25 Sep

Boots: How to Value the Silhouette

Next, see tips for wearing high, high and short boots, and valuing your own physical type-and look-with each one. Check it!

Textures, colors and prints for boots reinvent themselves every fall and winter season. What does not change is the need to have a boot in the wardrobe! But each model of footwear, which can have very high, short or short pipes, requires a look that values ​​it. Here are tips for using each model. Read More

25 Sep

Fashion and Life Style: Dress Up Yet Or Living Already?

Granted, the title of this post is quite provocative. But I bet I’m not the one thing and you know: some beautiful clothing, in that I immediately fell into the business lurking in my closet. Because it just fits all: you flatter my figure, my color type, are made of noble materials and are correct stylistically exactly. Every time, when I look at these pieces of clothing, a whole film expires before my mind’s eye, where I look gorgeous, celebrate successes, experience an exhilarating ball night… until I land back in reality and realize that I never wore these dream parts! Not to mention my shoe closet, in which the one or the other pair of high heels is still awaiting its first usage. Why is that? Read More

24 Sep

Male Shoes Styles

The next person whose personality and style inspire us here at Manolo’s Tesco. Patrick is best known as one of the founders of the Shoe Company in Stockholm but has been a style-and not least the shoe lover in decades. We asked what inspires him when it comes to male style.

Read More

19 Sep

Children’s Shoes: Stay Tuned for the Options for Girls

When you are going to buy a  children’s shoes,there are some factors to take into consideration, since there are many options in the market. Thus, it is necessary to be aware of the risks that the shoes can present to the children, since the bony structure of the feet is only completely formed at 12 years of age in boys and at 10 years in girls. Read More

19 Sep

Fine Blouse Combined With Sneakers

A white blouse is nothing special in itself. A basic part. One thing we should all have in the closet. Simply because a blouse provides so many styling possibilities. It offers a fashionable added value. There have been some posts lately. Also with the Lady.Bloggers. Often white blouses do not get the attention that they are actually entitled to. Because we like to hide them under sweaters or blazers. My blouse from Selfportrait is too bad to cover it with another garment. That’s why I wear them solo or with a cardigan, which I leave open. A few weeks ago I combined this blouse with a skirt. Read More

07 Sep

5 Shoes For Use All Year

Beginning of year is a great time for you to that General in the closet, evaluate what you used, what didn’t, what’s beautiful and what’s in petition of misery. And, of course, think that bet in the new year.

At such times it’s always good to think of parts which, in addition to beautiful and quality, are timeless and are according to your needs. Read More

04 Sep

Sienna Miller Donates Favorite Shoes

Sienna Miller will hurt for a good cause. The British actress has joined other stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Green and also Colin Firth and separated themselves from their favorite pair of Shoes. The celebrities in the framework of the small sacrifices steps project was launched by the former celebrity journalist Amy Hanson in the life and children should draw attention, working at the garbage dump. Hanson had the idea for the project after she had spent 2008 some time in Cambodia. Read More

04 Sep

The New Collection Is the Babista Summer

Even if it is just January, and the current weather situation itself is so hard-hitting an outdoor fan, to make it even more comfortable in front of the fireplace: spring is fashionable already in the starting holes and more airy clothes in fresh colors and patterns, To be used.Whether it’s fishing, cycling, or sailing in the fresh air, the warm and warm atmosphere of the Babista is the right choice for you.In addition to what awaits you this season, we would like to give you a little insight today and have put together the highlights from the new catalog for you. Read More

03 Sep

How The Sneaker Became the Part Of Luxury

Who is the coolest which the hottest? 140 pairs of shoes cross through the history of the sneaker are currently in Hamburg to see. Including high-priced rarities.

Before the shops camping customers, for hours. Just to be on this to get a shoe: the flat sneakers in bright red – “Red Hot” – with purple stripes around the heel and the white curved logo on the side. Also dude Morano from Hamburg wanted to have this model from the Nike skateboarding series. However, it should be the first time that a sneaker was sold out before he could strike. Morano understood: sneakers are now cult.

On that morning, Morano decided in 2001 to collect. Today, more than 200 pairs are with him in the bedroom. A snippet such private Sneaker sammlungen shows from now the Museum fur Kunstund Gewerbe in Hamburg: 140 are pair of sports shoes and 140 posters in the exhibition “sneaker. Design for fast feet”to see, door to door with Rococo chests and MeiBner porcelain. The “Wings” of the company adidas Basketball is for example, a creation of the designer Jeremy Scott. Or the model “Air Max” by Nike, which was primarily the rapper – and hip hop scene. Read More

28 Jun

There Are Bloggers That Seem to Be Made of Iron. Will Their Defenses Have Cold-Proof?

I have come to the conclusion that many of the bloggers that there are today they are not of this planet. I have not yet discovered where they come from, but the Planet Earth I assure you that not. And see how a girl posing calmly with minidress, wooden sandals, no trace of stockings covering his legs and surrounded by snow It is not very normal. And no, the image inspires me not for nothing, except to pick up a couple of Mammoth hair blankets and throw me on top of her. Read More

21 Jun

Practical Looks for The Coldest Days of Winter

How is it This cold that stalks our streets? How is it? Overwhelming, but nevertheless people out on the street with layers and layers clothing which onion. No, people understand fashion and is becoming more common to see to girls warm with practical looks, comfortable and great for those days where the thermometer an low temperature. Read More