18 May

Cardigan with Bows

Using knitting, we can create this beautiful cardigan with bows, suitable for smaller. The chest circumference sizes are 41 cm (46- 51- 56), and the measures relate to the first cut, while brackets are the other three successive sizes respectively. When you find a single number means it applies to all sizes. What is needed are 250 grams of white wool, 50 grams of pink yarn, knitting needles. 2 ½ and 3, white buttons: 4 (4- 5- 5) and rose high cm satin ribbon 1. Let’s see how to proceed.

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23 Jun

Coats and Cardigans from Fornarina

We look today with some of the models coats and cardigans that Fornarina has included in his collection autumn-winter 2011-2012 of clothing, a collection that we already loved in Advaita images, but it is not new, Fornarina is one of the brands loved by Italian fashion victim for his very special ability to combine original forms with the reasons and coolest fantasies of the moment and i would say that even flipping through these images confirm is around the corner, right?

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