21 Sep

Smart Devices That We Did Not Know Existed

Every year new devices appear that make our lives much more practical and help us save a lot of time. It is about them that we will speak today.

Belt That Monitors Pregnancy

The PreVue electronic device has a flexible screen, is placed on the belly with a band and allows to observe the baby inside. Future parents can see in real time how it grows, sleeps, moves and reacts to different sounds before it is born. Read More

18 Sep

Spring From Nikben

We are in July and it is high time for the season’s swimwear. Today we shall look at spring and summer collection from Swedish Nikben. A bet on color and playfulness not only in products but also in the company’s inspiring promotions. Read More

16 May

Bikinis And Plus Size Beach Exits: The GUIDE I USED in Maceió

And we’re going to post more anticipated of recent times. I was impressed with the amount of people who asked me indications of bikinis and plus size beach that I used during my stay in Maceió, then I will detail everything because I’m beautiful and you are wonderful!

You will want to call me names, but in the back of the trip I missed the bag from the store where I bought this Bikini. However I found another store that sells this brand and I talked to them. This other store told me

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16 May

How to Maintain Swimsuit

You probably know: maintain its swimwear, it’s guaranteeing a long lifetime! So how to keep his jerseys favorite in perfect condition and enjoy for many years?

Take care of her swimsuit during swimming

Pay attention to the place where you sit. Avoid you sit directly on the rocks or on a chaise rattan for example, at the risk of damaging the fibers of your new bikini!

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08 May

Swimwear – Checklist: What Bikinis and Swimsuits Are Your Figure Type?

Or: Is the summer before the summer!

Never, you show your figure so permissive as in your swimsuit or bikini. If so you are like me, then you want to ensure, that even with so much naked skin remains in place and offer a most stylish look. This is not so easy, if only a few pieces of fabric between you and your environment ensure that you cut a good figure. But also for swimwear, there are a few tips on how to best present your figure type. I have collected the most important thing you may notice colors, patterns and styles of bikinis and swimsuits for you in this post. Read More

31 Mar

Best Bathing Suits for Overweight

Summer is the sunny and warm weather of the year. This is the season of marine passions, beaches and of course the biggest nude. The choice of swimsuit can be a mission impossible, if for one reason or another have uploaded one another Kielce or just more rounded. Of course, there is little tricks that can be applied in selecting appropriate swimsuit. Read More

30 Mar

Swimsuit Summer Asos

With this Sun, you would think that spring has already given way to summer! The terraces fill and discussions revolve around trips to the Sun. As if they encouraged you to escape, the windows are biased to a selection swimsuit summer 2012. As the fashionista that you never takes vacation, we chose the nicest jerseys of Princess Tam Tam at BrandAlley and ASOS. Read More

27 Mar

What to Wear for Beach Day

How to mount modern looks for use at the beach
Summer is about to begin, with this, start the season to enjoy the beach. To make nice on this occasion we must also invest in looks that have everything to do with the weather, with the place and also with your style, of course. When we talk about looks for use on the beach, many people think only in exits, beach sarongs wrapped about the Bikini and stuff, but it is possible to go much further and we know how now. Check it out: Read More

15 Mar

Washing Instructions for Bathing Suits


Summer is now entered on all fronts, the heat begins to be felt, and you can’t wait to show off your new bikini shop at sea. Each time you return from the sea, so as not to spoil the new swimsuits that have paid handsomely, you must follow certain rules for a good wash and to keep them intact and undamaged, without spoiling it their fabric, their elasticity. To know what are the tricks to wash your bathing suit, all you have to do is read the points listed below. Read More

14 Mar

Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suits Discontinued

Victoria’s Secret, the famous American brand of lingerie stops selling swimsuits! There will be, however, a wider sports line.

It looks like a bad dream, but it is the sad reality: Victoria’s Secret will not sell as many swimsuits.The official word was given a few days ago by the most famous American brand in the world as far as lingerie, costumes and accessories, upsetting the fans! Read More

13 Mar

Bathing Suits for Juniors

To choose a swimsuit for your children, boys or girls, you will have the choice between different “features” well, and of course a great selection at the level of forms and colors.

Functional Swimwear:

Each problem solution… this universal rule also applies to swimsuits for children. So if your child is not clean, you can buy him a Jersey with a built-in layer. If he does not swim, you’ll find shirts with floating belts. Read More