18 Sep

The Back of the Polo Shirt!

After wave of t-shirts with logos, the part that came back with everything is the polo shirt! Classic and timeless, just forgotten at the bottom of the closet for a while until many brands decided to use the influence of luxury sports with the years 70. The shape is still the same: cut straight and short-sleeved with collar and buttons–what changes now are tissues and contemporary readings. Read More

08 Sep

How to Use T-Shirt Emblazoned with Style!

Always wanted to know how to use t-shirt emblazoned a stylish way and look like the famous models?! So this post is for you! If there is any time the t-shirts were synonymous with looks of the Academy or to stay at home, today everything has changed. Since the major brands you respect put the infamous t-shirt on the catwalks, the fashionistas have elected to play as the most Basic and versatile of all. After all, goes with absolutely everything! Read More

29 May

Hoodies Can Have Style! Which Dress for Cooler Evenings?

Do you wear a variety of original or simply cut jumper, solid color or with a distinctive print? We have selected 26 of those for which you wish, whether it is evening and you can přiobléct…

Swear pleasant and comfortable design hoodies in over his head with zippers zipped or buttoned, with hood or without it? Then you are at the right address! We have prepared for you a hodgepodge of different kinds sweatshirts and waiting anxiously which one of you gets a thumbs up.

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25 May

My Two New Corses.Es Corsets

In October, taking advantage of a special offer, I took two new corsets for Corses.es £ 6 each, shipping part. There are corsets with whales of silicone, which find me very comfortable although it is obvious that they do not reduce as much as those who have metal whale. In parts above ground using a S/38 and the likes of corsets that I buy in this store is a M. I had tried previously one of this shop when I did a review for them that you can read here.   Read More

08 Feb

Changing Buttons

Striving to find its own and unique style is a constant struggle to find the right clothes. Sometimes, however, the stores’ range, known for saving and clothes may lack that little extra. Lena PH solves this by sewing their own clothes. Many others would probably by horrible memories of syslöjden not even think to put themselves in front of the sewing machine. However, there are busenkla adjustments that can do a lot for the whole garment. One of them is to switch buttons. Read More

30 Jan

The Dress Code at Work

Thanks for a great website. I hope that you would take time to solve one of my little troubles. It is so that I will start a new service on my work. The dress code is jeans, shirt and v-neck sweater. To the question then, what do you have for the collar of the shirt to the V-neck sweaters? What are a couple of stylish jeans that do not cost a fortune? Read More

27 Jan

Match Seersuckerkavajen

We have previously written about cotton seersucker material, a material almost synonymous with summer. Seersuckerkavajen be nice to hang in the closet during the autumn and winter months and then come out just in time for spring and to dispel the myth that it is difficult to be well-dressed when it’s hot outside. Seersuckerkavajen is quite a versatile garment that works for many different occasions, from weddings to summer day at the beach. To provide some inspiration how seersuckerkavajen can be used, we have put together four different outfits in very different styles. Read More

19 Jan

T-shirts to Jackets?

There are few combinations so controversial that the combination t-shirt and blazer. Some think it’s nicely relaxed, while others see it as a display of clumsy style. Whatever the opinion is subject absolutely worth discussing. Read More

31 Dec

Barbara Hulanicki for Our Site

While H & M has just delivered his last masstige collection, our site will propose next week a capsule wardrobe designed by the creator of the legendary Biba label. It will include air volumes, vibrant hues and spotted prints, proving that Barbara Hulanicki sensitivity mode is more than ever on the alert …

When Barbara Hulanicki is approached by our site following the London exhibition is dedicated to him – The Art of Barbara Hulanicki – it is with great pleasure that meets present. Admittedly, to whom we owe the legendary seventies silhouettes smokees gowns, fuzzy, blue blueberry, plum and brown rust still has much to say in terms of style. Read More

12 Dec

Kate Moss, Writer …

While we still do not know if its planned autobiography – he vaguely mentioned a few weeks ago – will emerge, it seems that the twig is put in writing. The astute Kate Moss has chosen to take up the pen to write a novel about the vagaries of life of a young model. Between fiction and reality, the future book is set to become a bestseller …

More than ever business woman, which had debuted at Calvin Klein has long believed already to his conversion. Thus, in parallel to her new stylist career at Topshop, the former muse of Pete Doherty never ceases to build a picture outside of modeling. Read More

09 Sep

Fashion Week NYC – Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Between silhouettes headlights, parties took stylistic, gossips and trends emerging, overview of what to remember New York fashion…

Real locker room Rihanna condens, Fenty x Puma collection by the singer imagin oscillates between spirit streetwear, d covering hip-hop and borrowing his claws of pr dilections (Alexander Wang, Givenchy, clothing…).Nothing exceptional, but no matter: Rihanna sells. He could also only under the influence of the interpretation you “Anti” album, sneaker heels hands come back soon haunt urban s pav…
The short cut of Ruth Bell continues to reduce the designers, who are many have called it (see here, here andthere).
Bandana show Altuzarra belt has all the easy DIY r achieve (see here).
Ode Walton tries to blonde (see here). Read More

24 Aug

Clothing, the Claw Which Divides

Within the sphere mode, it is not uncommon that the provocation pays more than talent. The evidence with the clothing brand which, in pr nant jogging agr port lies boots of p che the opportunity of his first d wire “Haute Couture”, raised the enthusiasm of a fashion intelligentsia who doesn’t like decided lies nothing better than the improbable…

By choosing for their last show to join 18 marks from the universe of the clothing, the brothers Gvasalia generation fit perfectly in the stylistic path of the claw. Loving nothing better that of is r appropriate dress code urban classics, these had indeed all int r t push the concept to the end by partnering directly with brands such as Levi’s, Schott, Champion, Canada Goose, or Dr. Martens.
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19 May

Summer Tops for Ladies

Summer is here, the heat settled permanently … Choose from 50 small senior, who will accompany you in this summer.

Shirts, tops, blouses, T-shirts, tank tops, cropped tops or polo: proposals are multiple twister for your summer pants , skirts or shorts. This season, our favorite brands ingenuity rusent us to offer original and creative designs while adapting to the main trends of the summer. Result: a profusion of styles and models be content fashionistas like most classic of us. But be careful, be sure to choose your top to suit your morphological criteria and the time your fashion aspirations and if you choose vintage style tops, you can find it on http://www.internetages.com/category/vintage-tops/.


One thing is certain girls, we look at the navel with the flagship model of summer 2016: the must cropped top. You can not escape it everywhere, so how to wear it? The more discreet prefer accommodate a skirt or a high waist pants to hide the navel that we can not see … Dare also overlays on a dress long near the body to respect the proportions. Finally assume most junior to unveil a well tanned belly by mixing cropped top and shorter clothing and bass sizes. You will be on top of the trend and as the summer everything is allowed, it starts! The T-shirt or tank top are obviously indispensable companions of summer dressing, they are suitable for all body types, but we choose loose if we want to hide any small curves. The polo accompany summer sports chic with a nice bermuda: you will be the most beautiful to go to brunch at the beach. The blouses and sleeveless shirts more dressy be allied your summer evenings, thanks to the accessories a little more sophisticated: a bag or pretty sandals and you’ll be perfect! What’s new on the side of contents? Cotton and fluid and light materials are favored once again, but also the sails and nets: so sexy! To be transparent is not hesitate to offer a top cut, we love the structured, modern look that gives the garment. Regarding the colors is chosen white with lace trend, but also very dark now, graphic prints, marine, floral, tropical and all the vibrant colors faithful to the sunny months … You’ll be spoiled for choice, so have fun! And you what you are already crop tops eye? Immerse yourself without delay in our selection of 50 tops for a summer bohemian, glam, pop, sporty or fashion … Your turn!



21 Mar

Kashmir Abuse x 5

– I do not believe in God. I believe in cashmere, teaches the writer who is also the style icon Fran Lebowitz have said. Kashmir can undoubtedly mean an almost religious experience. Therefore we worship this Sunday five cashmere sweaters. Read More