25 Feb


To have a suit on the job can really make life a little easier. Looking only to have washed and ironed in the closet so you never need to feel that you do not know what to put on. Moreover, it is easy to vary her outfits in the small. You really only need three suits, a collection of ties and some breast tissues so you have all the variations you need. The most visible is obviously tie and it’s time to get a new time to time to stay on top. The tie is fortunately the simplest imaginable to shop over the Internet because they do not have to worry about the size. And in addition to that you will find some really nice ties on the net so the price is often only half of what you can give in the deal. Read More

21 Feb

Tie Wool

The general förhållningen to suit fashion is often quite strict and formal. Many people choose safe bets over personal combinations. Therefore, it is almost always a silk tie that goes on when the tie is required. Anyone who has ever tried to wear a woolen tie knows, however, that there is an equally successful combination. Read More

06 Jan

Ask: Dress to Julsittning?


For all I want to thank you for a cruel fashion site. You have helped me many times
and I thank for! Now it is so that I will on a small julsittning with my university mates where
the upholstery is costume. Thought then have my pin-striped suit with a white shirt but the question then is which tie and handkerchief, I shall have to. I have an incredibly stylish handkerchief, red with white stripes, the white stripes are framed by a thin black stripe on each side. I think this would be appropriate to bring in the Christmas spirit with this red element. But the tie should I have to?

I am in two minds between taking a tie that has the same design as the handkerchief, but I’m a bit skeptical about this because it is of little wider model (about 6 cm at its widest point) – is this okay? Also, I have heard that you should preferably avoid running exactly the same pattern on the tie and handkerchief. If this would now be the case, I have problems because I can not find a tie that has the same red hue. Read More

27 Jan

Buying Guide for Men’s Fashion Ties

It makes the office meeting more formally, the restaurant visit ceremonial, and the glamorous evening event. But just because the tie has this property, it is important to find the right model for you from their e-commerce website.

Find now:

-What tie types are there?

-What effect can the selected pattern have?

-How stylishly can a tie be combined?

-Which occasions the tie fits?

– No kidding when choosing a tie

-Which nodes are popular?

-How can the tie be combined with handkerchief and needle?

-How to clean a tie properly?

-What trends are there in 2015?

What tie types are there?

High-quality materials facilitate the binding, are comfortable to wear and make a tie elegant. The finest variant is the silk tie. However, knit ties are a special eye-catcher for the casual appearance. Made of wool, they fit great for rustic jackets, and represent an interesting change in the winter, for example. Neckties made of cotton and polyester are often easiest to care and particularly robust.


Men's Casual Neck Tie Polyester Fabric Shaped Ends Multiple Options


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