26 Sep

The Avant-Garde Rolex

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date just reference 116400 GV – 72400 celebrated at Basel world 2014 premiere.

The Date just is considered to be the Rolex for scientists and avant-garde. Once as a timepiece for work under electromagnetic radiation designed, it is a statement watch 2007 since its reissue. At Basel world 2014, a new design celebrates World premiere. Read More

31 May

First Modern Diving Watch: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

The Blancpain fifty fathoms in the Bathyscaphe. The line presented in 2013 and is a tribute to the 1953 model.

The Blancpain fifty fathoms is regarded as the world’s first modern divers watch. It was introduced on the market for over 60 years ago. The former head of Blancpain loved water sports and wanted to create a reliable companion for dives. Out came a sporty watches icon and one of the best watches at all. Read More

30 May

Affordable Watch

Hi Manolo. I wonder how the watch guts will look for autumn/winter. Have been thinking about for a long time on what I should get. The price range that I go after is around SEK 900 to 1600:-kr. A Shop watch from Tritoni is according to me very stylish with a brand that is inside.But how long will the clock to be in fashion? I think otherwise, that watches from the Jet Set is an option for me, but would like to receive tips about the watches that are in vogue, and which ones are most affordable. Would like to receive answers and comments. Thanks in hand. Carl.

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22 May

Top 10 Swiss Watches Brands

Swiss Made is not only origin, but also labels and quality feature. Today more than half of the world’s luxury watches are sold in Switzerland. In terms of quality, it is usually only the finest nuances that distinguish the Swiss watchmakers from each other. This is the reason why we do not usually decide on the basis of objective criteria for or against a specific watchmark but rather on “soft” factors such as the radiance or the image with which a manufacturer is associated.

The following list of the top 10 Swiss watch brands is just as subjective, so we take you on a small journey to the motherland of mechanical timekeeping. It not only introduces us to the watch metropolis of Geneva, where two of the most famous and prestigious brands are located, but also in sparsely populated valleys where almost as many watchmakers as residents seem to be.

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20 May

Android Smartwatches Comparison

We have tested the Motorola Moto 360 and the watch of Huawei and the Samsung gear S2 at us in the newsroom. Time for clock comparison.

At the latest with the Pebble and Google’s Android wear Smartwatches are difficult in fashion. The first clocks such as the Samsung Galaxy gear or the LG still looked G watch like real computer clock for proper nerds. None of the devices was so beautiful to look at. Now it has changed. Both the Motorola Moto 360 and the Huawei watch as the Samsung gear S2 are not only Smartwatches but also real gems.

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15 May

The best watches of the SIHH 2014

The fine luxuries of the Richemont Group present their novelties every year at the elegant SIHH clock in Geneva. These are the most beautiful watches of the SIHH 2014.

Caliber de Cartier Diver

A diving watch from Cartier: There was never before. At the Geneva Watchmaking Hall SIHH, Maison Cartierpresented the Caliber de Cartier Diver, a sporty adaptation of the men’s watch classic. The striking timer with a 42 millimeters large stainless steel or gold case is waterproof up to 300 meters. For better readability, even under difficult conditions, pointers and indices are coated with the fluorescent mass Superluminova. The bezel is rotatable on one side, the large sealing rings serve to withstand the high pressure ratios and temperature fluctuations.

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15 Mar

Investment on Vintage Watches

The answer: Yes, definitely. At least in my experience. Because: Every Vintage watch, which I bought in the last few years, has doubled in value.-At least.

Various financial and watch magazines confirm the increase in value and advise to purchase as a financial investment, but rarely genuine and affordable purchase recommendations. While the editors of this magazine often shirk recommendations, excessive efforts the subjunctive, I would recommend a specific vintage watch. More precisely: a whole number from the 70s/80s. Watches, you can afford as a normal citizen.

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11 Mar

Vintage Watches for Mens

Of course, I could contribute a few (vintage) watches on the subject of gifts for men and recommend.Because I do but getting here, this time to go to other pleasure objects : writing instruments. More and more often I catch myself doing, how I hängenbleibe-and some of them buy online with various fillers, pens and mechanical pencils. It started with the fillers and case pencils from this article and somehow has increased over the year.

Also I noticed, that I already have a small collection of writing instruments. And it is particularly interesting that some of them are priceless for me. For example the pens, which gave me my grandfather as a child. Or a filler which I was given by someone who was even passionate collector–not by clocks also. Both any longer. And exactly that’s why are

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