30 Sep

Outfit Top Maxi Skirt

Summer is finally here, and my mood has also risen. Is it with you also so that you have automatically good mood when the sun shines? I have noticed the difference this weekend especially, I am so full of corporate pleasure and just satisfied. This outfit I had on Saturday to a small shopping tour. My brother soon got his final ball and that’s why a smart suit was needed. Combined this time almost only things from Oasap. Read More

30 Sep

Your Style Profile

Or true to Shakespeare: dress up, or dress up – that is the question.

On November 11, the Carnival or Carnival is heralded. I find it interesting there mainly to observe who slips into the crazy time in what disguise. Some want to be someone they are not. The others want to show at last who they actually are. Some use especially those stylistic, which run counter to their personality. The others use fashionable items that match their inner state of mind, but it is in excess. And that is exactly the reason why you immediately notice that the costumed people are not really yourself. Read More

30 Sep

Webshoptipset–No Man Walks Alone

We get at Manolo for natural reasons often asked about what we like when it comes to fashion and if we have any personal favorite brands, shops, tailors etc.The advantage of Manolo is that we are not governed in the editorial and therefore can write about things that actually is in our interest. Of course, we must also take out the turns something sometimes for an increased width but overall you read about things that actually reflects our taste and style. Today’s text is no exception. Today I want to tell about my absolute favorite when it comes to webshopar, namely No Man Walks Alone. Read More

30 Sep

Sonia Rykiel for H & M Campaign

Lara Stone, Caroline Trentini and Anne Vyalitsyna they are chosen to star in the advertising campaign for the new collection of lingerie that Sonia Rykiel launch in collaboration with the store H & M and of which we had already spoken them at the time. Read More

29 Sep

Jeans History: World War II

World War II plays an important role in jeans and not least in Levi’s history and success.

When the war began was the design of the Levi’s jeans quite radically. Skrevniten disappeared and the rivets that sat as reinforcement on coin pocket was picked off along with cinchbacken, which was considered a waste of material. Read More

29 Sep

Autumn Winter Jewellery Trends

To be honest, I’m always a little reserved suited to brooches. Not only because until recently were not particularly relevant, but because somehow they perceive as a trademark at a sedate ladies – I always associate them with jewelry box of my grandmother, which gathered dust some very spectacular brooches. The triumphant return of brooches group of hit accessories this season but failed to make even me look around for suitable models and listened for a convenient excuse to add brooches and in his jewelry box. Read More

29 Sep

E-Magazine and Online Seminars From the Fashion Whisperer

Know, before Christmas, it is the time in which you must want something. This year I asked you to participate in The survey of my readers and to tell me your wishes to the fashion Whisperer. And you have not long to ask: whopping 948 wish list are entered into with me! This has completely overwhelmed me. I would like to thank very warmly at this point you, that you have placed your trust again me!

For two weeks I’m going now, to capture your answers piece by piece and to evaluate. Even though I have no detailed results, but already two heartfelt wishes out seem so to crystallize: A vast majority of the readers wishes you an E-Magazine and online seminars from the fashion Whisperer. And that was actually somewhat surprised. Below, I’ve compiled the core results of the survey and tell you a little bit of my thoughts and conclusions to do so. Read More

29 Sep

American Icons

With a record-low dollar has a number of interesting designers flocked across the Atlantic. It also leads to an increased interest in the country’s style icons, and true classics. The following are therefore five examples of American style at it’s best. Read More

29 Sep

Costumes For Parties 60 And 70

Photos and Models from Costumes for 60’s and 70’s Festivities

The costumes for parties of the 60s and 70s are sold in several different stores because we know that the demand is always great, especially in large cities where it is very common to party with this theme, and by the way is one of the most favorite subjects of people, and that’s why today we’ve come to talk about Costumes for the 60s and 70s, see the models and photos, and it’s up to you to create a template for yourself, but do not forget to check out the ones we brought. Read More

29 Sep

Kylie Minogue for Agent Provocateur

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Helena Christensen, Peaches Gildof and Kate Moss they are some of the famous people that we have seen in the most provocative lingerie and always with a thematic sense in the campaigns of Agent Provocateur. The French firm of lingerie seeks to innovate and to leave us speechless. Read More

28 Sep

Diary of a Beauty Editor

February 17, 5th Avenue, from Tiffany to the century 21 today we make a fashion break. After breakfast, and a trip to the 727 Fifth Avenue. Not to go shopping, to the schools. Just like Audrey Hepburn, which languishes on diamonds as Holly Golightly full of longing, because she know that she never will afford the sparkly stones. We, my colleague Marion by the magazine “Joy”, and I, are also languishing. Read More