27 Sep

How to Use Hats and Caps

CMM temperatures falling more and more, nothing better than being comfortable in time to get out of the House isn’t it? And with that arrive the questions of how to use hats and caps here on the blog. Not always use several pieces of clothing at the same time is what can keep you warm (of course that with multiple overlays 1 hour the cold passes haha), so I bet on accessories of the season is a great option to give that touch of style that winter productions request. And one of these accessories are the hats and caps that have been bad for some but they’re conquering men from all over the world. Read More

31 Mar

How to Make Woolen Hats

How to make woolen hats – Looking for tutorials and diagrams to make the creative sewing and start making small creations with the approach of Winter?If you want to wear warm hats, during the winter season, why not create them yourself? If you have sewing experience and you love yourself, you are already well under way in order to successfully create the woolen hats, bearing in mind that there are viable alternatives to this material that do not involve animal suffering. Here are some valuable and simple tips to create hats, following the tutorials and diagrams. Read More