08 Sep

Kate Boswort Climbs Very High

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it is not Kate Boswort, the main excuse for not to miss the upcoming premiere of the Superman saga.

The new Lois Lane in Superman Returns It won’t happen or much less unnoticed. Goes beyond style and glamour from every pore of your skin Read More

01 Sep

The Wardrobe Cornerstones-The Perfect Paletån

The next part of the article series about Wardrobe cornerstones are perhaps the most important of winter clothing: Paletån. An overcoat as beautiful in the simple-as a double-breasted design. Whether you go in costume or collage shirt, a Paletå in the right performance become the perfect investment for many winters to come. Read More

30 May

Casual Chic Looks for Easter

Easter is usually family program, egg hunt, festive food and chocolate! Since the beginning of the year, the Mohammad Haj on the shelves the so been awhile… countdown supermarkets are already, now is the final sprint!

You know, what are you wearing on Easter Sunday? You can go with friends to a cozy casual Easter Brunch, or rather to send lunch with the family?

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03 Oct

How to Choose Leggings

Did you know that The leggings are tight trousers sports?

They are also called footless tights or leggings. Obsolete terminology and naff, worn without them would we anglissisme this fashion that gives a hand to this classic?

Very fashionable in the 1960s, the leggings have enjoyed success in the early 1980s, associated with the fashion fitness and aerobics. Originally leggings are worn to the ankle, but they also wear calf-length, pirate way.

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15 Sep

The Surprise Balenciaga

When Balenciaga announced the arrival of miles Gvasalia as the new artistic director, I tell myself that Parisian home continues to privilege gier the buzz on the coh Conference and that he had not been served by his experience with Alexander Wang of the we…

I had indeed struggling participate the craze about the claw clothes and couldn’t see a creator of g in miles Gvasalia denies. Its th its seemed interesting, but their mast rialisation left me a little on my hunger. So, it is quite doubtful that I expected this Sunday, March 6 the first passages of the Balenciaga thread d.

Facing the silhouettes the gorg time are the spirit of Cristobal and fingerprints of an innovative vision, I r alisai however quickly that this ex of Martin Margiela and Louis Vuitton had indeed something say and that, canalis by DNA from one House to the mythical past, his talent would be able to express themselves “clearly”. Read More

14 Sep

Are There Still Need Art Directors?

Between the scandal Galliano, Burnout of Christophe Decarnin and recent d industry process of Raf Simons, it is legitimate to wonder about the relevance of the concept of all-powerful creative director. Why the fashion industry would not abandon this system myself almost monarchical consisting of placing the fate of a house in the hands of one man?

Time o the frequency of collections has reached a breaking point and it seems increasingly difficult to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the influencers, it appears t obvious that an individual alone can no longer cope – on hard e – one such pace, such an expectation.

In this context, why not replace the DA by a creative team?The pressure would be divided, parts r tasks and the clothing recovered at the center of attention. Fashion would become an industry like one another, less whimsical, more rational.  Read More

13 Sep

Fashion Week in Milan – Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Between silhouettes headlights, parties took stylistic, gossips and trends emerging, overview of what it takes hold of the Milanese fashion week…

This season, the made sailor suit once more part of th my PR media designers. And if most of them choose the ease embroidering Lurex sweater marini re or adorning the wrists of a few bands dor caban are, others dare d pass the charming first degree bankable. We think including Miuccia Prada, who sulked scratches res marini for the benefit ofsailors corset s hats and technical jackets.
At Prada, corsets, s of tissue bouillonn, s sheet, balloon sleeves and punk energy SM seem to invoke the universe of Vivienne Westwood.
T lescopant influences, references and styles, silhouettes Prada make up insolent exquisite corpses o the Brocade becomes punk, the dresses contemporary fifties, the long evening gloves e casual and unnecessary corsets. Read More

08 Sep

Lacoste: the One Style of Felipe Oliveira Baptista

F ru colors and architectural lines, Felipe Oliveira Baptista book once more this season a collection both humble and strong contemporary the obvious portability and the l gance. Here, no demonstration of strength, but a statement talent gently a certain…

halfway between the mind of Wes Anderson, the “winter sports” style and graphics of the games video of the ann are 90, the wardrobe e imagin by Felipe Oliveira Baptista for Lacoste m the modernity and suave scent retro brilliantly.Must say who officiates since soon 6 years as DA of the transporters is not h sit dip into the archives of the claw, offering his collection of solid foundations allowing then digressing joyfully to playful silhouettes o to t lescopent influences.

We think particularly of the mix poncho oversize r gliding/pants PVC 3-band, whose allure “jet set street” appears ideal for consorting with the weather ries (while remaining totally “instagrammable”), but also in duos dress sweater zipp e sportswear/boots cir are mind Pretty Woman, sweater chart/chocolate Culottes, all fa we jogging/shearling coat 2 in 1, cape XXL/embroidery r wise, who is r v slow also easy appr hender that s character gorg. Read More

04 Sep

Good Bill, “Made by” Claw

If I know the principle of the “made in”, that of the “made by” – consisting of making his creations by various workshops chosen on the basis of their sp cialit – me was unfamiliar so far. However, this process demanding may well offer the notion of pr-t – bear a new density, a new interest. In any case, that’s what inspires me the claw of good invoice, that has made this concept its cornerstone…


Tuesday, January 12, trade show Pitti Uomo in Florence. By touching the Japanese cotton shirts of the claw of good invoice, then flicking the Italian wool cloth of his overcoat, I prove a curious sensation of well-being. As if the quality of the raw material res I feel so under my fingers was broadcasting the sweet promise long aging nicely, falling perfectly. What make me want to know more about that which is behind these pi these classic but contemporary finishes ch t and timeless allure. Meeting with D borah Neuberg, the creative evolution of the claw of good invoice cr…

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03 Sep

D wire Gucci Man – Fall/Winter 2016-2017

It didn’t take long Alessandro Michele to become the new fashion in vogue guru: a year after his goals as a DA of Gucci, its d s wire are today almost more expected than those of v n Maple Miuccia Prada. If his last creations res will remain reserved are thousands of privileged s, gimmicks and other dress codes s distill his podium not in are not less likely to influence the stylistic mood of the moment.Small passage in review of the most significant of them…

AGR is lying to a fur collar, satin bathrobe think IP this outside (see here).
The CAP playing “headdress fancy for Chinese in short pants” tries to make MP4 you sober Navy Blue cap (seehere).
Coats in tapestry modernized their su d allure you by claiming s effiloch edges and absence of hem (see here).
Girl or boy, the hour is the seventies cut short inspiration Mireille Matthieu and loop e mount in Beard papa (see here and l).
Turquoise Jewelry are likely to see their popularity fl che (see here).
Unusual, the ti½lescopage between studs, fabric upholstery and Chinese imagery don’t be ri½vi½le not so ri½dhibitoire (see here).
The white t-shirt differs from its counterparts by claiming a distended neck (see here).
Mittens are needed of way is leave apparai½tre some Baroque rings (see here).
Green grass and pink salmon lose their summer dimension at the touch of a Brown cocoa (see here). Read More