22 Dec

Glamorous Formal Dress in Black Lace Print From the 1950’s

This gown is simple yet very glamorous with its delicate black lace pattern. This pattern has a really good “camouflage effect”, so that it will not be seen so clearly, if there should be a small bump or delle …

Vintage Style Formal Dress 2

And note that the dress is not transparent, as it is a printed lace pattern.

It is an elegant model with straight neck both front and on the back. The dress has the classic 1950 length to just below the knee. It has lots of fullness in the skirt. The narrow belt in imitation suede completes the style. The dress zip in the back with a hidden zipper. Forward addressed in cotton satin of high quality with a bit of stretch
-so that it sits properly.

Vintage Style Formal Dress 3

Red dress with White Polka dots
This cute red dress with white polka dots. have a brittle with lots of volume.
A cute square neckline with white border. Just as there is also a white edge around the sleeves. Fine detail with decorative bow on the left side. The dress has the classic 50 ‘ length to just below the knee. It closes with a hidden side zipper.

Vintage Style Formal Dress 1

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