27 Sep

Dudalina 2018 – Collection, T-Shirts, Photos

New Dodge 2018 Shirts

The Dudalina brand ended up conquering the preference of many women, and who already checked can already see how much these shirts are beautiful and differentiated, with exclusive quality fabrics for you to use in any and every occasion, and that’s why we came to talk in D udalina 2018, which by the way cona with great releases for that year, ported, do not forget to check the amount of news that we will have for that year. Read More

18 Sep

The Back of the Polo Shirt!

After wave of t-shirts with logos, the part that came back with everything is the polo shirt! Classic and timeless, just forgotten at the bottom of the closet for a while until many brands decided to use the influence of luxury sports with the years 70. The shape is still the same: cut straight and short-sleeved with collar and buttons–what changes now are tissues and contemporary readings. Read More

14 Sep

Gieves and Hawkes Clothing

Gieves may very well be the solution to many men’s problems. Many professions have a fairly strict and proper dress code and thus leaves few opportunities to put a personal touch on the dish. Shirt, tie and slacks tends to radiate the same thing. Or?

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08 Sep

How to Use T-Shirt Emblazoned with Style!

Always wanted to know how to use t-shirt emblazoned a stylish way and look like the famous models?! So this post is for you! If there is any time the t-shirts were synonymous with looks of the Academy or to stay at home, today everything has changed. Since the major brands you respect put the infamous t-shirt on the catwalks, the fashionistas have elected to play as the most Basic and versatile of all. After all, goes with absolutely everything! Read More

06 Sep

Tennis Style For Beginners

A while ago I started to play tennis. It felt like a sport that could serve several purposes for me. First, do I need to move on me, but it’s also a sport that I can work out with my wife since we are beginners both. In addition, it felt like a sport which in any case has connected to fashion. Stylish shirts and shorts-to be workout clothes. Read More

04 Sep

The New Collection Is the Babista Summer

Even if it is just January, and the current weather situation itself is so hard-hitting an outdoor fan, to make it even more comfortable in front of the fireplace: spring is fashionable already in the starting holes and more airy clothes in fresh colors and patterns, To be used.Whether it’s fishing, cycling, or sailing in the fresh air, the warm and warm atmosphere of the Babista is the right choice for you.In addition to what awaits you this season, we would like to give you a little insight today and have put together the highlights from the new catalog for you. Read More

01 Sep

Short, T-Shirt and Dress Vetoed

Even if you work in an informal and often alternative environment, where there are no rules about clothing – whether express or otherwise-you’ve probably been subjected to some dress code in your life. At the foot of the wedding invitation, for example, was the message in small letters: dress code full ride. But when dress codes gain legal status and cause women to be warned or even prevented from entering their work or study environment? Read More

03 Jun

The Details of Style That Will Completely Change Your Look

We’re not children and this is Halloween, but today we are going to play the trick (rather than the treatment). The trick to use small tricks of styling that turn your basic wardrobe into a fashionista wardrobe for art of the birlibirloque. We talk about small details, trivial, small ideas with great results that come direct from the Street looks the bloggers. Read More

29 May

Jeans, Check, Short Sleeves – That’s What Your Shirts Tell You About You

The shirt is simply the classic in the men’s fashion.No wonder, because a shirt always goes, whether in the office, for celebration or in everyday life.Everyone has his own special preferences when it comes to the heart of the outerwear.We take a closer look at the types of shirts and tell you what your favorite is talking about you. Read More