30 Sep

Your Style Profile

Or true to Shakespeare: dress up, or dress up – that is the question.

On November 11, the Carnival or Carnival is heralded. I find it interesting there mainly to observe who slips into the crazy time in what disguise. Some want to be someone they are not. The others want to show at last who they actually are. Some use especially those stylistic, which run counter to their personality. The others use fashionable items that match their inner state of mind, but it is in excess. And that is exactly the reason why you immediately notice that the costumed people are not really yourself. Read More

29 Sep

Autumn Winter Jewellery Trends

To be honest, I’m always a little reserved suited to brooches. Not only because until recently were not particularly relevant, but because somehow they perceive as a trademark at a sedate ladies – I always associate them with jewelry box of my grandmother, which gathered dust some very spectacular brooches. The triumphant return of brooches group of hit accessories this season but failed to make even me look around for suitable models and listened for a convenient excuse to add brooches and in his jewelry box. Read More

28 Sep

Jewelry Insurance: Is Your Case?

Some notes about jewelry insurance. In 2016, the actress Charlize Theron led to Academy Awards ceremony 50 carats of diamonds, valued at 3.7 million dollars. The singer Has, for your time, at a recent ceremony of delivery of the Grammys, boasted in your neck no fewer than 400 carats of diamonds. Stones valued at nothing modest 12 million dollars. Read More

27 Sep

History of Jewelry

The jewelry is a universal form of heel. Made of shells, stones and bones, the jewels of the ancient world survive until today, since prehistoric times. Since they have always been used as protective amulets against the dangers of the world and also as a way to ratify the social status of those who wear them. Read More

25 Sep

The Pearl Farming

In the 3rd century a.d., the ancient philosopher and writer of Philostratus, in his biography of Allinutza444 of Tyana described a peculiar custom: to so Pearl divers in the Red led a sea of sharp instruments in the Interior of the shells, then in small iron forms to reap a resulting fluid. The Greek scholar here greatly distorts what again, might have been a primitive attempt of Pearl breeding. Because it stands to reason that in an area where still natural pearls are found, attempts could have been their output of valuable merchandise for breeding. Read More

25 Sep

Fashion and Life Style: Dress Up Yet Or Living Already?

Granted, the title of this post is quite provocative. But I bet I’m not the one thing and you know: some beautiful clothing, in that I immediately fell into the business lurking in my closet. Because it just fits all: you flatter my figure, my color type, are made of noble materials and are correct stylistically exactly. Every time, when I look at these pieces of clothing, a whole film expires before my mind’s eye, where I look gorgeous, celebrate successes, experience an exhilarating ball night… until I land back in reality and realize that I never wore these dream parts! Not to mention my shoe closet, in which the one or the other pair of high heels is still awaiting its first usage. Why is that? Read More

22 Sep

This Is the Jury

May We Introduce? The Jury For The BRIGITTE-Creative-Blog-Award Consists Of Super Creative Women: Holly Becker And Claudia Helming.

Holly Becker

Holly Becker is a pioneer of the blogger scene. Her design blog decor8, she exert full-time information every day more than 45,000 readers about the latest design pieces, decorating ideas and furniture trends. The American currently lives in Hannover, write more blogs, columns, and most recently alsolooking for living-a book of full of ideas for a home with personality. Read More

12 Sep

Create Harmonious Fashion Proportions

What makes an outfit harmonious? The three-part series of “Harmony in fashion” is this question. The answer is: you need the perfect triad of the harmony of proportions, colours and styles. Whether and how you make a harmonious look together, is different of course individually. That depends on your color type, your Figure type and your type of style . Many women wrangle every day thus, to combine the existing pieces of clothing in excellent compositions. If you include these features for you is made.

Because it learns are the best examples I’ve invited my blogger colleagues from the Lady.Bloggers to share their outfits. Today I can you the outfits by Conny, “Conny doll lifestyle”, and Susi, “Texterella”, imagine. I will take the two looks at today’s focus on “Harmony of proportions” under the microscope. Be excited! Read More

05 Sep

Maxi Earring, Maxi Power

This blog was born from an attempt to make ro closet render. Well. I always say this, but it never hurts to repeat: nothing like a powerful accessory for a fresh face (and a lot of glamour and wealth) to their looks. One of the things that I like to use to give this up until in most basic looks (but especially in the more extravagant, because, right?Since you really fancy, let’s stick his foot in jackfruit) are the maxi earrings. Read More

03 Sep

Autumn Sunglasses

The past weekend was a very nice time after a long time. When I went out the door on Saturday, I had grown much too warm. So I decided Sunday then for a slightly more airy outfit, which you can see here. Since the sun has also seemed almost all day, I finally got my new sunglasses from out site. Read More

02 Sep

Supplier Says Only Delivery Anklets after Receiving Late

Although the State Department of Penitentiary Administration(SEAP) reported on Saturday(2) that it awaits the arrival of new electronic anklets to the state on Thursday(7), the company Spacecom, responsible for supplying the equipment, said on Monday ) That will resume supply only when the secretariat takes out the accumulated debt, which already reaches R $ 2.8 million. Read More