Bra Sizes: Frequent Mistakes. Real Case.

Today I want to tell you a real case that perfectly illustrates one of the main mistakes that cause many of you to wear the size and cup of bra completely wrong.

As an introduction, let us say that this case makes us see, once again, that the wrong size and cup of bra can cause very serious discomfort in people with a considerable size of breasts. And many women carry a lot of weight in their chest.

This is the case of a client who wore the size 115 E cup when her size was the 100 H cup. Approximately, more than a kilo in each breast, so that you have an idea. We speak of European sizes, which are the ones we use at LoolasUp or militarynous.

The measurements of this client are: 101 cm contour under the chest and 128 cm contour chest. Looking at our tables of sizes and cups you can see that its size is the 100  and its cup the H.

In other words, he had 15 cm more of contono of back of which corresponds him with which:

The bra did not hold practically nothing

The whole weight of his chest fell on his shoulders, making him painful and important marks and scrapes.

The back of the bra went up to the shoulders

Why Was He Wearing This Size And Cup?

We asked who sold him that bra and respond that in his usual corsetry. I get very angry with these things, I can not avoid it… And it is that in a case like this, with so much weight in the chest, it can do a lot of damage to a person… and it is an avoidable damage.

There are two possible causes that could have caused such a mistake in his size and cup:

1.    That the person who attended her in her usual corsetry did not have training in bra sizes and cups.
2.    Let the usual corseteria not have stock of the size and cup of this client. It was made up with more sizes than I should have been over glasses.

To my humble understanding, neither thing nor the other is excusable. The corsetry must have properly trained personnel advising its clients. Regarding estoc, my rule of thumb is ” If you do not have it, you ask; Never sell anything other than what the client needs. ” Also to my understanding, when we talk about holding the chest, we talk about women’s health and this is not an issue to be taken lightly or, at least, LoolasUp we take very seriously.

Currently in Spain, the problem is widespread. And we do not say that there are no specialized corseterías with trained personnel and sufficient stock of sizes and cups. No. In fact, we know a few where the advice is great and they have variety of sizes. What we say is that there are not many.

On the other hand, the proliferation of low cost chains makes many women do the typical self service by trying out the size of the store without advice (or advice not specialized) and buying many times the bra that is less bad. Apart from the quality … but that is another issue that we will discuss another time.

Well, this customer wore an Anita Comfort bra like the ones we sell in LoolasUp  ofwrong size and cup. That’s why we insist that success in choosing a bra is:

50% quality bra+50% correct size and cup

In this case the bra was of quality and the model was adequate, but the size and cup did not and the result was disastrous for our poor client.


The consequences for this client were:

Cervical pain from excess weight supported on the clavicle area.

Poor posture of the back by badly distributed weight (the bra did not hold him properly).

Chest very fallen (it was close to the waist).


Given the current situation, the best guarantee for these things to stop happening, is forevery woman to know her size and bra cup. In this way, just as we know our number of shoes and would never sell a number more or less, the same would happen in the bra.

At LoolasUp we advise you never to happen again. Contact us without obligation.

Until next time!