Definitive Guide to Choosing a Good Sports Bra

You’re a woman and do sport. Probably you don’t know (yet) that the most important piece of your wardrobe are these slippers that you run kilometres or you wake up too much weight in the gym, is your bra and how what you’ve chosen.

Girls, I am worried about going to the gym and see that there are still who wear the same bra for train and go normal. I mean those glass or thin strap jogging up the tape or let it RIP to the elliptical. Do really not they notice that they are hurting that part so women like breasts? I think the same thing when I go to run and see girls whose breasts are suffering the impact of the race because it moves in each stride… To contribute my bit, I have developed this guide I use to choose bra. I know that it costs, because even if you’re stuck in this fitness does not always find what they do better, but it is better to know what you are looking for and try.


1 what you should know before going to the store to buy a sports bra?

2 what is important while you are testing yourself a bra

3 how often need to change sports bra

Definitive Guide to Choosing a Good Sports Bra 1

What Should You Know Before Going To The Store To Buy A Sports Bra?

Almost all say to every mola us go ribbons for life and more if we left to sweat shirt.Sometimes why believe us to look there to suffer we are led by the aesthetics and the beautiful, but this will not be the case. Today have thousand one shops that choose sportswear, because If something is true fashion is being fitness. So before leaving the House please clear this:

  1. You are going to buy a sports bra for what sport running, yoga, weights, bodypump…?
  2. What are your measures

Circumference under the breasts (which defines your size)

Outline on chest (what defines your cup)

Based on these two parameters you have to “go to made shooting”. For example: most days I do weights and other days I do running. Since the weights does not have a high impact on my breasts, I choose for these fasteners occasions of spaghetti-strap or means, which do not collect each breast separately and that, or which generally tend to be type racerback behind (offers more support), but is not necessary. The days that I will run normally choose Bras that offer more clamping type top, i.e., which compress the chest and limiting their movement.

Definitive Guide to Choosing a Good Sports Bra 2

What Is Important While You Are Testing Yourself A Bra

In addition to that you like and that is within your budget it is important when you try the Phys pass these things:

That you feel comfortable: a no-brainer, Yes, but be aware that lower elastic has not should sink into the skin, should be adjusted. There are fasteners that allow this because they buckle, keep that in mind. In the same way, the straps may have, either thin or wide, should not be too tight. The majority adjusts to this, being the wider fit for big breasts because shared chest and thin straps for smaller breasts because they reduce the intensity of restraint.

That fit the Cup perfectly: bra should adopt to your chest and not the contrary.

Tissue: it must be nice, keep in mind that your skin is going to have some level of friction while doing sport with this bra. In addition, if you are going to do an activity which is much sweat, opts for breathable fabrics (does it indicate on the label), while if you go for a bra for activities such as pilates or yoga, the cotton you come from Pearl.

When I try a bra sports ground hit some jumps or jogging on the site to verify that the chest is not moved. During a race, the breasts can move up to 21 centimeters and the rest is gravity. Who wouldn’t want to keep firmer breasts?

Definitive Guide to Choosing a Good Sports Bra 3

How Often Must Change Sports Bra

Here is where most fail and myself. Normally a bra should last us nothing more and nothing less than 3 months. You freak. Why is that? Because its function of holding is compromised between that it gives us for use and re-use one single model more than others or between washing and dryers through which passes the garment. Imagine what happens with a sports bra that above post it weather the sweat, put it in the wet bag or wash it more often than other fasteners.

Yes, we should be looking Bras each quarter and you can look at paradisdachat, but in the end it is a matter of health and prevention. Finally, in case mole you to your sports bra give you a plus, always can look some allowing you the possibility to save a mobile device or quantify your physical activity as of the Gow (that I tried in its day and still using)