27 Jan

Buying Guide for Men’s Fashion Ties

It makes the office meeting more formally, the restaurant visit ceremonial, and the glamorous evening event. But just because the tie has this property, it is important to find the right model for you from their e-commerce website.

Find now:

-What tie types are there?

-What effect can the selected pattern have?

-How stylishly can a tie be combined?

-Which occasions the tie fits?

– No kidding when choosing a tie

-Which nodes are popular?

-How can the tie be combined with handkerchief and needle?

-How to clean a tie properly?

-What trends are there in 2015?

What tie types are there?

High-quality materials facilitate the binding, are comfortable to wear and make a tie elegant. The finest variant is the silk tie. However, knit ties are a special eye-catcher for the casual appearance. Made of wool, they fit great for rustic jackets, and represent an interesting change in the winter, for example. Neckties made of cotton and polyester are often easiest to care and particularly robust.


Men's Casual Neck Tie Polyester Fabric Shaped Ends Multiple Options


The effect of points, stripes and solid color patterns

The different styles from Wholesaleably are dominated by five design options:




-Allover patterns

-Paisley patterns


Solid color neckties are a classic and in a vocational context often the easiest way to adequately dressed to be. Solid-colored models on special weaves or the yarn quality can – attention for example, when knit ties or neckties made of Jacquard fabric. In addition, the monochrome tie supports the special effect of patterned shirts.


Strips counteract the monochrome copies often livelier. A well drawn man respects sure, however, that reflected the colors of the tie pattern in which of the shirt. Tip: Just portly gentlemen should rely on college strip, because the diagonal from the left shoulder toward right hip can be visually narrow impact the body.


To the point: ties are often dark blue or black with white dots. There but also in more summer varieties with red or yellow color highlights. The combinations are on the one hand, elegant classics, and on the other hand, a tie gets an optical structure by points. But the points are larger, the more away the tie of the classic business look and acts playful.


An allover pattern means that the entire tie of the pattern is covered, as small rectangles or figures. It also applies here: patterned copies should rather be combined with solid color shirts, unless you want to consciously put on strong contrasts. In any case, rather casually look great patterns and take the seriousness of the textile power symbol.


The paisley pattern does not necessarily equal lots of color. There are for example solid models running only through the special weave and the pattern is visible. For lovers of this decorating, this is a great way to dress up classic and original at the same time.


How stylishly can a tie be combined?


When you stand before the wardrobe, always follow the rule: the clothing is combined from the outside to the inside. The shirt is so geared to the jacket and tie is geared to the shirt. You can wear also a brown or blue tie to a black suit, but then a bright shirt fits best.


Solid color neckties are often for patterned shirts. You can combine two patterns – tie ideally should be more prominent than the shirt. Choose at least a shade that is found in two pieces of clothing. In a plaid shirt, a solid-colored necktie is the most elegant Variant. Is your shirt, striped you opt for a tie with medium-wide strip.


Men with a narrow figure can do well with the trend towards the narrow tie, while men with broad shoulders and a strong neck access to a wide tie. If you choose a narrow tie, you should wear a jacket too, because the thin models make visually wider without a jacket. The standard length of a tie is about 145 cm, but frequently manufacturers offer a second, longer variant.


And if you even feel a fancier look, you have access to a fly! Plain or patterned fabric you can wear a bow tie in the office today, at parties or in the restaurant.



Men's Business Neck Tie Durable Polyester Fabric Four Options Point Shape Ends


Which occasions the tie fits?


The tie immediately shows that you appreciate the occasion. Nevertheless, there are some points to note, on which occasion you wear the tie.


As a general rule, that the carrier acts all the more serious, the tie is dark. Anyone dressed for the office should choose the tie in a darker shade as the shirt. Otherwise you can choose the tie in a complementary or contrasting color to the shirt, but also pastel colors are now popular.


Black ties are worn usually on funerals or in very formal contexts. In some companies, red ties for the boardroom are reserved, as no other color so much expresses dominance. You will find blue and grey in the office most often.


For the interface, refer to the jacket: the wider the lapel of a jacket, also the tie should be the wider.


No kidding when choosing a tie

A classic faux pas, but time and again happened, is the well-meaning funny tie. Ties with cartoon characters, tier prints or wild patterns are in the office no-go, but at leisure are often borderline. These models are allowed on special occasions such as mardi, and then place them please go back in the closet.


Also for the combinations there to observe a lot: no ties include ideally shirts or polo shirts. Also put your tie there tie pins are never in your shirt!


Finally, pay attention to suitable length. The tip of your tie ends ideally exactly on the belt buckle. Note this rule of thumb also in the choice of the matching node.


And who gives so much trouble choosing, can beat even this, by matching his tie looking out to an accessory of his consort. Then blend the brooch or necklace of the woman with the man’s tie. You should not exaggerate but also it it: small and subtle allusions work on such color matches most artful.


Which nodes are popular?


Depending on how you tie your tie, you can give more importance to the node or easy to vary the length of the tie. There are dozens of ways, but for everyday use, four will be presented here on behalf:

-Four-in-hand node

-Kent node

-Windsor knot

-Prince Albert node


The simple tie knot or even four-in-hand node is the most wide-spread type. It is easy to tie and fits to all collar types. This node is suitable for narrow ties. Thereby, the thick end of the tie over the narrow end is placed and run by back once to the narrow end. From above, then run the thick end of the tie through the loop formed and fix the node by holding the rear part of the tie and pull on the front. Insert the node with shaking movements up to the collar of the shirt. The tip of the tie should be a few centimeters above the waistband.

Men with a long upper body tie the tie like a Kent knot. This node is suitable for evening events, because it looks elegant, but casual at the same time. Before the first node, the tie is turned over so that the back of the wide end to the front points. The result: The node is quite small and the ends of the tie are longer.

The Windsor knot is more cone-shaped and very manly. It can be knotted single or double where the latter has a somewhat pompous. Properly tied, the Windsor knot is beautifully balanced and does not slip. Through his voluminous way, he fits well with broader ties.

The Prince Albert node is also voluminous. It is suitable for a very wide apart standing collar. Because the node is practically twice wrapped, the Prince Albert node takes the tie much length.

It is important that the node should be so closely on the collar that no gap can be seen and it completely covers the collar piece.


How can the tie be combined with handkerchief and needle?

Due to the tie, you can wear a handkerchief. However doesn’t mean here fits that cloth and tie from the same fabric and material must be. Colored tie with a white shirt is always a hit about a white silk cloth.

A tie clip is not only an elegant eye-catcher, but also practical. At dinner, you can wear them quietly a little lower and at least prevent you experiencing the classic “tie in soup”.


How to clean a tie properly?

If you wear the tie not just around the neck, roll it best and stow in the cabinet without that it will be crushed.

Most of the models can not wash in the washing machine. You should blot stains with a damp cloth. Do not try to rub the stain, because here there is the danger that it penetrates deeper into the fibers. Give the tie for stubborn stains rather directly in the cleaning.


What trends are there in 2015?


You are looking for a slightly fancier tie, you’re in luck. This year, knitted ties are in trend, like with a straight end. You are usually narrow knitted, because also this fashion held up: thin ties. You combine the preference of many men for elegant and at the same time modern styling.


Under the patterned ties, you will often come across diamonds, one of this year’s favorites in the designer. Color fashion labels currently put on classics: grey, black, and Burgundy are especially popular.


Conclusion – so you can quickly find a matching tie

Depending on when you wear the tie, you should pay attention to various aspects:

Style: tie must be something unusual or you should restrain them. In the office or on very formal occasions, restraint and classic combinations are valued rather than bold variants.

The combination: would you combine what suits with the tie? Select matching ties on the basis of your shirts in color and patterns.

The cut: Men with strong stature more access to wide ties, while narrower men have it easier, to go along with the trend towards thin ties. Try out what tie width you are comfortable.

The node: By the type of binding, you can change the length of the tie and perfecting your look for the office or the party.

The trend: Be inspired by the latest fashion, fancy knitted ties and deep, long ties.

Find your new favorite tie, because no other garment to you is so very much in focus and perfectly suited to represent your personal taste.

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