30 Sep

Sonia Rykiel for H & M Campaign

Lara Stone, Caroline Trentini and Anne Vyalitsyna they are chosen to star in the advertising campaign for the new collection of lingerie that Sonia Rykiel launch in collaboration with the store H & M and of which we had already spoken them at the time. Read More

29 Sep

Costumes For Parties 60 And 70

Photos and Models from Costumes for 60’s and 70’s Festivities

The costumes for parties of the 60s and 70s are sold in several different stores because we know that the demand is always great, especially in large cities where it is very common to party with this theme, and by the way is one of the most favorite subjects of people, and that’s why today we’ve come to talk about Costumes for the 60s and 70s, see the models and photos, and it’s up to you to create a template for yourself, but do not forget to check out the ones we brought. Read More

27 Sep

Light Blue: to Combine the Trend Colour

This year will be a year to dream. At least when it comes to the colors of the year, which were recently announced from PANTONE Institute. For the first time in the history of the American Organization for colour trend research were proclaimed equal to two colors to the trend: a powdery warm pink shade with the name “Rose Quartz” and a friendly, cool sky blue called “Serenity” to German: “Serenity”. These are a very adult blue with a cool undertone.

Are you unsure whether you can wear the new light blue? You would like to know how you have a light blue on others? And you would like some inspiration as you combine contemporary light blue outfits? The following you’ll discover everything you need to now know about the color light blue. And finally, there’s still a radio interview on the subject with the fashion Whisperer at HR1. Have fun! Read More

26 Sep

The 20 Most Important Fashion Tips For Top Managers

…und for strong women who want to become

Recently, the editors of magazine “Insurance industry” when I asked if I could give fashion tips for the new generation of the top Mangerinnen in the boardrooms. As with the rules on the rate of women in the future more and more female executives are likely to decorate the press photo galleries and event documentation of corporations. Also the media coverage of politics and economics is always colorful and feminine. While the new “strong” women in management are likely to whirl very beautiful messed up the traditional rules of fashion for business wardrobe. But how much fashion revolution may be? What is barely acceptable, what could make the ladder of women who want to get into the top business, fluctuating? Read More

25 Sep

Fashion Color Rosa: to Combine the Color Contemporary

When it comes to the fashion designers, they don’t come around two seasons to the color pink in the next. Because the company PANTONE once has again that analyzes trend colors of the seasons and says both for the winter of 2015 / 16, as well as rosy times for the spring 2016 ahead. Get cooler as well as warmer color types fully at their own expense. Because there are two Pastel pink tones that are fashionable said: the cooler ‘Cashmere Rose’ (Pantone 16-2215) and the warmer, powdery “Rose Quartz” (Pantone 13-1520). If you shrug his shoulders and say: this is only something for romantic minds, then you will be amazed what adult, sophisticated color combinations concocted the fashion designer for the delicate pink.

Regardless of whether you already are a feminine pink creatures and pink is the timeless accent colors your base coat or if you just feel like original, new color games: Learn how you combine the new pink now trendy and what effect you can achieve this, here. Read More

22 Sep

Inspiration and Necklaces

People, was CHO-Thurs-TA that yesterday the look of yesterday was controversial. And I think all baby, you have no idea. Even people who asked if I was getting more conservative because I was getting close of 30. I swear, I’d love to have this notion, but, unfortunately, the plug of the 30 still didn’t fall. I’m postponing this dilemma next year anyway. But I must confess that I love when these controversies happen. I’m preparing a theme week that has everything to do with this theme (but let’s talk about it next week). For today, I decided to try to run behind the prejú. Read More

22 Sep

The Relativity of Colours: So Make Pattern Slim

Or: More 7 Relativitäts rules, as you figured beneficial combine colors

Bright colors and eye-catching patterns are announced in the summer fashion. But how combine these beneficial, even if you carry around a few pads with them more? Must you give to stronger body zones on bright colors and patterns? Fortunately, the answer is: no! Because colors and patterns are always relative–relatively bright, relatively dark, relatively conspicuous, relatively discreet. If you have mastered the Relativitäts theory of color in fashion, you can integrate also bold accent colors, bright summer shades or trendy patterns in your outfit that you balance your Body proportions so that and overall slimmer look. Read More

21 Sep

Fashion Myth “French Style” What’s Behind This?

I can no longer count, how many times I by readers of the fashion Whisperer after the famous “French style”, the French fashion style, ask me. What makes the French so attractive? What Fashion basics do I need to implement say legendary style? What is the principle of the so-called “5 piece French Wardrobe”? These and more questions are piling up in my mail box.
It is not easy to extract the essence of French womanhood. The book “Paris in style” is good evidence and on the occasion of the film portraits “Mademoiselle C’ I asked you what makes the typical French style for you. Coming out is a colourful mix of fashion basics, tips for hair, makeup and lingerie and a certain inner attitude that you associate with French girls. Read More

21 Sep

How to Adopt the Retro Style

For those who want to take the retro style or vintage seriously, the first thing that should be avoided is to appear that you’re dressed for a costume party – unless the idea is actually this; leave a little of the conventional and play with something new in a festive moment. Otherwise, there are some ways to include references from the past in everyday life, mixing them to your personal style and what suits you best, without which seems to be featured for a theme party. Check out our tips and storm! Read More

18 Sep

Small of Black Or What? As You Now Stylishly Wear Black

The little black dress is legendary. It can be found in nearly every wardrobe and threw à la “What to wear only?” many problems. The festive season before Christmas and new year’s is probably one of the most commonly worn items of clothing. While black is the best, neutral base color only for the few women really.

And yet almost every woman that looks simply adorable – festive, slender, strong. Why is that? On the effect of black. I found out how now most effectively and artful wearing black, for you. And a radio interview is also still there. And a group photo of our meeting of Lady.Bloggers and and and… There is black watch for a change really fun! Read More

17 Sep

Good Idea Is to Be Repeated

Whenever I have a good idea, I like to repeat it several times in a little bit different. I think it’s because I have a good idea is a thing so hard, that when we have get attached. Can repair, any commercial that is a success, the people resolve to do a do-over (I’m a publicist, so always fix these things). Never stays as cool as the first, but it seems worth a try. Because the look of today (which is actually from yesterday and I could only post today) is inspired by a good idea that I had there in the theme week of divas of short hair. Who remembers the look of snow white? I liked the combination of light and dark and the combination of prints of flowers and poá. So, like I said, good idea always ends up coming back. Read More

12 Sep

Keri Russell New Image of Covergirl

The prestigious firm of cosmetics CoverGirl you have subscribed to Keri Russell, the name Felicity in that television series, for their next television campaign.

Keri is renovadisima and prettier than ever. After “Mission impossible III” with Tom Cruise, now returns to the screens for an upcoming ad. It is one of the beauties of the moment, take note!. Long ago that we did not know of it and we now enjoy twice in a single year. innocent, simple, natural, still conserves all those traits that we engatusaron in “Felicity”. Read More