20 Dec

Black Maxi Dress Reviews

The dress is one of the cheapest models with lots of know in the skirt and a length to just below the knee. It is shown here with black tulle run under. The highlights in the best possible way the skirt and waist. The dress, however, can also be used without if you want a more calms look.

The black dress has a very flattering neckline and Ribbon on front piece so that the wrinkle sitting really well over the bust. It has a nice touch with red ribbons at neck and sleeves. The red bow on the front is removable and can also be used as an ornament on your 50 ‘s ponytail.

Women's Black Empire Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is made of a relatively heavy cotton quality with a little stretch, so it can give himself and sits really well. The dress is designed to sit tightly over the bust and waist. Find your size based on target schema. Note that there is a stitching at the waist, it is not quite as elastic as the rest of the dress, so waist circumference is important.

The model is also available in a nice blue with white polka dots.

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