28 Sep

Diary of a Beauty Editor

February 17, 5th Avenue, from Tiffany to the century 21 today we make a fashion break. After breakfast, and a trip to the 727 Fifth Avenue. Not to go shopping, to the schools. Just like Audrey Hepburn, which languishes on diamonds as Holly Golightly full of longing, because she know that she never will afford the sparkly stones. We, my colleague Marion by the magazine “Joy”, and I, are also languishing. Read More

21 Sep

Know the Diversity of Leggings

The clothes are beyond a necessity, something that can inspire or even bring better results during a workout, it all depends on the quality and the model of the piece and also the joy of each one when having bought that look of the dreams.

Due to the need to exercise the demand for wellbeing, many tissues were developed for the movements, making the workouts more effective and also that their daily life is pleasant, without undue transparency, cellulite marks, lack of modeling Or lower waistband that exposes undue areas of the body. Read More

31 May

Instead of Leggings Wearing Roxi XXL Jeans? It Looks!

XXL Jeans can be a challenge. Plus size blogger Roxi by doitcurvy.de is convinced not jeans wearer. Your fashion passion is the leggings. And now we have invited them to a XXL Jeans Outfit Challenge. More precisely: with a special pair of jeans, namely a Silver Jeans. This can be only exciting! How does Marta copes with the jeans? How will you combine them? What’s your experience will make them? What will have to report it?

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23 May

The Leggings Will Be Your New Skinny

Let’s go back in time. Year 2001: the leggings were the best in the world after the invention of the flip-flops of finger.

Comfortable, elastic, for all sizes and flattering.We had gone from 12 to 72 years. In my case even in summerwore them. That Yes, always under a skirt or dress. For me, there was greater happiness to do the side somersault on the patio without worrying about teach my Hello Kitty panties.

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22 May

How To Combine Leggings

The Leggings or tights are one of the most versatile and comfortable clothes that we can put us on a daily basis.

Today we will see some guidelines for How to combine leggings without tremendous mistakes that are quite common in the Street style.Obviously, both the type of garment, and material and body who carries them must influence when combining them properly. The most appropriate is to choose quality garments to avoid transparencies that do not favor at all.

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18 May

How to Combine Leather Leggings

One of the company that has marked trend has some seasons only leggings ideal due to its versatility to create styles that favor much and eston in the latest fashion. Among all kinds of leggings you can find, without doubt, the black leather only which are most successful. In the next article of our site we show the secrets to combine leather leggings and be oi deal with different looks. You choose which you are more like, and copy the design!

You may also want: How to combine Leopard leggings
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16 May

Leggings: A Garment with Much History

The history of leggings is very long, its origin goes back to centuries ago. At first they were used as clothing to combat the cold in countries with lower temperatures, or to protect the skin from chafing and injured in rural areas.

While always similar pieces of clothing that are considered precursors of leggings were used, it was not until the 20th century, when they became a fashion garment as we know them.

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11 May

Leggings to The 20, 30 and 40: How to Combine The Garment More Comfortable Spring at Any Age

Many of you will be exclaiming that you enough Leggings, but it seems that the streets return to flood them with the arrival of the good weather: be definitely removed from the head which are mesh to begin to think of them as pants? Because you see that we have tried times. Either version more fresh and sporty bikers, in its renamed form of jeggings-shaped or incorporating innovative elements as network techniques, the comfort of the leggings refuses to leave us. Read More

09 May

9 Ways That Plus Size Women Can Wear Leggings

Thanks to the understanding of some designers who not only focused on the fashion media, plus size women today can choose from multiple options that do not limit their style.

Lane Bryant was the American designer who, unintentionally, revolutionized the history of fashion to create a line suitable for large size women. At the beginning of 1900 she gave rise to garments for pregnant women, in 1920 Bryant use part of these patterns to manufacture a new line which called “For the Stout Women”. This category for women with volume had an impressive spread, because fashion plus size reached all corners of the United States and touched the gates of United Kingdom.

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04 May

Leather Leggings and Sneakers With Rivets

Rock it baby, this week my inner fashion bird twittered me in the ear. So I just threw myself into my leather legging and sneakers with rivets. And as strips always fit, I also grabbed my cashmere sweater. Again and again, the neyo.fashion sweater belongs to the top 10 of my favorites in the wardrobe. You can also wear a fur to a rocking outfit. About Fake Fur I recently wrote something. Read More