30 Sep

Your Style Profile

Or true to Shakespeare: dress up, or dress up – that is the question.

On November 11, the Carnival or Carnival is heralded. I find it interesting there mainly to observe who slips into the crazy time in what disguise. Some want to be someone they are not. The others want to show at last who they actually are. Some use especially those stylistic, which run counter to their personality. The others use fashionable items that match their inner state of mind, but it is in excess. And that is exactly the reason why you immediately notice that the costumed people are not really yourself. Read More

27 Sep

Light Blue: to Combine the Trend Colour

This year will be a year to dream. At least when it comes to the colors of the year, which were recently announced from PANTONE Institute. For the first time in the history of the American Organization for colour trend research were proclaimed equal to two colors to the trend: a powdery warm pink shade with the name “Rose Quartz” and a friendly, cool sky blue called “Serenity” to German: “Serenity”. These are a very adult blue with a cool undertone.

Are you unsure whether you can wear the new light blue? You would like to know how you have a light blue on others? And you would like some inspiration as you combine contemporary light blue outfits? The following you’ll discover everything you need to now know about the color light blue. And finally, there’s still a radio interview on the subject with the fashion Whisperer at HR1. Have fun! Read More

22 Sep

The Style-Mix Formula: Style As You Easy Interesting Outfits

If there is a cross-cutting fashion trend that is resistant and stretches through the whole fashion scene, it is the mix of styles. Because style-mix makes almost any outfit, let it cool and modern look. But it’s not so easy pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories of styles to mix that the outfit is always more harmoniously.

For those who are not blessed with the safe instinct of a Fashionista, I developed a simple style-mix formula. So you – can conjure up starting quite simply, a great outfit by a simple standard outfit, and two of your favorite styles – with two or three changes. By means of three examples I will show you how it works. I bet: with a little practice it soon become the style-mix Queen! Read More

06 Sep

Fashionable Alternatives For My Leisure Basics

Heard it for you at the routine, to sort your wardrobe in the spring? Then you will consider certainly what timeless fashion basics can you already have and complement them with contemporary fashion trends of the season like you. So your look modern and looks up to date. I then often simply replace a fashion classic in the outfit with a trendy piece of clothing or accessory. And already, the whole thing looks again upbeat.

In this three-part series, I present my choice of fashion basics for the casual look. Last week you learned about my 12 timeless and casual fashion basics. Today you will learn what trend parts my fashion classics can be stylishly replace this season. But please note: this list is only a personal example. Of course, I hope that I can inspire you to put together the right your style and your character trend parts for your own spring wardrobe. Read More

01 Sep

Fashion Guide – Outdoor Issue

Autumn is perfect for outdoor activities and invites you to enjoy nature. Forests and meadows offer a great variety of colors. The colorful leaves fall from the trees and all who feel comfortable in nature should enjoy the autumn and above all make use of it. A walk with the sweetest, gathering chestnuts with the kids or with the dog enjoying nature. Not for nothing is it called the golden autumn, at least if the weather fits. Read More

01 Sep

A Pair of Jeans and Three Summer Looks

Who was mórrendo of the yellow door raises his hand!!!!!! Yes, it was to kill this longing (assuming that at least some of you also felt), I gave a little jump fast here in Sao Paulo. OK, this was one of the reasons to take a break in our special summer River. The other was that I had to pull my other ciso. And the other was that yesterday was the opening of the store Forever 21 on Oscar Freire (who accompanies the @mourajo in Calls!). Read More

27 May

Denim In Spring 2015

Denim is one of the basics of the closet, always. Cowgirl fashion is not destroyed with new seasons or trends, only transformed. Colors lighter or darker, or even beyond the blue; More or less rigid tissues, or in combination with other tissues; Trousers and jackets, but also shirts, dresses and even accessories! Read More

25 May

Same Article, Different Looks: Jeans Skinny Grey for This Spring-Summer 2010

With waterproof boots (we know that in April, aguas mil), sandals with socks or ankle boots; Blazer, trench coat or shawl to shelter Kate Moss style mode: jeans Skinny in grey they are the new garment it of the spring-summer 2010 in a matter of denim territory. The blues are timeless question and gray, like white, but conversely, some time ago that it has ceased to be a winter color. Read More

14 May

A Look with Jersey Crop and Mom Jeans

Jersey Crop + Mom Jeans

Good afternoon of Sunday!
To almost completed week, I bring an outfit with a touch of vintage that I love and it is that every time I feel more comfortable with this type of clothing.
The famous “Mom Fit” jeans are sweeping in all stores, and it is that they have been a great success, for your convenience above all, thought for the day to day stress, shopping, work… What is a normal life go. For now, for me, is they have already become my favorite garment of this year no doubt 🙂

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07 May

Jeans Trends Summer 2015

The Jeans are an essential piece for decades, at least in my wardrobe! (rs) Can’t live without if you accompany me on instagram @oursite official will see that at least twice a week I’m with jeans. Time passes and he never goes out of style. Classic democratic and goes with everything and can be used on different occasions. He always comes up with new washes, cuts and designs. And this time will be no different, except he comes stealing the attention of look, with very bright.

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