19 Sep

Hedi Slimane/Saint Laurent: Breaking

Its last d wire Saint Laurent had have the appearance of farewell, nobody could so far be sure the d part of Hedi Slimane. The suspense ended today: the stylist contract will not be renewed.

There is no doubt that with the departure of Hedi Slimane (who would be d a disability of both parties agree on the terms of his new contract), the pressure internally at Saint Laurent may fall several notches. It must be said that since his arrival in 2012, this f ru photography made paranoid gner – shots crazy demands and gocentrisme r aque – an atmosphere somewhat tense in the sentimental fief to Pierre Berg.  Read More

21 Aug

The Underside of the Male Modeling

If one could suspect that behind the arm are young men fam liques d spinning for Hedi Slimane was hiding a reality unsavoury, difficult to imagine s screw within the caste of the male my irrational requirements m models, my pressures, the m m my harassment items than beat the pulse of women modeling. And yet…

written by the ex-model Edward Siddons, the investigation you / testimony recently published on Newsweek and entitled “The Hidden Dangers of Male Modeling” has the same rite to bring a new light on the industry of human modeling, which is often blurred in the eyes of the public. Indeed, it is common to say that men – or young men – seen on the catwalks, in magazines or advertising campaigns have been the subject of a wild cast and do this as a dilettante. However, this idea is just a romantic construction masking a reality much more raw.  Read More

19 Jun

Zooey Deschanel With a Zara Blazer

Let’s go back to talk about the sweet Zooey Deschanel, actress emerging that I love and which has already been shown to handle it with fashion and looks. Zooey Deschanel was photographed a few days ago with a blazer Zara in blue fabric, a comfortable and versatile garment that the Spanish brand has proposed in the autumn winter collection 2011 2012, a really cute and eye-catching jacket that could be perfect for our look .

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