13 Dec

‘Forever Young’, Another Editorial with Class V and with Eniko Mihalik

‘Forever Young’ is the second publishing that you liked most of the last ones I’ve seen, along with the previously mentioned of Lara Stone for W. On this occasion we continue with the family of magazines with a letter by name and the protagonist is Eniko Mihalik.

We had seen the Hungarian model before the 2010 Pirelli Calendar that so much controversy has risen and now the change of roles leads her to star in the usual dichotomy of the world of fashion: everything is back.

“With a suggestive headline:”Forever Young”and an intro that says that everything new just being old again, the publishing recovers fashion decades ago, and proposes a winter dressed in skins, a traditional, very stately and elitist style.

What I like most of the publishing is how Sebastian Faena portrays this style. If you think about luxury, we don’t think about a model engalonada with their best costumes and eating alone at a small table a plate of spaghetti. If we think of an elitist life not we imagine the protagonist of turn with his chest bare and dragged in a forest.

They are those touches of the publishing that manage to make it special. Playing with white and black, the richness and solitude and luxury appearance. Could already be so nearly all.

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