19 May

Combining the Belt

Belts treated already last week, but without any direct discussion of how this accessory can be combined with the rest of the outfit. An area where there are many ideas and guidelines, but get straight answers.

It is easy to see the belt exclusively as uplifting accessory and a simple means to transform an outfit. But above all, fill your belt a function by splitting off the upholstery. This is especially important for tall people because a completely uniform attire has a tendency to further extend the wearer’s perceived length.

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06 Jul

How to Choose Leather Belts

The belt is an important accessory for men and every man has at least a few. Sometimes, however, buy a belt, just because we liked without thinking about important details.

What Is the Length?

When you buy a belt, try it. It is best to your belt is fastened on one of the middle holes. This will allow you to relax when you eat more abundant, and tighten it if you suddenly lose weight, for example after illness.

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05 Jul

How to Wear a Belt

Many women do not realize the important role has the belt to impart a style of their clothing. Correct the selected belt has two functions: first, it can refresh even old or boring outfits and they expand to different chic and modern, and secondly it makes the silhouette more -stroen and sexier. The shops are filled with belts of different materials width Faso and color mastery is to choose appropriate. As with everything concerning the style of the woman and the car extremes are risk-too dangerous. You go wrong as too narrow or too wide and too bright or too brilliant belt for a suit.

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03 Jul

How to Wear a Belt Woman

Belt – one of the main components that complement the image of women in dress. It is therefore necessary to note that this article of clothing will appear differently depending on the style and type of shape girls. For example, you wear a belt on the hips or waist, you can choose a thin belt and wide, depending on what effect you want to achieve. Let’s see how to wear women’s belt, so he emphasized the dignity of the figure.

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02 Jul

How to Wear a Belt Chain

Women chain belt – fashionable accessory that will save you in every situation. It can be worn with summer silk dresses with warm woolen stuff, jeans and shorts and other things from your wardrobe.

How to Choose a Tape in a Chain?

Belts having a circuit made by using different materials. Most popular following options:

  • Driving chain of the skin. Most of these belts are made ​​from small pieces of skin, interconnected. You can also choose a model carved in one piece. A more economical option – strap chain leatherette. These tapes will look great with jeans and accessories in leather and metal.

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01 Jul

How to Choose a Belt Size

Choosing the right belt trousers – this is not an easy exercise. This important accessory can easily hide flaws female figure and emphasize its advantages. It is important to select and wear belts with pants of different colors and styles.

How to Choose Trousers Belt for Women?

Before you go to the store, you need to understand the way in which you can wear the new strip. With trouser suit or elegant pants look expensive leather strap that has a tight clasp and width 3-4 cm.

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30 Jun

What is Tourmaline Belt

Often when choosing and fitting clothing creates a feeling of some incompleteness. To fill this gap and appearance of the original shades used protective tourmaline belt, you can buy in our online store belt – see its meanings. Tourmaline belts are an essential accessory that fulfills its function and is used to customize the appearance, in particular, to emphasize the waist. It is important to decide on which seat to buy, because if you have daily accessory to maintain the pants or skirt, the choice can be made ​​in favor of discreet comfortable straps. However, if the belt has a special role in shaping the image, fashion designers recommend to buy strips of high quality materials with stylish lock and spectacular. If you decide to update your wardrobe, do not forget about tourmaline belt, buy you always in our online store. If it is difficult to decide which seat to buy, to purchase, our consultants will help you choose the belts are best suited for your style of dress and mind fashion trends at work in the industry of accessories. Women Tourmaline belts to date, belts are an integral part of not only men but also women’s clothing, as belts are very fit perfectly into the image of the modern woman. 

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29 Jun

How to Wear Women’s Belt?

The main thing in accessories – the right to vote and to know how to wear them. Some seek women fashion belts to wear them a certain article of clothing. Some see in a store stylish ladies belts stunning beauty and can not give them up without thinking as to what they wear.

How to Wear Women’s Belt?

On thin belt women, then they indicated that it is limited. They can be worn with almost all products – shorts, skirts, pants, dresses and blouses, with it stretching into the slot or wear on top. There is no need to tighten these bands at the waist with a belt blouse can be raised a little higher, and belts and belt women to dress down to the hip. Good and true image will appear in military style that is complemented by classic thin strap. You can also wear several areas simultaneously.

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28 Jun

How to Choose Belt for Dress

Belt – very versatile accessory is suitable for almost all things in her wardrobe, be it jeans, skirt, dress or coat. And thanks to the fact that a large strap dresses are not only bright and original, but rather a practical element in the wardrobe of every fashion, today’s review we want to coincide with women belts with stones to dresses.

The first and perhaps the most urgent issue that we must respond – how to lift the belt of her dress? To begin to understand that the belt should be chosen, taking into account not only the style and the color of the clothes, but also type figure.

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