30 Sep

7 Styles of Short Dresses for the Bridesmaids

The maid of marriage plays a fundamental role in the before and during the party. To be impeccable on that day is indispensable and, precisely for this reason, the choice of dress must be made with great care and attention.

As more and more short dresses make trends on these occasions, we have decided to give a little help in your choice and we have listed 7 beautiful models of dresses for you to choose! Of course your inspiration also counts at that moment, but check the tips and then tell us what you think!

1 – Income And Transparencies

This is a combination that fits very well for weddings. The versions in lace dresses for maid of honor being shorter take away the seriousness of the models and leave them more sensual and relaxed.

Of course the cut of your dress will be a determining factor for this. The model below uses a black lace, which is super charming, like overlapping a dress thinner and light pink. The look was perfect!

2 – Conventional Modern

A typical wedding party model, but in a shorter version. The dress below is gorgeous, usual and perfect for weddings that happen during the day. Best of all, this cut combines with bridesmaids of all body types! Be careful only with the color of the fabric, if you use it as the photo. Thin cloths call attention to their transparency.

3 – Income With Deep Neckline

For the boldest bridesmaids, this dress will make her look beautiful! The top of it was all crafted in a thin, translucent lace, with a sweep neckline! Already the bottom made a block, leaving the model balanced, without so much daring. He also used lace, but in overlap form. The model was made in the dry pink color.

4 – Stamped, Why Not?

There has always been much controversy surrounding the use of wedding dresses. When it comes to short bridesmaid dress, this action polemizes even more!

However, the good of fashion is that it changes every year and the prints are yes released for this type of occasion. Of course you need to take a little care with the drawings, as exaggerations do not go down very well! See the model below and notice that the colors and patterns are very discreet and usual.

5 – Crochet For The Summer

For weddings that take place in summer or during the day, short dresses are always preferred. The model below uses a cutout that can also be used on brides, but in the case of bridesmaids, a different shade will make it beautiful! It is worth remembering that white at weddings is not allowed beyond the bride’s dress huh!

6 – Totally Basic

Another example that fits very well for weddings. A super basic model that combines with virtually every type of woman. At the same time that it is a cut that passes a certain traditionalism, it remains young and current. Attention only to a different color from the photo!

7 – Stamping With Lace

We close our list with a model of one of the most requested fashion designers of our time: Martha Medeiros. Stylist of most famous, she also comes with a model that is inspiration for bridesmaids.

For those who do not want to bet on direct stamping on fabric, they can also work on them as overlaps in lace. Of course, attention is needed so that the drawing is well composed like the photo and looks like a single piece. Cute template!

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