28 Mar

Shorts Plus Size Denim Skirt

This post is dedicated to the readers who complain that there’s only “well-behaved and long” for large women. The shorts plus size denim skirt I’m wearing is short, let toooda the leg to the shows and is the face of the summer. I enjoyed the piece even more because she’s cool, with torn and shredded bar details. Shorts skirt is sooo love because you don’t need to be worrying about “periquitation” and is super comfortable because we run the risk of not paying “panties”, then you have the grace of the skirt with the comfort of shorts. This model is of Cambos, I found on Liló Plus Size Fashion. He has a modeling a little smaller, so if you buy, choose a number that is greater than what you normally use. Read More

27 Mar

Plus Size Wedding Dress In Bauru

If it’s not easy to find even in capital, imagine the difficulty to find a plus size wedding dress in Bauru. One of the subjects that most people come to me to ask for tips is about plus size wedding dresses and fashion party. It’s really hard to find, especially in São Paulo. As I lived a long time out of Bauru, hadn’t the faintest notion of where to find this kind of costume and I was extremely happy to be invited to attend the event of the Bridal shop Ideas, which lies on the street Engineer Saint Martin, 13-74. They do a cocktail party to introduce guests to the new BRIDE Poème collection-the largest brand of Brazil dresses–and, to my surprise, I discovered that the store has clothing wedding dresses until the 52 and fashion party until the 60 size!

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26 Mar

How to Dress for a Wedding Guest

If you are a curvy Lady, so sometimes a little do you struggle with what to wear to a wedding, to which you have been invited as a guest. The Foundation is, of course, skip the color white, and not to seek to UpStage the bride. It’s just her day:-).

I took the liberty to put together a few tips about how to choose the dress as a wedding guest, when you’re a curvy Lady. Read More

01 Mar

Plus Size Summer Dresses

Summer is almost in full swing and you still exist, and you don’t know what to wear? How to look like the ideal dress for the summer for the obese women? We’ll show you what clothes to get dressed into the city and what to pack in a suitcase with me on vacation.

What to think about when choosing summer dresses: Read More

26 Jun

Women’s Winter Coat XXL

Coats presented a variety of shapes and styles. Take a good model for all figure is not difficult if you look at fashion trends. A real boon to those whose dimensions are far from the model parameters is the trend that this year has evolved significantly. Say the designers and models are very loose cut almost all styles. One of the most successful solutions – it reduces the spirit of the 60s of last century, when free cutting lines combined with sophisticated XXL silhouette. Learn what does XXL mean here.

It complements the full figure they look through the free armhole, lowered shoulder line and wide sleeves.

An important point of elegance models – minimal decor: no volume lapels and pockets – so cleanliness is achieved and lines of the silhouette of laconic grace.

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31 Jan

Bras Plus Size Online

Having the right BRA can make a huge difference on the outfit you have on. If you are a little bit fat, then you can choose plus size bra on this webpage. For example, at the Gala, and it says you are skipped in the elegant straps loose party dress from Goya, a strapless bra would be the obvious choice. You must walk in fitness, it can’t be done without a sports bra, and it is essential in all women’s sports bags. The typically have a tighter fit, since it must provide optimal support and at the same time it is created in a breathable material, making it ideal for the sport. Stand it on cocktails with girlfriends, at a trendy café. So will a push-up BRA be ideal to wear under a tight pouch dress, with a large necklace and a pair of high plateau pumps. Wherever you are looking for a seductive BRA on for the weekend’s festivities, or a sporty for fitness and running, you will find a great selection on this page.

Bras Plus Size OnlineBras Plus Size Online

29 Dec

Buying a Plus Size Casual Sweater Dress

Dress In Different Animal Prints
Silky dress in animal print with round neck. On the piece below the neck is the dress studded with black shiny sequins. The sleeves are 3/4 long and may be using. an outer and an inner strap button “curl” up and secured. At the waist the dress has a belt loop on both sides and a matching belt in the same fabric as the dress. At the bottom is the dress cut just above. A truly elegant and feminine dress.

Plus Size Loose Fit Dress

Item location: http://www.hoticle.com/cat/plus-size-casual-dresses/

Beautiful Red Dress from the 1940s
Very beautiful 40s dress in red Cotton satin with glossy surface.

The dress has a brittle with lots of volume and a tight-fitting top. It has a straight neckline front and back, which creates a very fine and elegant look. It has a hidden zipper in the back.

The narrow belt in imitation suede included and completes the style. The dress is made of a strong material with a little stretch, so it sits well above the bust.


Sweater Dress Plus Size

Item URL: http://www.hoticle.com/cat/plus-size-sweater-dresses/

Karen showing the dress with one of our black luxury tulle skirts. With a crazy dress gorgeous gauge will be shown in the best possible way. But the dress can also be used without skirt, then you get a little more calms expression.

25 Dec

Big Size Dress With Green Margurit Print

An absolutely stunning dress from the Hoticle which shows craftsmanship and design in a League of its own. The dress is designed and produced specifically for Hoticle.

Here you get a dress that you don’t see elsewhere. It is produced in very few copies.

The dress has a fantastic print with lots of daisies on a background of blue and green hues.
It is produced in the best organic cotton quality with stretch.

Plus Size Maxi Beach Dress Sleeveless

The model is slightly form-fitting so it sits to without tightening. It has a neat round neck and short sleeves. Just to jump in for both weekdays and parties.

Dress With Marble Print
Cute, easy sleeveless dress with marble print in light blue, grey and reddish brown hues.
The light blue slip dress is in 100% viscose, nice soft and pleasant.

The Outer fabric is very transparent, giving a nice effect on top of the light blue slip dress that is not transparent. The outer dress has many fine details in the form of ruffles and seams. The dress reaches to the knee and is also nice for leggings or jeans.

21 Dec

Black Fashion Dress Sewn in Striped Waffle Weave

Absolutely beautiful and feminine black Studio dress. The dress is sewn into the waist and is narrow at the bottom, so that it highlights your beautiful curves. It has a nice smooth lining in the upper part, so that it feels comfortable against your body.

On the front is round, while the neck at the back goes down in a nice v-neckline.
The dress has a super cool detail on the back. Here is a silver colored zipper, starting in v-carving and which can zip all the way down with 3/4 sleeve.

Another nice detail is that the dress is slightly shorter at the back, and curving slightly upwards to where the zipper ends. This gives a very nice visual effect.

Plus Size Homecoming Dress 34 Sleeve

The sleeves are short and the dress at the waist is average created, so the dress seems to have a belt. The dress is half long and reaches down to below the knees.

Plus Size #1: Plus Size Homecoming Dress (See details)

Plus Size Homecoming Dress

Plus Size #2: Plus Size Party Dress (See details)

Plus Size Party Dress

Plus Size #3: Homecoming Dress Short Sleeves (See details)

Homecoming Dress Short Sleeves

A little sexy tender on “little black” and a party dress that will not be overlooked.

17 Dec

Plus Size Dress with Black and White Printing

Super soft dress with a beautiful black and white pattern.

The qunzi has a very feast your eyes on a waterfall effect in the throat so that it falls nicely over the bust.

Village Printed Plus Size Chiffon

It is form-fitting and they facilitate draping at the stomach works camouflerende.

Manufactured in a nice soft and stretchy chiffon so it is super comfortable to wear. Just to jump in.

Please be aware that the objectives as always a roof where the dress is laid flat on a table. This model is designed to sit for and the material is elastic.

12 Dec

Beautiful Cream Colored Dress With Pink Roses In The 50’s Style

Brand new model for summer 2015.
This beautiful 50s dress is cream colored with large pink roses.

It is designed in the classic 50s style, with lots of fullness in the skirt and a skirt that goes to just below the knee.

Plus Size Mini Dress Half Sleeves

By filling in this dress comes really to his right. The dress has a cotton petticoat with tulle hem. Here you do not need to buy a separate tulle run to get the beautiful 50s shape.

The dress is made of a heavy cotton quality with stretch. The entire dress is lined with 100% cotton, this makes the lovely comfortable to wear. Note, however, that there is no stretch in the lining, so you fall between two sizes, you should choose the great in this model rather than the small.

The dress has a very flattering neckline and short sleeves. See more on http://www.hoticle.com/cat/plus-size-dresses-with-sleeves/

07 Dec

Parka Coats for Men

It is definitely not without any reasons that the armed forces Husky patrol Sirius use parka coats in Greenland. Keeping fashion is the completely secure choice, if you want to keep warm while look great. They are durable, lined and, in general, designed to give you comfort. A parka is in short a very masculine and very warm winter jacket. A classic parka has a hood and it is equipped with fur trim and in many cases, faux fur. It is really brilliant on a cold winter day with its efficient warm keeping function, and many models have also been mounted a string for the running time at the bottom to make parkas completely windproof.

With a parka, you can keep the frost completely out. It has models that fit you finely, if you are in big size. There are also some classical models and street models. It has parkas for anyone who wants to look trendy out without compromising on either comfort or quality. Here is a selection of parka winter jackets for the big and tall, so you have a good opportunity to express your own personal style. So in the winter you can go with hands isolated in the pockets and hold snow away with a lined hood.

Parka Coat Plus Size


13 Nov

12 Plus Size Makers You Need To Know

In recent years several plus size brands on the market, and several of them make delicious and modern clothes that appeal to us Scandinavian women. View the full list of the largest plus size-brands on the market right now.


# Zizzi (up to size 56)

Zizzi is the largest plus size store in the Nordic region and has with clothes that are both affordable and of good quality, managed to settle on a large share of the market.

# Carmakoma (up to size 54)

Carmakoma is one of the most popular Danish brands and has really managed to find an expression that appeals to Danish women. The design is sleek and modern and attaches great importance to fit.

# Studio (up to size 54)

Studios make nice clothes, ranging from the everyday to the finer reasons.

# DeLuca (up to size 56)

DeLuca doing simple basic commodities in the season’s delicious colors.

# Veto (up to size 54)

Danish Veto has since its launch in 2006 have a nice success, and is now launching new collections six times a year, containing everything from jeans, knitwear, dresses, skirts, trousers, tops, t-shirts, shirts and jackets to accessories.

# H&M + (up to size 56-58)

H&M + make fine garments to plus size-sizes. Do you need a nice t-shirt, a lovely skirt or a nice top, it instead.

# Asos curve (up to size 56-58)

English Asos Curve has a huge selection of plus size clothing – and especially beautiful dresses that can make even women in small sizes envious.

# Gozzip (up to size 56)

Gozzip-made clothes in muted colors and with small details like her brother calling and intersections given vehicle the perfect Bohemian look.

# Justin rose (up to size 54)

Justin rose is the bestselling Group’s bid on a plus size-brand, and it has rapidly gained a foothold at home with its beautiful dresses and gorgeous tops, who follows trends.

# Marina Rinaldi (up to size 58)

As a brand for Italian Max Mara and Marina Rinaldi offers a sophisticated exclusive plus size-look. The prices are a little higher than most other brands.

# The X collection (up to size 52)

Delicious selection of tunics, dresses and coats held in a single Scandinavian look.

# Many Curve
Spanish Mango have their own plus size line called Violeta-available up to size 52. Just like so many other high street brands are Mangoes good to take the season’s big trends and translate into budget-friendly clothing.

10 Oct

Fashionable Plus Size Clothing for Sexy Women

There is no need to hide behind many layers and big sweaters, just because you belong to the category of plus size. There are lots of fashionable clothing for women in large sizes. All women are different and that is why you will also find a varied selection of plus size clothes for ladies, both in relation to cuts, colors and materials. It makes it easier to find clothing that fits exactly to your unique shape and to your lifestyle. Do you need a scale outfit to the Office, that exudes professionalism and profits, then go for a pair of black pants, a loose top or tunic and a form-fitting blazer. Dress it up with a pair of stilettos and some delicate jewelry. It should be a little more casual then go for a pair of tight-fitting leggings and a dress that accentuates the bust and waist. This look is accompanied perfectly with a pair of cool sneakers and a gorgeous leather bag. There are a number of brands, which specializes in designing delicious clothes for women who need larger sizes than you can find in normal shops. Go exploring, among other things, New Look marks Juna rose Inspire and Hoticle, all of which offers plus size clothing that accentuates the female shape with the right cut and delicious details.

Fashionable Plus Size Clothing for Sexy Women

How to select the right plus size clothing

There may be a share challenges associated with shopping clothing in large sizes. Therefore, it can be good to have some remember rules to go by.

#Tip 1: avoid buying your clothes too large. For large pieces will get you only appear larger than you are.

#Tip 2: a good mnemonic, when you have to put together a fat look, is to mix loose and tight clothing. Do you have a loose blouse on, then select e.g. a pair of slim-fit jeans. Do you have a tight-fitting top on, so choose a loose fitting skirt or pants. It gives you the forms and shape.

#Tip 3: Highlight your unique features instead of storing them away. Do you have great looking arms, a nice butt or slender legs? Sets focus on the areas you’re comfortable with. It can among other things be with a nedringet blouse, a knee-length skirt or a dress, marking the waist.

#Tip 4: have the details in order. When you want to create a nice look, so can the small details make all the difference. Delicious accessories like a delicious bag, distinctive jewelry and cool sunglasses can help create a complete and sophisticated look. At the same time can accessories help to highlight your best pages. To be extra curvy is no barrier to finding a delicious outfit when we shop around among the wide selection of plus size clothes for ladies.