D wire Gucci Man – Fall/Winter 2016-2017

It didn’t take long Alessandro Michele to become the new fashion in vogue guru: a year after his goals as a DA of Gucci, its d s wire are today almost more expected than those of v n Maple Miuccia Prada. If his last creations res will remain reserved are thousands of privileged s, gimmicks and other dress codes s distill his podium not in are not less likely to influence the stylistic mood of the moment.Small passage in review of the most significant of them…

AGR is lying to a fur collar, satin bathrobe think IP this outside (see here).
The CAP playing “headdress fancy for Chinese in short pants” tries to make MP4 you sober Navy Blue cap (seehere).
Coats in tapestry modernized their su d allure you by claiming s effiloch edges and absence of hem (see here).
Girl or boy, the hour is the seventies cut short inspiration Mireille Matthieu and loop e mount in Beard papa (see here and l).
Turquoise Jewelry are likely to see their popularity fl che (see here).
Unusual, the ti½lescopage between studs, fabric upholstery and Chinese imagery don’t be ri½vi½le not so ri½dhibitoire (see here).
The white t-shirt differs from its counterparts by claiming a distended neck (see here).
Mittens are needed of way is leave apparai½tre some Baroque rings (see here).
Green grass and pink salmon lose their summer dimension at the touch of a Brown cocoa (see here).

The imprint the sock di½voilant pants oublii½: according to Alessandro Michele, the sock is long di½sormais and tire-bouchonni½e at the top of the trousers (see here).
The blazers are the sleeves coupi½es just below the elbow (see here).
The jean jacket is to wear moult embroideries, or at least a few patches brodi½s (see here).
Chinese Pajamas acheti½ for the soiri½e di½guisi½e of the 31 1997 changement sees his side climb in fli½che (see here).
The coat male ri½vi½le his sensualiti½ cachi½e by is even the skin (see here).
Sky blue, yellow button gold and Brown are a compelling trio (see here).
Snoopy joined Bob the i½ponge and Bambi in the panthi½on of the fashionably correct (see here cartoons).
Finally there is the ri½activiti½ of the studio, who put the word “Bowie” on the back of a jacket. Tribute or opportunism? Probably a little of both…

What I think

Difficult to know if the dress code is scrupulously apply or is taken to the second degri½. Personally, I oscillate between the two: the sleeves coupi½es, the combo of colors and coats down chic effilochi½s attract me, while the dog collars, the cartoon effigies and cups ri½gressifs leave me doubtful. If I stay indi½cise as is the viabiliti½ esthi½tique of the ri½chauffant sock of John downs, no doubt that this gimmick si½duira those cursing the winter trend of lengths imprint.
Finally, it is clear that once di½passi½ design ini½gal of the show, can only be i½bloui by the richness of the details of the cri½ations of Alessandro Michele (see here, here,here, here and fantastic).