25 Sep

Fashion Color Rosa: to Combine the Color Contemporary

When it comes to the fashion designers, they don’t come around two seasons to the color pink in the next. Because the company PANTONE once has again that analyzes trend colors of the seasons and says both for the winter of 2015 / 16, as well as rosy times for the spring 2016 ahead. Get cooler as well as warmer color types fully at their own expense. Because there are two Pastel pink tones that are fashionable said: the cooler ‘Cashmere Rose’ (Pantone 16-2215) and the warmer, powdery “Rose Quartz” (Pantone 13-1520). If you shrug his shoulders and say: this is only something for romantic minds, then you will be amazed what adult, sophisticated color combinations concocted the fashion designer for the delicate pink.

Regardless of whether you already are a feminine pink creatures and pink is the timeless accent colors your base coat or if you just feel like original, new color games: Learn how you combine the new pink now trendy and what effect you can achieve this, here. Read More

06 Sep

Tennis Style For Beginners

A while ago I started to play tennis. It felt like a sport that could serve several purposes for me. First, do I need to move on me, but it’s also a sport that I can work out with my wife since we are beginners both. In addition, it felt like a sport which in any case has connected to fashion. Stylish shirts and shorts-to be workout clothes. Read More

05 Sep

How to Find Your Style

The blogger project “find your summer style”

Their clothing is an expression of your personality. But how do you find your fashion style? To give you the way to your own personal look to facilitate, I called the blogger project “Find your summer style” in the life. This is a tutorial in five steps, as you proceed with your Stilfindungs process. Special feature: Seven of my fashion-blogger colleagues have agreed to perform the exercises and this look over the shoulder. The result is a summer casual look, which matches exactly the fashionable style of the bloggers. Read More

04 Sep

The New Collection Is the Babista Summer

Even if it is just January, and the current weather situation itself is so hard-hitting an outdoor fan, to make it even more comfortable in front of the fireplace: spring is fashionable already in the starting holes and more airy clothes in fresh colors and patterns, To be used.Whether it’s fishing, cycling, or sailing in the fresh air, the warm and warm atmosphere of the Babista is the right choice for you.In addition to what awaits you this season, we would like to give you a little insight today and have put together the highlights from the new catalog for you. Read More

03 Sep

How The Sneaker Became the Part Of Luxury

Who is the coolest which the hottest? 140 pairs of shoes cross through the history of the sneaker are currently in Hamburg to see. Including high-priced rarities.

Before the shops camping customers, for hours. Just to be on this to get a shoe: the flat sneakers in bright red – “Red Hot” – with purple stripes around the heel and the white curved logo on the side. Also dude Morano from Hamburg wanted to have this model from the Nike skateboarding series. However, it should be the first time that a sneaker was sold out before he could strike. Morano understood: sneakers are now cult.

On that morning, Morano decided in 2001 to collect. Today, more than 200 pairs are with him in the bedroom. A snippet such private Sneaker sammlungen shows from now the Museum fur Kunstund Gewerbe in Hamburg: 140 are pair of sports shoes and 140 posters in the exhibition “sneaker. Design for fast feet”to see, door to door with Rococo chests and MeiBner porcelain. The “Wings” of the company adidas Basketball is for example, a creation of the designer Jeremy Scott. Or the model “Air Max” by Nike, which was primarily the rapper – and hip hop scene. Read More

02 Sep

Where to Buy Fashion Clothes

Marissa collections can be a specialty store which offered the best fashion for women and accessories more than thirty years. Located in the shopping district of old Naples, Florida, the shop offers designer clothes, as well as fashion shoes accessories, jewelry, and handbags. The shop has brands of designers including Michael Kors, Oscar for the Renta and Versace. Marissa Collections also offers a high end shopping experience to the online store. Collections Marissa is really a specialty store that includes the best of the women’s clothing and accessories more th

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01 Sep

Fashion Guide – Outdoor Issue

Autumn is perfect for outdoor activities and invites you to enjoy nature. Forests and meadows offer a great variety of colors. The colorful leaves fall from the trees and all who feel comfortable in nature should enjoy the autumn and above all make use of it. A walk with the sweetest, gathering chestnuts with the kids or with the dog enjoying nature. Not for nothing is it called the golden autumn, at least if the weather fits. Read More

02 May

How to Choose Cycling Sunglasses?

The cycling sunglasses are one of the most important accessories in the clothing of the cyclists. Aside from the aesthetic component, which is perhaps the least, is an essential element in our security and protection, since not only protects us from dust, insects, air, stones… also protects us from the Sun’s rays, preventing visual loss in the long term by the prolonged effect of these and improve our visual ability during the practice of cycling. Read More

07 Dec

Stylish Sportswear

Stylish workout clothing is nothing that grows on trees. Either you go for the aesthetic, but will then not function, or so the emphasis is on functionality and will then look like a guy whose favorite accessory is a pulse clock. In other words – most workout clothes that are functional are usually pretty ugly. Read More

11 Aug

La Perla Swimwear Collection

Sea, sun and beaches especially acceptable temperatures. What you are missing? I guess you see forward to spending a few hours at the beach lulled by the sound of the waves to take care of the tan, but are you really ready? Have you bought some new costume for the summer? As always La Perla, like clockwork, offers its collection beachwear dedicated to those who just can not give up the summer to spend it in the sun, but without sacrificing style. To make you even more attractive for the summer 2010 La Perla has thought of cover you of peacocks feathers, flamingos and parrots or give you the strength of the natural elements. Read More

24 Jun

Swimwear Tommy Hilfiger Reviews

Tommy Hilfiger offers us a collection of swimsuits in the name of the navy style where, in addition to red and blue, the traditional color of this marine style, there are proposals in fluorescent colors to hang up to another trend spring summer 2012, one that sees the bright colors protagonists of our coolest look. The summer of 2012 is upon us, but we are sure that most of you will have already purchased some swimsuit. If you have not yet discovered what Tommy Hilfiger offers us in her beachwear collection we are here to show you all the news.

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20 Jun

Swimwear Accessorize

Accessorize presents us with its beautiful collection of swimwear for the summer 2012, a line that completes the collection of accessories brand specialized in young fashion, ranging easily between classical forms and more consolidated and the inevitable liveliest versions and cheeky that well suited to the idea of summer. The new collection offers us a wide range of two-piece costumes, bikinis and especially bands, but like so many other lines proposed by the major brands, do not give up even the swimsuits that in this 2012 summer season are back into fashion. We find out the news of the Accessorize collection of swimwear.

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09 Jun

Miss Bikini Original

Are you ready for the beach? If the answer is no it is good that corriate soon for cover, the warm season it is coming (though it seems), and soon there spoglieremo clothes weighed to flaunt bikini and suntan. Certainly she is ready to test suit. Beautiful it is and with the spirit that few know how the South Americans have. And ‘Lola Ponce, the charismatic and talented artist who has found success in conquering all of Italy with his superb interpretation of Esmeralda, the gypsy of Notredame de Paris weblog Cocciante, as well as winner of the 2008 Sanremo own pair with ‘ex-hunchback musical Gio’ Di Tonno

Lola Ponce, has famously become known Argentinean artist, for this season lends face and body but also its previously unknown creative streak in Miss Swimsuits the well-known Italian brand specializing in swimwear and more. In addition to being the new image of Miss Bikini Original fact Lola Ponce it is also-as an exception – bubbly designer. A 360 ° partnership that will see the exuberant artist involved in several initiatives designed by the brand, and that soon embark on some of the brand boutiques such as personal shoppers intent on giving advice to buyers.

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07 Jun

Spring Sportswear for 2016

With the arrival of summer back the urge to get back into shape. To make you find ready, take a look at the latest sporting outfits signed Adidas, Nike and Decathlon.
Spring has arrived and with the first sunny days the feeling of being outdoors – and why not, to do some physical activity – is felt.

If you want to get fit or just enjoy the awakening of nature by wearing comfortable clothes and trendy, just take a look at our selection of sportswear for the 2016 season. We go looking for you among the proposals from Adidas, Nike and Decathlon.

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06 Jun

How to Buy Sportswear for Women

Buy sports apparel, you say, is simple: you just have to know the size or the size of the head and you’re done! This is obvious, but there are suggestions that we don’t want to leave out this guide to the choice of sportswear.

First, check the composition of textile fibers of boss of sportswear you wish to purchase.

Synthetics can cause allergies and skin irritation because the synthetic textile materials, which are not natural like cotton, linen and wool, produce excessive amounts of static charge that builds up gradually on the body and cannot be downloaded if not removing the head. You will understand very well that, while wearing the head and especially when you sweat by practicing physical exertion, may determine alterations that annoy the skin, reaching even to result in annoying rashes to heal with the help of a dermatologist.

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