06 Sep

Tennis Style For Beginners

A while ago I started to play tennis. It felt like a sport that could serve several purposes for me. First, do I need to move on me, but it’s also a sport that I can work out with my wife since we are beginners both. In addition, it felt like a sport which in any case has connected to fashion. Stylish shirts and shorts-to be workout clothes. Read More

28 May

Man Legs and Shorts

The theme of man legs and shorts is at least as hot discussed such as the head-butt by Pepe at the World Cup match Germany against Portugal. Many are of the opinion, the combination of man leg and can’t get more shorts. Others find it perfectly OK, if man time shows leg over heat.

What to Wear in the Summer Heat?

Finally it is there, the warm season. And we look forward each day with great weather. The summer temperatures and this round, yellow orange disk called Sun bring but one: it is even quite warm in our latitudes. What are we so less pleased: long pants, even jeans end. Indoors that may go to maybe, at least if there is air conditioning. But however please not out when the sun shines. Da man feels uncomfortable quickly.

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10 Apr

The Summer and with It… Our Beloved Jeans Shorts

At last now Spring has arrived! Sun, where thermometers insights up gradually and the days get longer more, more and more … and us we started to remove the thick clothing and shelter and our bodies (like legs) began to take color. I love the spring-summer season because it is when my trunk bag jeans shorts I have from years ago. And even if you spend the time I can not get rid of them. Furthermore, the more worn … best! And it seems that these egobloggers to them the same thing happens. If you are of this clan We show looks ideal to wear them in the best possible way, you sign up? Read More

06 Dec

Summer Shorts

It is becoming so unbearably hot that you have to pull on badbrallorna and take to the beach. And just as the workout clothes are shorts – in all cases, good-looking ones – not something you find in a jiffy. Read More

22 Oct

How to Wear a Leotard with Leggings

Professional dancers have worn tights and leggings or tights in the dance studio in decades, adding garment that wraparound skirts, leg warmers, wool warm up pants and shorts, dance sweaters, plastic shorts and other items. Body and leggings, however experienced the widespread popularity of non-dancers, as well as in the eighties, when movies such as “Flashdance” and “Dirty Dancing” popularized such fashion. Recently, celebrities like Madonna and Beyonce has performed in tights and leggings, thus sparking curiosity about whether the Leotard can return as a fad or a phase. Here’s how to wear these items, just in case. Read More

19 Oct

How to Wear Leggings

The Leggings have a great story and have had many uses over the years to become today the fashion accessories…

How to wear leggings?

First of all, depends of course of the style of leggings. There are in fact of the “sober” leggings, very classes and often United, but also to the more colorful, more “sport” leggings, with striped patterns, jacquard…

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03 Oct

How to Choose Leggings

Did you know that The leggings are tight trousers sports?

They are also called footless tights or leggings. Obsolete terminology and naff, worn without them would we anglissisme this fashion that gives a hand to this classic?

Very fashionable in the 1960s, the leggings have enjoyed success in the early 1980s, associated with the fashion fitness and aerobics. Originally leggings are worn to the ankle, but they also wear calf-length, pirate way.

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16 Feb

Chino Shorts – Summer Must Have

Chino shorts are perfect for a classic summer outfit

In this category, you will find everything we have within Chino Shorts.

Chino shorts are perfect for this summer’s hot weather. If you’d like to dress you in the summer, while making your look has a sophisticated and exclusive touch, so is chino shorts perfect. Chino shorts go for in the category of semi-casual. In short, they are relaxed but still nice. Since chino shorts are also worn by men, giving it a fat unisex look. In fact, chino shorts seen as suitable clothing in business environments, which have more tropical climate than at home, precisely because they are so classically attractive. Chino shorts are available in many different colors. A classic color that you often can spot these shorts in, is the navy blue or beige. But Chino shorts can also be obtained in more female and feminine colors like nude, white and pastel shades.

Chino Shorts - Summer Must Have

Find your next pair of chino shorts

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Chino Shorts - Summer Must Have