22 Sep

The Style-Mix Formula: Style As You Easy Interesting Outfits

If there is a cross-cutting fashion trend that is resistant and stretches through the whole fashion scene, it is the mix of styles. Because style-mix makes almost any outfit, let it cool and modern look. But it’s not so easy pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories of styles to mix that the outfit is always more harmoniously.

For those who are not blessed with the safe instinct of a Fashionista, I developed a simple style-mix formula. So you – can conjure up starting quite simply, a great outfit by a simple standard outfit, and two of your favorite styles – with two or three changes. By means of three examples I will show you how it works. I bet: with a little practice it soon become the style-mix Queen! Read More

19 Sep

Fine Blouse Combined With Sneakers

A white blouse is nothing special in itself. A basic part. One thing we should all have in the closet. Simply because a blouse provides so many styling possibilities. It offers a fashionable added value. There have been some posts lately. Also with the Lady.Bloggers. Often white blouses do not get the attention that they are actually entitled to. Because we like to hide them under sweaters or blazers. My blouse from Selfportrait is too bad to cover it with another garment. That’s why I wear them solo or with a cardigan, which I leave open. A few weeks ago I combined this blouse with a skirt. Read More

06 Sep

Fashionable Alternatives For My Leisure Basics

Heard it for you at the routine, to sort your wardrobe in the spring? Then you will consider certainly what timeless fashion basics can you already have and complement them with contemporary fashion trends of the season like you. So your look modern and looks up to date. I then often simply replace a fashion classic in the outfit with a trendy piece of clothing or accessory. And already, the whole thing looks again upbeat.

In this three-part series, I present my choice of fashion basics for the casual look. Last week you learned about my 12 timeless and casual fashion basics. Today you will learn what trend parts my fashion classics can be stylishly replace this season. But please note: this list is only a personal example. Of course, I hope that I can inspire you to put together the right your style and your character trend parts for your own spring wardrobe. Read More

14 May

How To Match The White Shirt, Many Chic Ideas For Your Looks

How to match the white shirt? We offer many ideas for your chic look. This boss really deserves a few comments and it is unthinkable not to have him in the wardrobe! How many of us have managed repeatedly to save the look with white shirt? It is very well suited to skirts and trousers as well as with jeans and creates always very elegant combinations. Can be regarded in law as the eternal leader par excellence, it is good to all and is perfect for tons of different occasions.

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30 Mar

Tips for Wearing All Black

Tips for completing the look all black
The little black dress is essential, so all women should have their pieces in color for use in various occasions, from day to day, until the most special occasions. All black productions, i.e. Black total, are already part of many people, but even in this combination so simple you can make a mistake. So let’s check out some tips to improve the your all black look:
Many people believe that to use an all-black production is only required to mix all the pieces of the same color that look ready, but not quite. Even with pieces of one color you need a warning, since there may be mix of materials, fabrics and patterns that match at all. Even simple need tips to ensure success in the all black look. Read More

14 Mar

Evangelical Style Fashion

Women of evangelical religions are very careful at the time of the dress, and you know the great difficulty is to harmonise these issues with originality and variety of looks. For them, the sense is the main criterion in time to choose an outfit and accessories. That is, the primary concern of all women–knowing what to wear and when to wear–is solved easily with the sensitivity and consistency which should guide all others in General: get dressed according to the place and the occasion. After all, the Evangelical woman also has time to go to the temple, go to work and have a social life.

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10 Mar

How to Wear One Shoulder Dress

You know the one shoulder neckline just? Know how to use it correctly according to your body type? You should know that this model of cleavage makes very successful among the female audience for some time, because add more femininity and sensuality in the right measure for women productions. You never heard or never experienced the neckline one shoulder only now has the opportunity to use it, because they indicate the main trends for this season, the one shoulder neckline is only with everything returned to the fashion scene, but this time the redesigned with more modern models and various tissues and can be seen in the 2012 fashion blouses and various models of dresses.

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06 Mar

Cinnamon Grass Collection

Cinnamon 2015 Grass collection
The Cinnamon Grass is a brand of women’s clothing with a young and cheerful style. Currently, launched the new collection Summer Resort, New Grass for the 2015 summer season. See in detail the new summer collection of Grass cinnamon:
Collection color chart Summer Resort
As well as many brands that are launching their news for the summer, the Grass Cinnamon also just promote your catalog for the season. We can start talking about the color chosen by the brand to color the pieces this season. Well, the brand has invested in candy colors, which are lighter and delicate colors, in the famous pastel shades. However, the collection also features items in vibrant tones, like lemon yellow and pink. Read More

04 Mar

How to Wear a Blouse

The blouse, over the years, has changed shape and size, following the fashions and tastes, but has never lost its appeal of convenience leader, practical, mat and at the same time sophisticated air. And to think that the blouse, this large-shirt and a bit ‘long, often without buttons, to keep ajar waist with a belt, it was adopted by the first working women in the Victorian era, and before them was the prerogative of painters and laborers. Read More

03 Mar

Women’s Clothing Summer 2015

Cat Fun summer collection
The cat Bakana is a brand of women’s clothing super modern and linked in the main fashion trends. As we are in full season releases of collections, worth checking out in detail the news that the brand is bringing to this season of spring and summer 2015. See:
For the summer 2015, the cat Bakana sought inspiration in the style more freestyle, no rules, no labels. The parts appear with a very modern and urban footprint, ideal for use in the Assembly of looks quite common to the day to day. Read More

05 Sep

Lemaire + Uniqlo = the Right Mix

More “Jil Sander” “Carine Roitfeld”, the ultimate collaboration Uniqlo/Lemaire shines by its lines are pure, its generous, its ind volumes undeniable comfort and cuts from the essential. Careful however not to flatter its minimalist dimension, under pain of falling into an aust laughs a bit boring…

Here, point pi this fancy to intoxicate us time for a season or retail trend that would allow us to register our silhouette in tune with the times: the opus summer imagin by Lemaire for Uniqlo claw is not these collections capsules for ant line in hopes of attracting the attention of the addicted fashionista Instagram.  Read More

11 Jun

How to Use Female Shirt Blouse

Take a peek at your next exit and note: the women’s bellies are more shows. What was once the gym and workout fashion, today is in the streets on a daily basis thanks to a piece of the wardrobe of them: the female cropped blouse. After the success of fashion cropped top very short, and valuing, belly shirts of the day came with the same trend and become a fever in the Windows. And it’s cool.

The women’s cropped blouse is defined as being a very short model, just below the breasts and leaving the belly fully on display. You can have short sleeves or .75, but most is in short right, covering only the shoulder. However, even though a strong trend in the market of 2016 women’s fashion, care must be taken in time to wear to not be embarrassed. It’s not a piece of clothing for all, unfortunately.

And if you think fashion is new because he saw the pop singer Rihanna showing off the belly, big mistake. This is a trend of years 80. The American pop singer Madonna, always ahead, was one of the biggest fans of the style on their first album. Cindy Lauper has also used a lot of the play on stage.

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