09 May

TOUS SUNGLASSES 2017: Juvenile and Feminine

If there is one thing that distinguishes the accessories of the firmTous is its strong feminine and boyish, and how could it be otherwise, Tous presents a collection of sunglasses of the most varied, current and Female than ever.

In all its collections we have seen how your sunglasses become a perfect complement to the sunniest days. Tous sunglassesare a sign of femininity, elegance and style.

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24 Jan

Background: Cutler & Gross

Many perceive certainly his visual impairment as a major obstacle and problems. Glasses need not be a nuisance, quite the contrary. In fact, few fashion accessories, if anyone, has such a big impact as a pair of glasses. Glasses have the ability to enhance a person’s character and the previously perceived as beige can with the right pair of frames to be eccentric from both sides of the glass. Some who contributed heavily to transform glasses into a fashion accessory are British Cutler & Gross. Read More

12 Aug

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Sunglasses Ray-Ban Wayfarer are the most iconic in the world, are available in endless colors and in addition we also have the opportunity to play our Wayfarer thanks to customizable kits like the one proposed for spring summer 2010. For the autumn winter 2010 2011 Ray Ban Wayfarer are declined with glam prints and originals such as the map of the New York metropolitan area, a floral pattern, a striped pattern in cool colors and then even lines inspired by pop art. Let’s see how structured collection and then browse the photo gallery, there are plenty of models to choose your next sunglasses. Read More

26 Mar

Goggles by Bruuns Bazaar

Who wear glasses, I have often wondered why more designers are not explored this excellent accessory. For it is rather one, than a solution to a vision problem. Especially for us men who have few other attributes to play in the region. Read More