08 Nov

Blazer for Winter Season

Talking about look is something that we all do here, because your good look speak for you, and should be above all… seducer.

And by talking about everything and nothing, with a friend, over hot chocolate, we addressed the subject of the seasons. Among other things, she said that autumn was his favorite season, thing I found a bit odd (I’m very summery). But after reflection and analysis that lasted a few seconds in my head (it was very fast) I thought she’s right somewhere. Autumn is the season where we can leave our beautiful jackets, blazers and trench coats in the closet without having neither cold nor warm with. After all it’s a great season to show what we can do in style.

And so I decided, with the female help, you prepare this article.

The look of a man is his first weapon in front of women, and God knows how “interesting” women like to dress, and therefore they like men who undermine themselves well and who neglect nothing of their outfits.

When you’re in the fall or winter, this is not always easy to dress and especially for us men. You just want to put on anything but that keep us warm, because we don’t have the desire or time to search what to put in the morning dark and cold seasons.

Today we will talk about a vital piece of your wardrobe and will allow you to be always well dressed without a lot of effort.

This element is nothing else that… wait for it (at the Barney with drum roll please!) … The Blazer.

Yes, as a classic of the menswear, the blazer manages the definitions (check http://www.digopaul.com/english-word/blazer.html) to flatter almost all male morphologies, on condition of course to be a well-cut minimum.

By giving a small gentleman aspect (almost) any normally constituted man, the blazer is very popular with the fairer…

Play safely by excellence, the blazer can be worn with almost everything, which gives more value to our eyes (for the laziest).

Associated with a hoodie or a t-shirt, it will give you this side neglected-worked and will boost a held a bit too “teenage”. If you are rather shirt, cardigan and topped off with a nice little pocket square , the blazer can only enhance the elegance of your outfit. In these two cases and in several, the blazer is a winning choice!

So, the equation is simple: blazer = zero risk… or almost!

But this beautiful piece is the blazer, could make us fall into traps so we don’t is there knows not really. And to avoid the not and using a fake girlfriend, we are privileged to have the advice and guidance of women on how to choose his blazer that will boost your elegance and will appeal to women.

Three traps are to be avoided…

And I would say, stay tuned as Kamal, we come back after the pub!

You’re still here, so much the better.

Trick Number 1: ease

If you deceive the vicious female spirits by picking the first suit jacket that will fall you under the hand (men have no dressing room, it is well known among women…), well, that’s no good!

Repeat after me: “a mismatched suit jacket is not and will never be a blazer. A mismatched suit jacket is not and will never be a blazer…”

Trap Number 2: Cup

An oversized blazer, you can tell right away, makes the folds in the back and it gives the impression that you disguised (and for a first date, it’s hard).

Same goes for too little blazer, that will make even more of folds and especially on the sides, giving a create look which you well do without (and also).

Trick Number 3: texture

The choice of the texture of course depends on your budget: between the nylon blazer and cashmere, the gap can be large, very large (and very painful).

Try to choose neutral textures and if possible avoid synthetic materials which will reduce the life expectancy of your blazer.

Zero tolerance for the “gloss” effect, to not wear in an invitation to the Oscars, and yet…

Colour, feel free to choose the one you prefer. I will nevertheless bring a small veto: If you are rather thin, avoid the black blazer that will tend to you slim down further while giving you a side a bit too seriously (boring = in female language).

In General, and whatever your morphology, if in doubt about the colour of your blazer, bet everything on the gray or Navy Blue. Sober and elegant colours, they agree with almost everything and ensure a close risk-taking of nothingness. For your delight!

In the meantime another article about the 5 ways timeless to wear a blazer, tell us what you think of the blazer.

Stay plugged in and to your comments.


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