Bracelet Necklace with Velor Ribbon

Today I want to introduce my newest creations. I thought, that lobster with a chain combined but very fresh and chic look. Best of all, it is very easy to make.
These colorful bracelets can be also super combine with each other and in different variants. That brings change and there is never a dull moment. So somehow exactly my thing.

This bracelet in various colors as a DIY kit is available at stone beads world. For all who want to combine, I have compiled a small list of materials:

-25 cm chain
-30 cm suede belt
-2 jump rings
-2 pieces
-1 Cap
-Anhangerchen of your choice

Crafting Tutorials

As I said, it’s easy to make. Actually weave the band only through the large rings. Up and down alternately. Make sure that the chain really flat, is so non-turned. The small rings should be pretty flat on the belt. If this is not the case, turn the chain a bit.

In effect, attach the lobster clasp to the chain lying flat. Also beware that the belt is not twisted. Also if something still easily correct at the end. It looks like twisted not nice out.

The bracelet has the correct length if the end caps fit closely around your wrist. Cut the remaining piece of the chain. The velor Ribbon but not yet!

Now the final production. It is important that the chain will not move. To pull back once the velor Ribbon through the last links. Then cut the last piece of the velor Ribbon. Only 5 mm for the end-piece band are required.

The End stuck chen is very small. There you must fiddle a bit. A small drop of Super glue, then with the pliers to pinch (hold about 30 seconds) and then to pinch the sides of the tail. Read the DIY Tip for end caps.

Finally easily bend to the grommet of the bottom plate, the bending ring is more secure. Fasten the eyelets and the CAP then.
I’ve added an Anhangerchen. This is of course optional. The advantage which is Variant with Anhangerchen: you can fix the lock easier on the wrist. The end loops is then namely lower and allows better access to.

With this technique, you can make a double bracelet Necklace like the Necklace of payhelpcenter of course also super!