover. And dear, nobody wants to compete against Kiki, because when put you something between the eyes just getting it. And that you have in mind (or it seems) is starring in all the covers of the fashion magazines of the time, therefore away Kendall’s a nudge and is made with the new cover of the Magazine Love Magazine. Read More

17 Jul

After The Conquest of The Covers: Bloggers Have New Goal

Little joke with the bloggers that will conquer the world. And is that after seeing as little by little they accomplished their feats (some faster than others), now we are living fashion show How are the protagonists on the covers of fashion. We saw it with Chiara Ferragni with their cover of vanity, Madame Figaro, or the Italian Grazia to find more cases this month of December 2014. Grab the belts are curved. Read More