21 Sep

How to Find a Bra That Really Fits?

* Sponsored post – it happened on a hot Saturday afternoon last summer. I was half-naked with a girl I just met, at home in the mirror and tried me through countless bra models. And then he came: the matching BRA, just like made for me. Cut, material, fit – all this bra coincided exactly with my needs. And I felt super sexy in the delicate top also… No wonder, because the woman who stood me in this private shopping experience to the side, was no less than Susanne Geiger, the “bra Queen” personally. Read More

20 Sep

Tips to Wear Knitting and Sweater

I had a super difficulty with knitting and sweater, until I started to understand my body, and be aware of what works best for him or not. So I was sure to try out pieces I always wanted, but I didn’t know how to use it. Merit for the image Consulting course I just made and fashion magazines “service” like the style, Lucky and People StyleWatch (Gringo I adore!). Read More

16 Sep

10 Winter Basics, Which You Keep Now Stylishly Warm

It’s finally winter in Germany – snow and ice cream included. At the latest if you are planning a skiing or winter holiday, you will consider how you stay warm and chic despite freezing cold. What fashion classic keep warm now? Suppose you have a few winter-basics in the closet, that give good service year after year. It’s even better when you spice up this to a modern fashion part.

I have put together for you today 10 contemporary winter basics and give you instructions on what current details now to look for hot holders when your. And before I forget: a warm welcome to the new fashion year 2017! Read More

21 May

YAK Wool Sweaters

I6 months ago we discovered the brand YAKMY. Its characteristic: the production of yak wool sweaters for men and women. Intrigued by this material very little used for the production of clothing (at least in Europe), we wanted to learn more by meeting with the representative of the brand. Here are the details of our interview.

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12 May

Cardigans: a Sweater For Any Figure Type and How You Style It

The Cardigan is the piece of clothing for so many looks in the transitional period and an indispensable Basic for the layered look. This Cardigan is an extremely versatile-to-use fashion scoop, as he is known in English, when it comes to optical proportion balancing the different figure types. Almost every figure type to take advantage of certain cuts and silhouettes for themselves.

If you know which sweaters or cardigans for your figure type can be optimally used, the matching figure-friendly looks are almost as saying. But you look on what details of a Cardigan? And how do you stage your figure making it ideal? I have some ideas for you. Read More

19 Oct

How to Wear Leggings

The Leggings have a great story and have had many uses over the years to become today the fashion accessories…

How to wear leggings?

First of all, depends of course of the style of leggings. There are in fact of the “sober” leggings, very classes and often United, but also to the more colorful, more “sport” leggings, with striped patterns, jacquard…

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02 Oct

With What do Wear Leggings?

Like a little black dress, leggings are always fashionable. There was this garment is more than thirty years ago, the House of the Chanel.Et fashion models like the ladies of all cities and countries consider leggings a compulsory subject in her wardrobe. Thus, the girls is so important to know what you can wear from jambieres leggings.

Modern are available in different materials that you can wear them in different combinations, always and everywhere. On the shelves, you can see: leggings

  • Cotton;
  • Lycra tights; sticky
  • Wool; leggings
  • Sweden;
  • Leather leggings.

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29 Apr

Six Maternity Sweaters

It is less for the winter and cold, so it’s time to start preparing our winter wardrobe. The sweaters are a basic garment that can not miss in any closet. For fall / winter 2015-2016 worked wool sweaters are carried in cotton jersey in solid colors or fabrics and metallic shades.

Jersey eights

Long gray jersey with eight work front, round neck, side slits, front pockets and ribbed cuffs and bass Alía , for 29.95 euros. This type of jersey you can wear with leggings or tight pants .

Polka dot jersey

Maternity Jersey fabric soft knit with polka dot print on the front in navy blue and white trimmed in black from C & A , for 24.90 euros. An ideal to combine with a bottom navy blue or jersey denim.

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