30 Sep

Outfit Top Maxi Skirt

Summer is finally here, and my mood has also risen. Is it with you also so that you have automatically good mood when the sun shines? I have noticed the difference this weekend especially, I am so full of corporate pleasure and just satisfied. This outfit I had on Saturday to a small shopping tour. My brother soon got his final ball and that’s why a smart suit was needed. Combined this time almost only things from Oasap. Read More

23 Sep

My Pencil Skirt

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but, after some stuffed mini lengths, it seems that the skirts are coming back to grow. Already have some months that turns and moves, I give into a skirt below the knees by some fashion editorial. The big news is that, unlike the last few times that the skirt passed the knee, this time, instead of round and nice girl, she’s sexy, Secretary of the years 60, you know? Joan the Mad Men well know what I’m talking about. Read More

19 Sep

Fine Blouse Combined With Sneakers

A white blouse is nothing special in itself. A basic part. One thing we should all have in the closet. Simply because a blouse provides so many styling possibilities. It offers a fashionable added value. There have been some posts lately. Also with the Lady.Bloggers. Often white blouses do not get the attention that they are actually entitled to. Because we like to hide them under sweaters or blazers. My blouse from Selfportrait is too bad to cover it with another garment. That’s why I wear them solo or with a cardigan, which I leave open. A few weeks ago I combined this blouse with a skirt. Read More

24 Jun

Skirts for Use to Daily I Sign Up These Looks!

I really like the skirts, and I like how you left me, my silhouette type guitar thanks as they conceal hips and thighs. But I refuse to copy looks with towering heels, which are discarded in my day to day. I know that the skirts are good with heels, but I’m looking for looks more normal and more comfortable, that you can copy me daily. Read More

18 Jun

Not Wanting to Complicate Days? “Light” with a Few Skinny Street

There are days that we are not to break our head with the look that epatara, there are “red” days that we do not like cute skirts, frioleras blusitas or abriguitos vintage. For many years when a woman had a day that did not want complications are enfundaba a few Levi’s and… Now the celebrities they light up the street with their women coogi. Charlotte Casiraghi, Blake Lively y Miranda Kerr they teach us how do them them in their last public appearances. Read More

08 Jun

Mix and Taste. Impossible Blends That Work!

What is style? It was before the? style or style?, what distress. In full disjunctive fashionista was when the charging light is lit I. Today I will speak of the art of styling. Take the case of Naty Abascal. Is undoubtedly stylish, refined and glamorous but have not you noticed that sometimes their mixtures, if we extrapoláramos them to another woman, it would seem a clown of the Circus Price? Read More

26 May

Skirts with Ruffles and Pleats, The Garment Basic for The Spring-Summer 2010

If normally the fall and winter opt for pants, for the spring and summer there is no doubt that the skirts are the protagonists. And this year could not be the exception. But this time the trend is feminine and voluptuous, therefore necessarily have to leave their straight skirts, A court or the cigar kept in the closet. The Spring-summer 2010 is all about skirts with flight, layers and pleats. Read More

07 May

Billowing Skirts: a Look Suitable for The Office and out to The Night

As spring approaches, the time comes to banish from our closet coat garments and take a ride the articles that teach more “ meat “. Comes the time of the dresses and short skirts.

The latest trends in fashion are committed by the draped skirts, a way to give an air that is different from the skirts of life. The famous as Kirsten Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow or Ali Larter accompanied by masculine blazers and casual t-shirts look them to be not too serious. Read More

18 Apr

A Style for Every Day of The Week

It is very well have a default style, but it is better to change a little and try a little of everything, isn’t it? Because in the variety is the spice, Today we propose seven different looks that you put into practice every day of the week. Will you help? I hope that, at least in divine inspiration for those adorned where ideas disappear and the wardrobe makes you a world apart. Read More

15 Apr

Total Look White Spots with Care!

Now that it seems that, little by little, good weather will be installing in our lives, you want to dress up with colors or more flashy, or more summer as it is the case of the White. There are many bloggers style you choose for a total look in that color which added his personal touch with accessories. That Yes, avoid those that are stained with ease. Read More

04 Apr

Become a Peplum

Any good fashionista should start the season knowing the key trends of the Spring/summer 2012, the colors that are most desired items, and also learning the vocabulary of fashion of the season. And this spring the magic word that you learn is Peplum. It comes from the latin which is originally from the Greek and Roman tunics one-piece. Read More

03 Apr

I Also Want to Be Egoblogger and Wear The Willow of Isabel Marant…

Jealous I? Yes and much honor, therefore all look the Willow of Isabel Marant as egobloggers. And at this point you know the fan that I am of the French designer. Rabiosa, rabiosa … could be playing the song of Shakira and I would feel very identified and that more than €700 I separate them. Will I have to do blogger to get them? I think that neither with those but which one looks better my dear sneakers …? That’s a personal terrain, but without hesitation I stay with Tuula and Miranda Kerr. OK, she is not blogger, but it’s perfect, so let me put it in the post. Read More