20 Sep

Saggy Breasts: How to Avoid

Some people think saggy breasts and fallen are something with no way out for women, but not quite. Even if age has a heavy increase in the sagging of the breasts, since this happens to all tissues of the body, there are older women with this area of the firm body, mainly because of genetics. But there are some tips that can be followed to the sagging is retarded. Check out what are the practices that should be adopted to have the breasts. Read More

08 Sep

Bra: the Most Used Models

The Bra Is A Darling Of Women! Know What Are The Models And Choose The Best For You!

Connected with the sets and knowing how important a good presentation has these days, most women want to value the body wearing clothes that value your body type. Today we will talk about a way to valorise the cervix using bra, helping you choose the best bra. For each breast size (small, medium and large) there is a bra that offers all the advantages you need: to be nice, that enhances your biotype and that is comfortable, too. Read More

07 Sep

Wrong Bra Can Cause Breasts Damage

Women wearing the wrong bra type may be causing damage to their breasts unknowingly, according to an alert by British researchers.
A team at the University of Portsmouth has tested about 50 types of bra on hundreds of women over the last three years, and said that those who offer little support can make fragile ligaments in the breasts too tight.
According to the researchers, during an exercise session the breasts move up to 21 cm up and down, and from side to side. Read More

19 May

Sports Bras: Sport Subject Yes, Always!

The BRA, the garment for every woman, the faithful companion to any situation and time of day, is also the great ally while your body cares. Choosing the perfect sports bra for every woman and every moment is key. The also called Bra – fitting it is not just a matter of trend, this should be tailored to our needs and we must pay a great attention. Just as we select our sports outfit , shoes appropriate for the practice that we do or stretch after each sport routine, a bra that not fits what we need can cause us serious problems. Apart from aesthetic issues, focusing more on the practices and needs. Read More

15 May

How to Choose Your Sports Bra


Well, this reason is as valid as any other to make sport and improve our health, but take into account if use the suitable clothes? Sports costume theme is something that goes further than fashion, just as it is important to choose the shoes according to the practice to carry out is very important for us to choose a good sports bra, something of which we are much less conscious.

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14 May

How to Identify the Bra Size

Once we have identified the bra size that corresponds to us (you can take a look at the articles I have published on the subject to help you), we now need to know where to find it and is not always easy! Before beginning, I said that I will not talk sizes that combine a back round of 85 to 95 and a bonnet A to D. They are very easy to find bras.I know, I know, I sometimes read here and there messages from girls who have just discovered they were doing a 85B or 90D, and they are convinced that it is an impossible to find or size so inevitably ugly …No, girls. I do not know where you got that idea but it is not rare sizes. Maybe in your shop, there is none, and you live in a village where these sizes are not required and therefore not available but in reality they are really easily accessible. So do not leave defeated: go shopping and you will see!Because of hard to find sizes, and there is a different problem … It is not so much that they are rare among clients, but manufacturers do not want to hassle with and try to get everyone in the same box!

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12 May

Bra Sizes: Frequent Mistakes. Real Case.

Today I want to tell you a real case that perfectly illustrates one of the main mistakes that cause many of you to wear the size and cup of bra completely wrong.

As an introduction, let us say that this case makes us see, once again, that the wrong size and cup of bra can cause very serious discomfort in people with a considerable size of breasts. And many women carry a lot of weight in their chest.

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